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Combo Notation Guide
7 GG7.png 8 GG8.png 9 GG9.png
4 GG4.png 5 GG5.png 6 GG6.png
1 GG1.png 2 GG2.png 3 GG3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example GG236.png+A.png becomes 236A.
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
= After landing.
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
CH = Counter Hit
IAD = Instant Air Dash
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if j.B(2) is written, you only use the first two hits of j.B)
[X] = Hold input X.
]X[ = Release input X.
{???}xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.

Combo List[edit]

Tager can combo 5AAA>236A on many characters, which is better damage than the universal 5AA2A>236A. Notated at (2A/5A).
GF = Gadget Finger follow up
CSpec = Character specific combo



Generally, Tager solo combos are short meterless midscreen. Tager usually requires a counter hit to extend. Any combo that ends with 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF can be changed to end with 5AA2C>GF or 5AAAA>GF to maintain same side. The longer the combo, the less damage the same side routing will sacrifice.

# Combo Damage Type Difficulty Notes
1 B+C > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 4431/4597 Ground [1] Very Easy Basic side switch throw combo
2 B+C > 236B > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 4897/4997 Ground [1] Very Easy Basic same side throw combo. Do not hold 236B or they will tech out.
3 B+C > j.AAB > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 5211/5313 Ground [3] Intermediate Advanced side switch throw combo. Universal but j.AAB timing margin tighter on some characters. Easiest with a microwalk after grab
4 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 5102/5435 Ground [1] Very Easy Basic 5A confirm, side switches
5 5AAAA > 236C > j.AAB > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 7851/7931 Ground [3] Intermediate 1 bar 5A confirm, side switches
6 CH 5A > 2B > 2C > 236C > j.AAB > 236A > GF 8295/5435 Ground [3] Intermediate CH 5A 1 bar confirm, side switches
7 CH 5AA > 214B > j.AAB > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 6912/7058 [7792/7938] Ground [3] Intermediate CH 5AA meterless. [7792/7938] is the fully charged 5A[A] damage
8 CH 5AA > 2B > 236C > j.AAB > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 7658/7753 [8538/8633] Ground [3] Intermediate CH 5AA 1 bar confirm, side switches. [8538/8633] is the fully charged 5A[A] damage
9 4AAA > 2C > GF 2986 Ground [3] Very Easy Buttons after 4A can whiff at max range
10 4A > 2A > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > GF 4741/4928 Ground [3] Very Easy Close range only, side switches
11 4A > 2C > 236C > j.AAB > 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A > gf 6353/6454 Ground [3] Intermediate 1 bar extension, 2C whiffs at max range

4A Starters - 2A Starters -
2A>236A>GF - 3689 DMG
Height independent universal 2A starter BnB.
2A5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 4945/5170 DMG
Height dependent 2A starter BnB. Does not work if 2A hits them while high airborne.
2A5AAAA>236C, j.AAB>land, (2A)or(5AAA)>236A>GF - 6606/6853 DMG
Optimal 1bar 2A starter, drops if 2A hits too high, 5AAA route is CSpec
CH 2A>236B, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5745/5879 DMG
Optimal meterless universal
CH 2A5B2B>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7393/7483 DMG
Optimal 1bar universal, may have to hold 5B to get the correct height from 2A

5B Starters -
5B2A5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5398/5568 DMG
Optimal meterless grounded opponent BnB, only works if tager is somewhat close after 5B
5B2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 6862/6962 DMG
Optimal 1bar grounded opponent BnB.
5B2B>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7254/7360 DMG
Optimal 1bar airborne opponent BnB. Can start with 5B2B2C>236C but is CSpec.
CH 5B2B2A5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 6358/6510 DMG
Optimal grounded 5B counterhit starter, extremely character specific timing to get 2B2A, (Cspec)
CH 5B2B2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7674/7764 DMG
universal optimal grounded 1bar BnB
CH 5B2B2C>236C, j.AAB>land, hj.AABC
1 bar

2B Starters-
2B2A5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5594/5773 DMG
Optimal meterless, Strict timing to get 2B2A5AA (CSpec)
2B2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7145/7251 DMG
Optimal universal 1bar grounded opponent BnB.

2C Starters -
2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 6884/7018 DMG
Optimal 1bar 2C starter. Must spend meter to get more than 2C>GF.

j.A Starters -
j.A>land, 4A2A5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 4439/4560 DMG
Low height grounded j.A meterless, can start combo with j.AA (Cspec)
j.A>land, 4A2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5472/5542 DMG
Low height grounded 1bar
j.AAC - 3737 DMG
Universal air to air. Tager j.A is 7F, which makes it an alright air to air button in close quarters.
CH j.A>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 4732/4945 DMG
Low height grounded meterless.
CH j.A>, 5AAAA>236C, j.AAB>land, (2A)or(5AAA)>236A>GF - 6303/6537 DMG
Low height grounded 1bar, 5AAA route is CSpec

Grounded j.B Starters-
J.B>land, 4A2A5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5296/5430 DMG
Meterless, Will connect except near max height j.B.
j.B>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5455/5694 DMG
Meterless, must hit close to ground j.B
j.B>land, 2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7145/7251 DMG
Universal 1bar, will connect except near height j.B
j.B>land, 5AAAA>236C, j.AAB>land, (2A)or(5AAA)>236A>GF - 7225/7490 DMG
Universal 1bar, will connect only at lower j.B heights, 5AAA route is CSpec
CH j.B>land, 214B, 2B>236C, j.AAB>land, 2A>236A - 7814 DMG
Grounded 1bar, Tager must be somewhat close to the ground
CH j.B>land, 2B2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7988/8083 DMG
Grounded 1bar, slightly more lenient for Tager's height than j.B 214B route.

Air to air j.B Starters -
Note: Non-CH air to air j.B hit confirms are not very consistent due to magnetism. They are dependent on Tager height, opposing character height, and horizontal spacing. CH j.B significantly reduces the difficulties in hit confirming.

j.BC - 3811 DMG
Drops if opposing character is not pulled close by j.B and when Tager is too close to the ground to follow the j.B with j.C.
j.B>land, 2A>236A>GF - 4591 DMG
Drops if Tager is too high or too far. Very opponent height independent.
j.B>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>GF - 5455/5694 DMG
Drops if Tager is too high or too far, as well as if opponent is too high. Can adjust by doing 5A2A>236A for opponent height. j.B>land, 236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 6885/7010 DMG
Drops if Tager isn't low enough and if opponent character is too close after j.B. The close the opponent character is, the higher 236C will send them, potentially making 236C, j.AAB or even 236C, 5AA pickups impossible.
CH j.B>land, 5B2B>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 8087/8182 DMG
Tager must be very close to the ground.

214B Starters-
214B, j.AAB>land, hj.AABC - 7180 DMG
Basic meterless damage off Wedge
> 214B, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 7126/7330 DMG
meterless damage off Wedge
214B, 2B>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 8484/8640 DMG
Optimal 1 bar damage off wedge, corner distant dependent.
214B, 236B+C - 7960
Unburstable wedge combo

236B Starters -
236B, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5135/5314 DMG
Basic meterless BnB
236B, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 5979/6088 DMG
Extremely character specific (Cspec)
236B, 5AAAA>236C, j.AAB>land, (2A)or(5AAA)>236A>GF - 6463/6659 DMG
Universal optimal 1bar, 5AAA routing is CSpec

236C Starters - 236C, j.AAB>land, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF - 6030/6168 DMG
Optimal 236C starter, may need to omit j.AAB depending if opponent is high/close. May need to do two spark bolts if opponent is full screen.

CH (5A/2B/5B)5C
grounded confirms into 5C, 5700-6000 on marvelous with partner

Meter Dump -
It is usually best to dump meter off 5A, CH 5A, or 214B starters to get the most value. Obviously, you should end with 236B+C if the combo is going to kill. Comboing into 236B+C is usually done from 5AAAA and 2C. In resonance, optimal enders to combo into 236B+C also include 236A and j.214C 5AAAA>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AAAA>236B+C - 9590 DMG
Can add a 236C, 2C after the second 5A autocombo for 9888 total.
CH 5A2B2C>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AAAA>236B+C - 10009 DMG
Can add a 236C, 2C after the second 5A autocombo for 10377 total
214B, 2B>236C, j.AAB>land, 5AAAA>236B+C - 10151 DMG
Can add a 236C, 2C after the 5A autocombo for 10693 total

With Assists[edit]

Launching assists -
Simple Tager point combos with launching assists generally look like 5AAAA>assist+236B, 5AA(2A/5A)>236A>GF. The exact timing and spacing needed for the assist call will vary by assist hitbox/speed. Examples of launching assists are Ragna 6P, Wald 5P, Chie 5P.
Screen positioning/assist corner carry specific scenarios may enable Tager to get 5AAAA>assist+(2B)5B2B. This allows for a burst bait point by holding 5B and another during the later portions of 2B, as a poorly timed burst will land behind tager. This routing also provides strong corner carry, which may allow for a corner ender. Examples of long corner carry assists are Yang 6P, Ragna 5P.

Hard knockdown assists -
Hard knock down assists enable Tager to combo 2B5B2B on the majority of characters midscreen. (Combo opener)>assist>2B5B2B. This is extremely useful for corner carry and can convert into corner routes depending on the distance to the corner at the start. Examples of hard knockdown assists are Gord 4P, Merkava 4P, Wald 4P (first hit).

Delayed assists -
Long delayed assists or long active assists allow Tager to extend off Gadget Finger. Examples are Mitsuru 6P, Yukiko 6P, Hakumen 6P.


214B, 2B>5P, j.B>j.C>P+D, 4P>2B>5P, 5AA2C>236B+C>P 13,168 DMG
4 bars [Video]


5AAA4PA>GF(whiff), 5AAAA>236C, 5AA2C>236B+C>P 11514DMG
5 bars
5AAA4PA>GF(whiff), 5AAAA>236C, 2A>236A>GF 8077DMG
1 bar [Video]


5AAA6PA>236B(hold), 5AA2A>236A>GF


Tager combo routing in the corner is not as good as might be hoped. Without an assist or an airborne opponent, Tager cannot access his stronger routes. Midscreen 236C combo routes do not work in corner due to strong wallbounce. However, with assists, Tager corner routing becomes extremely strong.


Meterless -
CH 2A 5B 2B, 2B 5B 2B 2A 5AA 2C > A+D - 7750 DMG (Cspec)
2B 5B 2B 2A is very character specific in timing. The sequence can be broken into 2B 5B 2B, 4A 2A instead, sacrificing some damage for consistency and preventing a 5AAAA > 236B+C ender in case of meter dump. Some characters are too small for even the 4A variant, requiring a 2B 5B 2B 2C > A+D ender. The first 5B may need to be held slightly for the perfect height. Tager 2B, 2B routes in corner have extremely precise height/timing requirements.

Airborne confirms -
Tager can confirm into 2B, 2B routes off ground to air confirms: CH 5A or proper height 5B2B/2B. Tager can also go straight from 5B2B/2B starters into 2A 5A routes.

Metered -
Metered route (or 236C routes) can be started many ways (CH 5A 2B 2C > 236C, 5AAAA > 236C, etc.), but require clear understanding of corner spacing for post 236C followsup.

Very close to corner - (Any starter) > 236C, delay 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A
Must be very close to corner in order to have the opponent cross up early enough for 5A to reach the correct side. Example starters could be 2C > 236C or 4A 2C > 236C

(Any starter) > 236C, j.AAB > land, 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A
Very character specific, large airborne hitboxes only

Medium to far from corner -
It is possible to do midscreen confirms when starting in corner if normals with large Tager pushback are used, such as 5AAA.

(Any starter) > 236C, delay 4A 2A > 236A
Easiest confirm, wait for the opponent to cross over before doing 4A. If the 4A connects low enough, the routing can be 4A 2A 5A > 236A

(Any starter) > 236C, delay 4A jc j.AAB > land, 5AA(2A/5A) > 236A
More difficult confirm. the 4A jc j.A timing is precise.

Back to corner -
Due to the side switching of 214B, Tager has some very nice routing he can do when his back is to the corner.

214B, 2B 5B 2B 2C > 236B+C
The first 2B can be difficult to link due to the exact pushback Tager experiences while sideswapping. 214B shoves Tager at least a certain distance from the corner, but this minimum distance makes the 2B very hard to connect. At longer distances past this minimum distance, this combo becomes much easier to execute. This 214B, 2B sideswap into corner is also frequently Tager's best CC starter for big punishes.

With Assists[edit]

With assists, Tager corner routes are much less specific and more rewarding. He gains access to 2B 5B 2B routing off of essentially every assist that keeps the opponent in corner. There is no real reason to do other routing in corner, short of trying to do some specific burst read.

(Any starter) > assist, 2B 5B 2B 2C > A+D
The most basic corner route. Applicable to anything from assist burst punishes to 236C confirms to meaty assist setups.

(Any starter) > assist, 5B 2B, 2B 5B 2B 2C > A+D
Requires some research into the specific assist. The first 5B needs to be timed to pop up the opponent to a specific height, near Tager's head.

(Shorter starter) > assist > 2B 5B 2B 2A 5AA 2C > A+D
This route can be done as long as the starting section is not so long as to start seriously reducing hitstun/untech at the end.

Combo Theory[edit]

Tager combos are extremely modular. There are a number of combo chunks that fit into each other due to the stabilizing effect of a number of his moves. For example, CH 2A can lead to 5B 2B, 2B can lead to 236C, 236C can lead to j.AAB, j.AAB can lead to 5AA, etc etc. It is important to understand how combo chunks connect to both lab strong combos utilizing specific assists, as well as to better adapt to match scenarios. Tager has a great deal of height/distance/screen positioning specific routing, so a deep understanding of routes will greatly enhance his punishes. This is especially important due to his lackluster neutral.

Burst Punishes: Tager is able to punish bursts without the help of an assist. All of his ground normals cancel into 5B, which will armor through the burst and CH punish.

Video Examples[edit]

Basic Tager Combos by Meno

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