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A short paragraph explaining in the broadest terms what the character's oki is like.

This section should be accessible to players who are fresh out of the tutorial and to people who do not play this character. It's OK to have this section be a little redundent when compared with the more detailed sections of the oki page. The goal here is to provide an overview that somebody can read with little to no experience with the character and walk away with a basic understanding of the character's goals during an oki situation.

Oki Options[edit]

Azrael has a few good oki options that are fantastic with assists available. The following are his primary options:

Airborne 2A(A): This is by far some of his best oki. It allows for Az to dash assist for continued safe pressure. Depending on the tech options you can cross up assist mid screen or at least remain in pressure depending on the assist. In the corner, you can call your assist early and it can body block forward tech, causing a cross up assist/sandwich situation no matter the tech option.

TCL: Midscreen this isn't the best option however it works and is a standard ender to his combos. Azrael gets a IAD j.A safe jump in the corner from this but it is unsafe midscreen against neutral tech. Against forward tech he will cross up the opponent and leave him safe vs most the cast and he is too far away to continue pressure vs back tech.

DP: DP ender allows for a IAD j.A safe jump against neutral and back tech but loses vs forward tech. You can also use dash assist as your oki here and it covers all tech options however forward tech will still prevent you from maintaining pressure without activating CC.

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

You generally will want to go for Valiant in combos and as such, you'll want to go for 2A(A) assist oki. 2A(A) assist is safe, is difficult to block consistently, and creates a sandwich situation if blocked. If you don't want to use meter on Valiant then you generally want to use DP or TCL ender. DP allows for an IAD j.A safe jump against neutral and back tech but requires a read to cover forward tech. Dash assist after DP also covers all tech options and if you use a lockdown assist (Gord 5P) it can create another situation where they must hold pressure. TCL has good corner carry however the midscreen options are pretty bad. You can't chase back tech, neutral tech doesn't allow for IAD j.A safe jump, and forward tech is the same however you will cross up most DPs. In the corner you will get safe jump IAD j.A and cover neutral and back tech. You must make a read and IAD back j.A or call an assist to cover forward tech. You want to also pay attention to your combo timer and proration, as this can cause them to drop out of TCL or DP if the combo is very prorated or carry on too long.

If you want more damage then end in a super, we get no safe oki and really should only be used as a means to kill a character. You can get IAD j.A safe jump from RB BHS in the corner and only in the corner.

Video Examples[edit] - This is from 1.3, however it explains generally what was mentioned here and covers the set ups visually and with text explainations.


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