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Jump Startup:

Backdash Time / Invul:

Partner Skill Cooldown:

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run


"You only got one life. Take care of it... You got that, you piece of trash?!"


Carmine (real name unknown) is a 3rd year student of the same high school that Hyde goes to. Sadistic and maniacal to the core, Carmine possesses an immense lust for violence to the point that it has become his sole purpose in life. Despite this, Carmine actually holds an extremely low opinion of himself and has little to no sense of self-worth, referring to both himself as well as people like him as "trash of society." He has even stated that he couldn't care less if he died one day on a pile of garbage, completely forgotten to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, Carmine only wishes to do the one thing he has ever been good at and which gives him his reason to live - beating others. Carmine views the teachers at school who keep lecturing about his violent ways as a nuisance.

After being attacked by a Void and becoming an In-Birth, Carmine decided to use his newfound EXS abilities to fulfill his one desire: to fight. Now, he roams the streets during the Hollow Night seeking his favorite opponents in battle - other In-Births.

Normal Moves[edit]

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Extra Skills[edit]

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Astral Heat[edit]

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battlee
Persona 4 Arena
Under Night In-Birth
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