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==Throw Escape==
==Throw Escape==
[[File:BBTag_ThrowEscape.png|thumb|250px|Ragna breaking a normal throw.]]
[[File:BBTag_ThrowEscape.png|thumb|250px|Ragna breaking a normal throw.]]
A green exclamation mark will appear when a character can break a throw. Press {{B}}+{{C}} to break the throw and escape.
A green exclamation mark will appear when a character can break a throw. Press {{B}}+{{C}} to break the throw and escape. The throw break window is ?? frames.
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When blocking an attack, your character will be stuck in a state where you can not move, severely limiting your options. The amount of time you are locked inot a blocking state called blockstun. Different attacks deal different amounts of blockstun, and can be affected by other factors.

Ground Blocking

BBTag GroundBlocking.png

Hold GG4.png to block high attacks and hold GG1.png to block low attacks. Mid attacks can be blocked in any direction. As a general rule for ground blocking:

  • Block low until you see an overhead, then block high
  • Most air attacks must be blocked high
  • Every Clash Assault must be blocked high
  • React to throws with Throw Escape or attacks, depending on how risky you feel

If you block incorrectly, an exclamation mark will appear to show that you made a mistake, specifically a red exclamation mark for blocking an overhead low and a yellow exclamation mark for blocking a low attack high.

Because there are relatively few grounded overheads in BBTAG, it's best to block low and react to jumps or the start-up of Clash Assaults. Not all jump attacks are overheads, however; Be sure to check each character's wiki page for details.

Air Blocking

BBTag AirBlocking.png

Hold any backward direction while in the air to block. There is no high-low blocking in the air, making it a common place for defenders to go to avoid blocking ground-based high/low/throw mixup. That's not to say that being airborne is a fail-safe defensive posture: going airborne is a risk since jumps have a lot of vulnerability on start-up and you need to deal with cross-ups and cross-unders.

Unblockable Attacks

Some attacks are unblockable (in certain circumstances or completely), meaning the only way to avoid getting hit is to move out of the way! For example, Makoto's Sirius Joltis(236C) is ground unblockable.

Air Unblockable Attacks

Ground Reversal Actions normally cannot be blocked in the air, you will see a blue exclamation mark if you attempt to air block one. However these attacks can be blocked under certain circumstances:

  • Have at least 1 Skill Gauge
    • This does not cost Skill Gauge, you need only possess it
  • Reject Guard right before the attack hits you

Reject Guard

BBTag RejectGuard.png

While blocking an attack, press A.png+GGD.png at the same time to perform a Reject Guard, which will push the opponent away from you. Reject Guard costs 1 Skill Gauge, but when strategically used, it can bring a quick end to your opponent's offensive pressure by pushing them to a distance where it would be very difficult to continue pressure. Reject Guard only pushes away one character, depending on which character's attack you are blocking.

After Reject Guarding an attack, you will automatically guard all blockable attacks, and recover in 10 frames.

Intelligent use of Reject Guard can be used to create opening in the opponent's offense for you to punish the opponent or to prevent the opponent from setting up scary mixups.

Duo Change

BBTag Duo Change.png

Press GGD.png to quickly change to your partner character, allowing your previously active character to recover on the sidelines and gradually recover any lost red health. Duo Change has some recovery for the incoming character, so using it haphazardly while close to your opponent will lead to your incoming character getting punished.

The Duo Change animation takes ?? frames.

Throw Escape

Ragna breaking a normal throw.

A green exclamation mark will appear when a character can break a throw. Press B.png+C.png to break the throw and escape. The throw break window is ?? frames.

Throw Counter

You won't be able to break a throw if the opponent throws you while you are attacking them.

This happens when you are thrown while in a Counter Hit state, preventing you from attempting a Throw Escape. For example, getting thrown out of an attack with a lot of start-up. Your character will glow red, a red X will appear over the exclamation mark and the words "Throw Counter" will appear on the side of the screen.

Throw Reject Miss

If you try to break a throw early, then you will automatically fail to break throws for a while.

If you input a Throw Escape during a separate action right before you are thrown, then you will automatically fail the Throw Escape. Your character will glow red, a red X will appear over the exclamation mark and the words "Throw Reject Miss" will appear on the side of the screen.

Tricking the opponent into attempting a Throw Escape early, then actually throwing them is a common offensive technique in high-level play.

Reversal Action

Press A.png+GGD.png to make your character perform a Reversal Action, a fully invincible attack functioning much like a Street Fighter-style Shoryuken or a counter like Hakumen from BlazBlue. This varies from character to character, but they are all mostly used for the same purpose: to stop the opponent's offensive momentum. Ground Reversal Actions also function as potent anti-airs, as they are air unblockable. You can tell that a character performed a Reversal Action by the red silhouette graphical effect that'll be appear around the move. You cannot call your partner during a Reversal Action, nor can you Cross Burst if your Reversal Action is punished. Reversal Actions only deal red health on hit.

Cross Burst

BBTag CrossBurst.png

While blocking or being hit, press GGD.png+GGP.png to have your partner do their incoming attack to break the combo and become the point character. Cross Burst requires 100% of the Cross Gauge to activate, but using it can save your character from losing a lot of health and possibly dying when they're in a bad situation. Be warned that your incoming character is neither fully invulnerable nor safe on block, so try not to Burst at points where the opponent can readily cancel into an attack with head attribute invulnerability or block and punish.

Disabling Cross Burst

BBTag DisabledCrossBurst.png

Cross Bursts can be forcibly disabled under the following conditions:

  • Getting hit by a throw or throw-like move
  • Getting hit by a Distortion Skill
  • Getting hit during the recovery of a Reversal Action
  • Getting hit by a Reversal Action
  • Getting hit while your partner is on screen
  • Being in hitstun while the opponent is in Resonance Blaze

The Cross Gauge will be crossed out during these situations.

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