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A short paragraph explaining in the broadest terms what the character's oki is like.

This section should be accessible to players who are fresh out of the tutorial and to people who do not play this character. It's OK to have this section be a little redundent when compared with the more detailed sections of the oki page. The goal here is to provide an overview that somebody can read with little to no experience with the character and walk away with a basic understanding of the character's goals during an oki situation.

Oki Options[edit]

Generally, Tager should always opt for Gadget Finger oki midscreen. There may be some exception based on size/speed of assist or if the opponent lacks the matchup knowledge of j.B not being a safejump.

GF -
Gadget Finger is the primary oki that Tager will be seeing midscreen. The general options opponents will choose are: button, reversal, block, jump, and backdash. Immediate 4A will stuff buttons and jumps. Delayed 4A will beat backdash and some slow buttons. 5A will beat backdash. Timed 214A/C will beat block and jumping. 214BC will beat button, block, and most backdashes. 214B will beat button, block, most backdashes, some reversals. 236A/B will beat jump. A+D will beat buttons, some reversals, and neutral/forward jumps. Blocking will beat reversals.

236A -
Ending combos with 236A instead of gadget finger will give you a real-looking but extremely fake safejump setup of j.B+assist. This will whiff on neutral/forward tech + crouch on many characters, but can force block/hit tech away.

Corner oki is where Tager shines the most, both with and without an assist. Gadget Finger should not be used in corner, unless the opponent doesn't know what whiff Gadget Finger is and does not seem likely to learn.

214A/C -
When done in the corner, Tager is left at the perfect distance where the opponent can't tech out and Tager's DP can be used to catch jumps from basically every character. It also leaves you at a good distance to do 214A/C again.

236A -
When 236A is done to throw the opponent into the corner, Tager can safejump with falling j.A. This safejump beats everything but Yosuke Whoo! and Hazama Houtenjin, and also trades with Jin Touga. It also obviously loses to command grab supers. This can be paired with an assist for non committal pickups off j.A, which allows you to j.A+assist, then hold back to confirm the situation. For longer assists, it is possible to combo into 236B and end with another 236A back into corner. This setup can not be teched out of.

A+D -
When A+D is used at the end of a combo (something like 2B5B2B2C>A+D or 5AA2C>A+D), the opponent is left at the distance where they can not tech past Tager, Tager can command grab them. and Tager can DP them. Tager can also get a frame 1 free assist call simply by holding the assist button. Generally, every character has an assist fast enough to meaty jumps, which allows Tager to be safe while applying his pressure.

Tager has a few unique tools to apply incoming oki, since he can't use more traditional jumping/air dashing setups. The effectiveness of some setups are determined by the incoming hitbox of the opponent.

Backdash -
Tager can backdash and call 4/5P with his partner, which will stuff jumpsquat. He can also apply the same concepts as Gadget Finger oki solo.

5B -
Because incoming attacks are head attribute, Tager can armor through it with sledge. Using assist in this scenario will cost an assist bar, but there are a number of incoming attacks that are spaced too far for backdash setups to work (Jin, Nu, etc). This also allows Tager to get Gadget Finger-esque oki solo.

214B -
This is more gimmicky than other setups. It works by properly timing 214B to i-frame through the incoming hitbox and grab the opponent near the first frame possible. Very high reward, but similarly pretty high risk.

5C frame kill super jump
Tager can only access this setup consistently if the previous opponent character was killed by his Distortion skills or Distortion Skill Duo. This is a safejump that leads to either j.A stuffing jumpsquat or landing and doing instant command grab. This setup can be further enhanced by calling assist, similar to the 236A oki in corner.

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

Explain the thought process that goes into picking an oki route.

This should cover topics such as: Identifying when you can do an oki route, what you get out of an oki route, how do the resources you and the enemy have change your choice of oki route, and when do you go for damage/mixup/safe pressure.

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