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BBTag Hyde Portrait.png

Health: 17,000
Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 22F / Invul: 1-7F All

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Balanced, Aggressive, Mid-range
Team role
Point, Support


"Get in my way and I'll get rid of you!"


Hyde Kido was once a normal high school boy until one night, he is attacked by the Void; creatures of the Hollow Night. He is able to barely escape death due to the help of a girl he met named Linne, but the attack causes him to become an In-Birth. Soon after, Linne, her pet Dragon Kuu and Waldstein move into Hyde's home to teach and train Hyde about the Hollow Night and how to use his Power of Existence (EXS). When the Hollow Night returns and Linne and Waldstein disappear, Hyde sets out into the night in search of them.


Hyde is a basic and well-rounded character, but unlike Yu and Ruby who lean towards a more aggressive playstyle, Hyde is more balanced between offense and defense. His great ground normals dominate close and mid-ranges thanks to their combination of range and speed, and you can get a lot of value simply out of poking and whiff punishing. At longer ranges, he can use his fireball to control the ground, tack on chip damage (particularly using dark lotus), and encourage the opponent to approach. However, possibly Hyde's most important tool of all his 2B: it's one of the best anti-airs in the game and leads to a lot of damage on counterhit, making Hyde very dangerous to jump in on. By presenting the threat of 2B, Hyde can force the opponent to play more grounded, which is where he excels. However, Hyde does have weaknesses that can cause him to struggle in certain matchups and situations. Because of his assault-style air dash, he can't move forward as fast as other characters, and can have difficulty getting in if he is forced to approach. He also has limited ways of controlling the air other than directly above him, having weak air to airs and no air projectile. Still, Hyde is a solid character and great pick if you want to play a more balanced footsies style.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Amazing pressure due to having long blockstrings and reverse beat.
  • All sword and energy attacks deal chip damage on block.
  • Excellent aerial oppression thanks to his fast and long reaching 2B.
  • Great range with both his sword and his projectile, Black Orbiter.
  • Has access to many unconventional combo extensions.
  • Can end nearly every combo with safe-jump oki.
  • EX Bend Sinister can shut down zoning of any kind and is plus on block at full-screen.
  • Pale Bringer Arose guarantees a corner position and safe-jump oki while denying all zoning.
  • Versatile assists, most of which are great at contesting zoning.
  • Extremely scary in Resonance Blaze thanks to its chip damage modifier scaling with Void Red EXS.
  • Slow and predictable overheads hurt his mix-up game.
  • High execution needed for anything more than basic combos.
  • Low damage without meter or assists which also means low meter gain.
  • All of his damage is locked behind his B Smart Combo which is difficult to use outside the corner.
  • Any use of his A Smart Combo scales combos drastically.
  • Almost all of his special moves are unsafe on block at close range.
  • Reject Guard prevents him from safely building chip damage on defending opponents.
  • Cannot chip enemies to death, must get a successful hit to finish opponents.

EXS of Jet Black : Void Red[edit]

Hyde's EXS allows him to summon a sword from within his hand called the Indulgence of Sever Rending or "Insulator". It has the power to rend things apart and can kill even immortal beings. In Under Night in Birth, this power was adapted into Hyde's gameplay by making all his sword normals deal chip damage on block. In BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Hyde has the same unique ability. As of 2.0, all of his normals deal 20% chip damage while all of his specials and supers deal 30% chip damage. His EXS stacks with the bonus chip damage of Resonance Blaze and scales accordingly, with level 4 RB providing ludicrously high chip damage on block. Only 4 of Hyde's moves are unaffected by his EXS; Throw, 2A, 2C, and Raging Roar.

Normal Moves[edit]

BBTag Hyde 5A.png
Used for pokes and for OTG's after Vacant Shift Third.
BBTag Hyde 5AA.png
Delay follow-ups for combo extensions.
BBTag Hyde 5AAA.png
Why couldn't you have been a stand-alone button? I miss you 6B.
BBTag Hyde BendSinister.png
Bend Sinister, but not actually Bend Sinister.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 1000 All 7 2 18 -6
  • Jump cancelable.
  • Throw cancelable.

Sword poke that doesn't hit low but can pick up enemies that are flat on the ground. In neutral, this is Hyde's fastest attack and thus vital to both starting pressure and contesting an opponent's pressure. Keep in mind that its lack of vertical reach makes this attack useless against jumping foes. Also note that the gleaming tip of the blade has no hitbox, meaning the animation doesn't match the actual range of the attack. In combos, this move is important for continuing combos after the final hit of Vacant Shift or after Shadow Scare in the corner.

5AA 1000 All 9 4 18 -8
  • Knocks down on air hit.
  • Throw cancelable.

Downward slash that drags airborne opponents down. Pressure filler and combo tool used to control the opponents height, useful for ending combos with 2C safe-jump oki or for setting-up delayed Vacant Shift Third combo extensions.

5AAA 1500*2 All 8 2(10)2 24 -9
  • Hits twice.
  • Jump cancelable on hit on both hits.
  • Launches on hit on both hits.

Hyde swings twice horizontally, lifting grounded opponents into the air. Basic launcher for converting into air combos and filler for blockstrings. Avoid using in longer combos as this attack greatly scales combos.

5AAAA 2000 All 11+Until Landing 2 30 -11
  • Knockdown on hit.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.
  • 30% chip damage.

Auto combo version of Bend Sinister. Has identical damage, range, and frame data as the special version but Hyde only travels about half screen before attacking. Generally less useful than the normal version but has an easier time setting up safe-jump oki thanks to 5AAA's launching properties though note that at the end of scaled combos the opponent will recover before this attack comes out, leaving Hyde opne to a counter attack. Should be used early into a combo if a Cross Raid is desired. Has fantastic damage and scaling, making it great for starting combos if an assist is available. 5AAA to Bend Sinister is a natural frame trap but that same gap makes it vulnerable to reversals.

BBTag Hyde 5B.png
No longer chargeable.
BBTag Hyde 5BB.png
Strict Daze
BBTag Hyde 5BBB.png
Shadow Scare
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1500 All 13 5 19 -7
  • Jump cancelable on hit.

Long range poke that doubles as Hyde's best practical combo starter. Has great damage and scaling and thus should be used as often as possible within combos. Can be rebeat into 2A to eliminate some recovery. Contrary to the animation, 5B does not hit behind himself.

5BB 1700 All 15 2 35 -16
  • Jump cancelable on hit.
  • Pushes airborne opponents away on hit.

Hyde's original Force Function, Strict Daze. Hyde's best overall combo starter but requires the 5B before to have been blocked in order for this move to hit first. Pushes opponents back a moderate distance which can make the following hits of a blockstring or combo difficult to connect. Can whiff after 5B against airborne opponents if they were too high in the air.

5BBB 1500 All 18 9 53T -15
  • Launches on hit.

Hyde's old special move, Shadow Scare. In pressure, this move can still be canceled into C normals for a high / low mix-up. Used in combos to launch already airborne opponents high enough for delayed Vacant Shift extensions anywhere and for 5A extensions in the corner. As of 2.0, Shadow Scare has improved scaling both as a starter and as a combo part, meaning it can be used more frequently in combos without impacting Hyde's combo scaling.

BBTag Hyde 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800+ High 26 3 18 -4
  • Shares the same hitbox and animation as j.A.
  • Airborne on frame 7.
  • On grounded hit, leads into a timed follow-up.
  • Follow-up damage, meter gain, oki, and timing changes if partner is available.

Universal overhead with notably long start-up but is safe on block. The initial jump makes this move able to jump over lows, allowing Hyde to punish the opponent. Due to Hyde's low damage off of air normal starters, slow IAD, and lack of any specials that hit high, this move is important for Hyde's mix-up game. Never used in combos due to the move's long start-up and inability to extend combos.

BBTag Hyde 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 7 2 16 -4
  • Hits low.
  • Jump cancelable.
  • Throw cancelable.
  • Can cancel into itself up to three times.

Hyde's main low poke and also his best move for ending blockstrings as it is safe on block and can be jump canceled to reset pressure with a jump-in. Can also be canceled into after moves with long recoveries, like 5B, to make it shorter even if the 2A whiffs. Has atrocious damage and scaling so avoid using this move in combos.

BBTag Hyde 2B.png
Stop jumping, for real.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All 11 2 23 -6
  • Head attribute invulnerable.
  • Jump cancelable on hit.

Hyde swings his sword above his head to anti-air opponents. Amazing anti air just like it was in UNI, covering both in front and above Hyde while also shrinking his hurtbox. Fantastic damage and scaling makes this move very useful in combos.

BBTag Hyde 2C.png
When they are too close for 5B, but not close enough for 2A
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 Low 12 5 17 -3
  • Hits low.
  • Jump cancelable on hit.

Hyde's second low which has much better damage and scaling than 2A. Has a very long cancel window, allowing for delayed follow-ups that can manipulate the height of airborne opponents in combos, primarily to get the delayed Vacant Shift extension. Can be used at the end of combos to create safe-jump oki.

BBTag Hyde jA.png
BBTag Hyde jAA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 1500 High 11 3 19 -
  • Hits high.
  • Double jump cancelable.

Hyde's main air-to-air normal and combo filler. Can be used as a jump-in but j.B's better range, active frames, damage, and scaling makes this a poor option.

j.AA 1500 High 12 3 19 -
  • Hits high.
  • Double jump cancelable.

As this move can only be done as a follow-up to j.A, this move is strictly combo and blockstring filler.

BBTag Hyde jB.png
Narukami called, said he wants Flying Jesus back.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1100*2 High 14 2, 2 23 -
  • Hits high.
  • Hits twice.
  • Double jump cancelable on both hits.

Hyde's j.2C originally added in UNIST 3.00, an aerial spin slash that hits all around him. Hyde's best move for crossing-up opponents and his best jump-in overall. At the proper height, Hyde can air dash and hit standing opponents with both hits of this move and still have time to cancel into j.A before hitting the ground, resulting in a triple overhead. Can add an additional overhead by using 5C as soon as Hyde touches the ground. In combos, this move can cancel into j.C if you hit the opponent while Hyde is above them, usually by high jump canceling.

Dark Lotus (midair)
BBTag Hyde jC.png
Did I just catch you mashing throw?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000, 1700 All 9 3(14)6 21 -
  • Hits twice, once by the sword and once by the orb.
  • First hit knocks down on air hit.
  • Second hit is a launcher.
  • Moves Hyde forward or backwards depending on the direction held during the second hit.

Hyde's midair Dark Lotus special. Can be used multiple times in midair until Hyde touches the ground. Does excellent damage but the long recovery makes it hard to use late into a combo without dropping it. Can start combos on its own if it is used close to the ground on counter hit.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
BBTag Hyde GroundThrow.png
Looks like I bent my leg while trying to kick someone.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 Throw 7-30 3 23 -
  • 100% minimum damage. (2000)
  • Holding back while pressing throw results in a back throw.
  • If Hyde isn't close enough for the grab to connect, he will run a short distance then attempt a throw.
  • Opponents cannot burst during a throw.

Hyde grabs the opponent and kicks them diagonally away. Cancels directly into specials and supers. Can combo into 5B midscreen and essentially anything in the corner.

Red-Clad Craver[edit]
Red-Clad Craver
(Air OK)
BBTag Hyde RedCladCraver.png
Setsuna would be proud.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 680*8 Air Unblockable 10 5, 2*7 (42+)22L -47
  • Invincible on start-up.
  • Air unblockable.
  • Hits 7 times.
  • Launches grounded opponents on hit.
  • Opponents cannot burst during this attack.
  • 5% minimum damage. 34 x 7 = 238

Hyde's reversal action is a Shoryuken like jump starting with a shoulder bash and following through with an upward sword slash. Can anti-air opponents, though a preemptive assist call is needed to convert a successful hit into a combo (and even then only certain partners have an assist that can work). Deals minimum damage, making it useful at the end of highly scaled combos though note that this move doesn't generate any sort of oki. Horribly unsafe on block so use carefully.

Air 680*8 All 7 2*8 Until L+17 -
  • Same parameters as the ground version, only now it is air blockable.

Has very similar uses as the grounded version but is less practical thanks to the increased endlag.


Black Orbiter[edit]
Black Orbiter
BBTag Hyde BlackOrbiter.png
Throw the pizza.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A 1500 All 14 Until hit 47T -5

Hyde launches a red disk from his sword that travels full screen. Good for Active Changes with assists to cover their approach. Can combo into 5B by having opponents land on the projectile. For example: (Max range 2C > 2B > 236A > dash 5BBB).

B 1500 All 12 Until hit 49T -9

Faster start-up and travel speed version of Black Orbiter with more cooldown and is unsafe on block at close range. Used to harass opponents from a distance.

Dark Lotus[edit]
Dark Lotus
After Black Orbiter 236A
BBTag Hyde DarkLotus.png
Blow up the pizza.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800*3 All - - 63T -
  • Can be used regardless of whether or not Black Orbiter hit, was blocked, or whiffed.
  • Hits 3 times.
  • Launches grounded opponents on hit.

Hyde commands the Black Orbiter projectile to explode, which launches opponents into the air and pushes Hyde back. Used in combos after Shadow Scare into Black Orbiter in the corner. At the most optimal timing, it is possible to link Dark Lotus into 2B in the corner by having opponents land on a Black Orbiter and then immediately detonating it.

Bend Sinister[edit]
Bend Sinister
After Black Orbiter 236B
BBTag Hyde BendSinister.png
Slice the pizza.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 All 20 2 31 -12
  • Airborne on frame 4.
  • Knocks down on hit.

Hyde jumps at the opponents and tracks their position, slicing downward which results in a knockdown that can create safe-jump oki if the opponent was high enough when they got hit. Because this move only hits once, it's a great way add damage without scaling your combo, though an assist is required to further extend that combo.

Vacant Shift[edit]
Vacant Shift
214A/B (Air OK)
BBTag Hyde VacantShift.png
Rekkas, but with benefits from delaying the extra hits.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground A 1100 All 15 4 (16+)7L -8
Air A 1100 All 12 4 Until land+9L -
  • Launches grounded opponents.

Hyde performs a rising spin slash at a 35 degree angle. This version is used exclusively in grounded combos to utilize a delayed Vacant Shift Third's combo extension. Don't use the A version for ending combos as it deals less damage and, when done in mid-air, has the same start-up as the B version.

Ground B 1300 All 18 4 (26+)9L -20
Air B 1300 All 12 4 Until land+9L -
  • Launches grounded opponents.
  • Travels farther diagonally than the A version.

As this variant does more damage, the B version of Vacant Shift is what is normally used for ending combos or for delayed Vacant Shift Third combo extensions in the corner.

First > A/B/C
1100 [1300] All 13 3 Until land+15L -
  • Values in [] are when done from B Vacant Shift.
  • Launches grounded opponents.

Follow up to Vacant Shift First. Is simply combo filler. Has one less active frame than every other part of Vacant Shift.

Second > A/B/C
1700 All 15 4 Until land+18L -
  • Knocks down on hit.

Final attack of the Vacant Shift rekka. Great for ending combos thanks to its knockdown. If the opponent is high enough and Hyde is low to the ground when using this move, Hyde has enough of a frame advantage to either pick opponents with 5A for a combo extension or to preform safe-jump oki. Very unsafe on block so don't use this neutral or in blockstrings.

Extra Skills[edit]

EX Black Orbiter[edit]
EX Black Orbiter
BBTag Hyde BlackOrbiter.png
When the moon hits your eye, like an EX pizza pie, that's amore.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
750*5 All 11 Until hit*5 51T -17
  • Hits 5 times.
  • Launches grounded opponents on hit.
  • Cannot be followed up with Dark Lotus or Bend Sinister.
  • 10% minimum damage. 75 x 5 = 375

Fastest start-up but slowest travel speed version of Black Orbiter. Used to cover Hyde while trying to approach from full screen. Its multi-hit nature makes it good at beating other projectiles, allowing Hyde to win fireball wars. Also used in corner combos to link into 5A after Shadow Scare.

EX Bend Sinister[edit]
EX Bend Sinister
After Black Orbiter 236C
BBTag Hyde BendSinister.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2500 All 24 2 23L -4
  • Projectile invulnerable from frame 1.
  • Airborne on frame 4.
  • Ground bounces opponents on hit.
  • 10% minimum damage. 250

Hyde's most useful EX move as it gives him solo combo extensions and can go through projectiles to punish zoning, even from full screen. Since the move goes airborne, it can also punish many throws and lows, allowing Hyde to bully his way through a variety of different attacks. If this attack is done as soon as possible after A Black Orbiter is done at full screen, Hyde will be plus on block due to projectile hitting after. Even if this move hits first, Hyde will still be safe on block.

EX Vacant Shift[edit]
Vacant Shift - Sediment
214C (Air OK)
BBTag Hyde VacantShift.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 800*4, 2000 All 6 4 (22+)18L -23
Air 800*4, 2000 All 6 4 18L -
  • Hits 6 times.
  • Only the first two hits come out on block or whiff.
  • Only the final hit can K.O. an opponent.
  • Intitial hits launch grounded opponents on hit, final hit knocks down on hit.
  • Opponents cannot burst during this attack.
  • 10% minimum damage. 80 x 5 + 200 = 600

Hyde's classic EX version of Vacant Shift, with the full sequence intact. EX Vacant Shift is Hyde's fastest attack making it effective at beating bad blockstrings or mistimed oki. Does tons of minimum damage, making it good move for ending combos especially in the air where Hyde cannot use supers. Never use this move in blockstrings as it just results in a wasted bar of meter and getting caught in an opponent's punish combo.

Partner Skills[edit]

Black Orbiter
BBTag Hyde BlackOrbiter.png
Throw your partner a pizza.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*3 All (18)+16 Until Hit Total: (18)+53 +9
  • Hits 3 times.
  • Launches grounded opponents on hit.

Essentially identical to Hyde's EX Black Orbiter but deals only 3 hits instead of 5, thus reducing its damage. Used to cover the point character's approach or to contest the opponent's projectiles.

Dark Lotus
BBTag Hyde DarkLotus.png
Blow up your partner's pizza.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800*3 All (18)+17 3,3,8 Total: (18)+63 -18
  • Hits 3 times.
  • Launches grounded opponents on hit.

Hyde uses Dark Lotus right in front of himself without firing a Black Orbiter before hand. Primarily used to protect the point character from jump-ins and to keep opponents locked in blockstun. Due to this attacks poor range it shouldn't be used in neutral (outside of anti-airs) or in mid-screen combos.

Pale Bringer
BBTag Hyde PaleBringer.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700*2 All (18)+13 6 [(14)4(2)2(2)2] 23+17L -33
  • Hits 2 times.
  • Launches grounded opponents on hit.
  • Travels up to half-screen.

Hyde thrusts forward with his sword up to half the screen in distance or until he hits an opponent then he follows it up with a uppercut that uses the same animation (but different particle effects) as his Red-Clad Carver special. Fantastic assist that works well for extending both blockstrings and combos.

Distortion Skills[edit]

Gyre Vortex[edit]
Gyre Vortex
BBTag Hyde GyreVortex.png
What if you wanted to do a sandwich mixup on Hyde, but Hyde said-
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000, 790*10
[2000, 510*20]
All 1+5 5,3*4,5,3,2*4
70 [73] -52 [-51]
  • Invincible on start up.
  • Hits 11 times.
  • (RB) Hits 21 times.
  • Launches opponents on hit.
  • 30% minimum damage. 600 + (134 x 10) = 1940.
  • (RB) 30% minimum damage. 600 + (76 x 20) = 2120.

Hyde stabs the ground with his sword, causing a geyser of energy to erupt upward and around himself, reaching high into the air. Hyde's most damaging super but also his slowest and most unsafe. Go-to super for Distortion Skill Duos, happy birthday situations, or for finishing off an opponent. While it is very unsafe on block this super does great chip damage, even more so in Resonance Blaze. At level 4, it can do about 6,300 chip damage if all hits connect! That's almost as much damage as it does on a raw hit (about 6,800 damage)!

Pale Bringer[edit]
Pale Bringer Arose
BBTag Hyde PaleBringer.png
I'm sorry, did you throw a projectile from full-screen? Time to "wake you up" from that bs. Get it?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700, 50*N, 960*8
[1700, 50*N, 500, 500*13, 2150]
All 6+3 15,5(2)2,2(2)2(2)2 31+26L -43
  • Invincible on startup.
  • Hits 10 to 22 times depending on the distance Hyde carries the opponent.
  • (RB) Hits 17 to 29 times depending on the distance Hyde carries the opponent.
  • Travels full-screen.
  • Preforms follow-up uppercut on hit, block, and whiff.
  • (RB) Only does Axe Kick follow-up on hit.
  • 20% minimum damage. 340 + (11 x (1 to 13)) + (192 x 8) = 1,887 to 2,019.
  • (RB) 20% minimum damage. 340 + (10 x (1 to 13)) + (102 x 14) + 365 = 2,143 to 2,263.

Hyde rushes the opponent with his sword and drags them to the corner where he follows-up with a rising uppercut. A successful hit always corners the opponent and grants Hyde safe-jump oki making this his most powerful combo ender, one which should be used whenever possible. Deals more damage the farther Hyde drags the opponent. In Resonance Blaze, this super ends with an axe kick that adds more damage but doesn't change his frame advantage. Can be used as a reversal though it is horribly unsafe on block so use this wisely.

Distortion Skill Duo[edit]

Gyre Vortex
P during Main Character's Distortion Skill
BBTag Hyde GyreVortex.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600, 140*10 [700, 90*20] All 1+1 5,3*4,5,3,2*4
58 [67] -38 [-53]
  • Identical to Hyde's solo version of Gyre Vortex except it deals slightly higher minimum damage.
  • 100% minimum damage. 600 + (140 x 10) = 2000.
  • (RB) 100% minimum damage. 700 + (90 x 20) = 2500.

Only use this super if it will K.O. an opponent or if the opponent is caught in a happy birthday situation.

Astral Heat[edit]

Raging Roar
BBTag Hyde RagingRoar.png
"Don't you die on me!"
BBTag Hyde RagingRoar2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 All 1+19 6 39 -24
  • Requires 9 bars of meter, level 4 Resonance Blaze, and the opponent must have one character remaining.
  • Invincible on start-up.
  • Grants victory upon a successful hit.
  • Lazer travels about 80% of the screen.
  • Deals no chip damage.

Hyde fires a beam from his sword that insta-kills opponents on hit. As it is only usable in Resonance Blaze, Hyde can cancel his specials into this super for easy confirms. Cannot hit opponents who are flat on the ground so this move won't connect after Bend Sinister and all versions of Vacant Shift. Use this super to end combos whenever possible. Can be used as a reversal but this isn't recommend unless it it guaranteed to hit.


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