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BBTag Blitztank Portrait.png

Health: 20,000
Prejump: 6F
Backdash Time 23F / Invul: 7F

Movement Options
  • 1 Jump, Dash Type: damaging step
Team role
Anchor, Support


To those meme warring, stop. you can meme, but meme constructively! keep the memes in the captions, and try and add move info to any moves you edit. P.S we deleted all the memes to stop the war. follow the above rule and you will be fine.


While Akatsuki's submarine went through the Artic, the Gesellschaft's research division did not stop. The potential of the Blitz Engines were fruitful, and one of the products of this were the Blitztank units: armored fortresses, armed with fire throwers, lightning grenades, deadly lasers and sheer, bulk power. Sadly, only a single test unit was produced, and it's whereabouts are unknown. It's speculated Blitztanks are made with human subjects.



Strengths Weaknesses
  • All normals except 5C have armor
  • Dash has a hitbox
  • j.C (opens up unblockable setups that can be looped, has armor, is fullscreen unblockable, is super/special cancellable)
  • Large corner carry by ending combos with dash
  • Large damage from supers
  • Loops in corner
  • Large and versatile assists

good oki game with mines

  • It's a tank
  • Incredibly slow
  • Massive hurtbox
  • Only 1 jump with low height, to the point where it needs to super jump to jump over most of the cast
  • Cannot do jump-in combos (eg.: jA > 5A), as described on its speed above, which includes the landing speed
  • Although corner combos do huge damage, midscreen combos are weak in comparison

Normal Moves

BBTag Blitztank 5A.png
All except 5AAAA are the same, albeit only move forward
BBTag Blitztank 5AAAA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 650*3 All 10 2,2,2 22 -7
5AA 650*3 All 1 2,2,2 25 -10
5AAA 650*3 All 1 2,2,2 25 -10
5AAAA 2500 All 7 3 36 -18

BBTag Blitztank 5B.png
I hope you like l00ps
BBTag Blitztank 5BB.png
because a jump cancelable launcher would be too much
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1500 All 12 17 21 -19

A fairly long range poke that leads into 5BB at any range. Will most likely be your go-to move for many situations, as it leads into Blitztank's rather basic pressure game, and can lead into decent damage midscreen and high damage in the corner. Be careful, however, as this move has plenty of recovery, making it unsafe on block, and covers little vertical space.

5BB 2000 All 16 3 35 -19

A forward rushing attack that knocks the opponent upwards. Essential piece in Blitztank's combos, pressure, and conversions. Guarantees combos into 236C Laser, and allows for loops in the corner. On ground hit, it combos reliably into 2C. As with 5B, horrible recovery and unsafe on block.

BBTag Blitztank 5C.png
Never thought I'd see a tank headbutt someone, but here we are.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - -

The standard slow but safe 5C. Due to the generous knock-up and hitstun on 5BB, it can easily be comboed into even in very long corner combos for a good knockdown. Do keep in mind however that the opponent needs to be decently close to the ground for the 5C to connect.

As far as overheads go, Blitz only has this and j.B as for as viable overheads, so you might be using this a little more than other characters might.

BBTag Blitztank 2A.png
Is it just me or does this move look rather adorable?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 8 3 18 -4

Blitz fastest normal, making it your go-to abare button. Speculated to be 8f. As this move too has armor on it, it can be potentially used even when at a small frame disadvantage, but do remember that like all of his armored moves, it has no Low armor.

BBTag Blitztank 2B.png
Look at him go!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*2 Low 12 3(3)3 20 -6

A 2 hit low that moves forward and has a lot of range. Both hits can be canceled.

BBTag Blitztank 2C.png
He's like a cat pouncing on a toy!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 Low 25 3 17 +2

Very slow, but safe on block long range sweep. Can't be comboed into from any ground hit, but combos from 5BB.

BBTag Blitztank jA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 650*3 All 7 2,2,2 9 -

This will be your Anti-Air, for most of the time. With relative quick start-up and air armor, it can work if your reactions are on point. However, please remember that Blitz have the jump height of a knocked over turtle and many air moves vastly out range his own.

BBTag Blitztank jB.png
If an explosion of that size can launch a tank upwards, I wonder what it does to the opponent...
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1800 High 14 3 25+11L -

This will be one of your more versatile options as it can be used as an instant overhead on the entire cast. In the corner Blitz can combo off it solo for a full combo, while midscreen he can get some additional damage and a super if you are willing to spend the bars. It also allows Blitz to get a pretty strong knockdown from corner loops to place a meaty Mine on their wake-up.

BBTag Blitztank jC Stall.png
The moment before pain.
BBTag Blitztank jC Fall.png
Yes, this is an unblockable. Yes, this does cause stupid blockstrings.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800 Unblockable Until L 1 Total Until L+ 29L -

Unblockable fullscreen ground pound. Not only can it be canceled into specials and supers, with select assists you can get some decent combos off it. The damage scaling is harsh, but that's the price to pay for such a unique option.

It also somehow counts as a projectile, meaning some characters can counter it if used outside of blockstrings.

Universal Moves

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
BBTag Blitztank GroundThrow.png
Does this look like the face of mercy?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 300*5, 500 Throw 7~30 3 23 -

A rather below average throw due to Blitz poor movement speed, but it does give little over 5k midscreen, and Blitz always have the option to add in a bit extra damage with Supers. In the corner, it allows him to go straight into corner loops.

5A+D (Air OK)
BBTag Blitztank Reflector.png
BBTag Blitztank Entladung.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - 44 -
750*7 Air Unblockable 6 1,2,2,2,2,2,2 23 -6
Air Catch
- - - - 44 -
Air Attack
750*7 All 6 1,2,2,2,2,2,2 Until L -

A surprisingly strong counter-esque move, as it allows Blitz to act immediately if the follow-up doesn't trigger. Useful to ignore the opponents projectiles, and will build you a small amount of meter. Be aware, however, that it's still has the same weaknesses that all other A+D attacks in the game.

Also, some multihit moves in the game make the Parry portion act a little weird, such as Elizabeth's 5A and Yukiko's Persona 5A, and won't let you act immediately.


Elektro Auge
Elektro Auge
236A/B/C (air OK)
BBTAG Blitztank Laser.png
BBTag Blitztank AirElektroAuge.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
236A 1500 All 16 3 Total: 47 -4

With the sharpest angle, it's Blitztank go-to laser for ending combos and ending pressure safely. It hits anyone right roughly in front of Blitz.

236B 1500 All 16 3 Total: 53 -10

The go-to space control laser for Blitztank. It hits the entire screen in length at a relative shallow angle, ending slightly above the corner on the other side. Snipe the opponent for doing something, hit the assist, you name it.

Do keep in mind that it has a decent amount of recovery, and thanks to Blitz height, making it weak to IADs.

236C 1500 All 16 3 Total: 38 +5

The Anti-Air laser. It goes straight forward the entire screen, completely missing the entire cast except for standing Tager, Merkava, and an opponent Blitztank. It acts as his best option to stop anyone from trying to jump too much at long ranges.

This laser also has the least amount of recovery, making it crucial for combos and conversions. From mid to full screen, you can tack on a bit extra with a second laser or 236BC. Close range, a Ansturm will hit nicely. In the corner, however, it's the second vital part of his corner loops, making 5BB 236C loop into itself for at least 6 times with a 5B starter.

j.236A 1500 All 13 3 Total: Until L+10L -
j.236B 1500 All 13 3 Total: Until L+10L -
j.236C 1500 All 13 3 Total: Until L+10L -

Mostly the same with varying angles, but the most important feature is that the recovery of air lasers is cut short when landing, making them potentially much safer on block to the point of possibly being + on block, AND making combos after them possible. A simple TK j.236C is enough to make it in your favor.

Delayed laser after j.B is needed to get combos afterwards

Blitz Mine
Blitz Mine
214A/B (air OK)
BBTag Blitztank BlitzMineAB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
214A 0, 1500 All 22 Until Hit,3 Total: 50 -
214B 0, 1500 All 22 Until Hit,3 Total: 50 -
j.214A 0, 1500 All 22 Until Hit,3 Total Until L+6L [Total 51] -
j.214B 0, 1500 All 22 Until Hit,3 Total Until L+6L [Total 51] -

BBTag Blitztank Ansturm.png
Our boy is running over thots with this. I'm so proud of it! <3
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 All 7 12 27 -4

A fast, armored, and most importantly SAFE ON BLOCK, dash attack. Useful to make your pressure safe, go through the opponents projectiles, and in general whenever you feel like running the opponent down. However, this move has HORRIBLE whiff recovery. The opponent has plenty of time to do whatever punish of their choice if this move is not used with care. It also does not reach full screen, so you sadly can't punish the opponent throwing projectiles on reaction with this.

Hits the opponent far away, making it useful for corner push.

Extra Skills

EX Blitz Mine
EX Blitz Mine
214C (air OK)
BBTag Blitztank Blitzmine.png
Kocchi wo miro!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground (0, 1500)*3 All 15 Until Hit,3 Total: 37 -
Air (0, 1500)*3 All 22 Until Hit,3 Total Until L+4L [Total 46] -

Combos into itself for meme value. Most useful in using to confirm off of a lockdown assist + j.c unblockable, due to its long untech time.

Partner Skills

BBTag Blitztank Ansturm.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2200 All (18)+15 9 46 -28

No armor, but is relative fast. Hits the opponent upwards, instead of away like his regular version does. The recovery is still long, however, making it a bit harder to use in CC compared to other similar assists like Tager's 5P. This move has pretty bad damage proration so don’t go out of your way to squeeze an extra one of these into your combo.

Electro Auge B
BBTag Blitztank ElectroAuge B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500 All (18)+30 3 Total: (18)+67 -10

The B version of Electro Auge. Full screen laser for whenever you feel like the opponent has it to good over there. Decently fast for being a full screen projectile. It will not hit small opponents that are close by.

BBTag Blitztank Entladung.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
750*7 All (18)+10 1,2,2,2,2,2,2 39 -22

Multihit and an extremely large hitbox with plenty of hitstun. Easy to convert off in combos, and recovers relatively quickly. Also has bad scaling.

Distortion Skills

BBTag Blitztank Gjallarhorn.png
I showed you my Gjallahorn, please respond
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600*26 [350*52] All 1+5 2*26 [2*52] Total 133 [Total 185] -39

The signature full screen, very fast, extremely damaging Gjallarhorn. Makes Ziodyne look like a baby's first painting compared to this Mona Lisa of lasers.

As the highest damaging super laser in the game, it can be tacked on after just about every combo, and makes getting hit by any 236C or j.C no matter where the opponent is painful. However, for how good it is, it also comes with some issues. It has no invulnerability, or at least nothing after the Super Flash, making it impossible to use as a wake-up. It's unsafe on block, but depending on the distance to the opponent that might be hard for them to take advantage of. But anyone with their own full screen option will be able to readily punish it. On top of that, it actually has less minimum damage than Blitzlauf, however in situations where that matters only really come up in very long and highly prorated combos.

BBTag Blitztank Blitzlauf.png
For when you want Ansturm, BUT MORE.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
4000*2 All 1+5 10 60 -49

Blitz second super, and the only one with full invulnerability on start-up. Goes full screen, and can hit the assist as well if needed. It's, however, very unsafe on block so use with caution.

As mentioned above, this super has higher minimum damage than Gjallarhorn, giving you a little bit more damage after long combos.

Distortion Skill Duo

P during Main Character's Distortion Skill
BBTag Blitztank Gjallarhorn.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
100*20 [50*50] All 1+1 2*20 [2*50] Total 150 [Total 210] -73

Astral Heat

BBTag Blitztank Ragnarok.png
Déjà vu, I've just seen this Ansturm before
BBTag Blitztank Ragnarok2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- All 1+9 9 92 -74


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