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Team Synergy[edit]



Recommended Partners[edit]


General Tactics[edit]

Never be predictable. Makoto's gameplan involves getting in, dishing out as much damage as she can, and staying on them. This is often easier said than done since her kit is hampered by a lack of approach options and Reject Guard sends you across the screen, well outside of punching range.

Comet Cannon and Break Shot[edit]

Video Tutorial



Tips and Tricks[edit]

Makoto is both a straightforward fighter and a trickster. While her attacks are relatively strong and she has outstanding combo potential, her kit is hampered by a lack of approach options.

  • Practice. Your. Fundamentals. Makoto's kit contains a lot of options for tripping up your opponent, but those options are only as useful as the rest of your fundamentals are. So more than her charge gimmick and more than her combos, practice your fundamentals and make sure that they are rock solid before you attempt to use her against real world opponents.
    • This also includes being precise with your inputs and only hitting as many buttons as absolutely necessary. Having clean inputs is crucial when learning to work her gimmick into your combos and overall gameplan.
  • Once your fundamentals are solid, practice the art of the charge. Makoto's combos do way more damage when certain attacks are fully charged, so learning to be precise with your timings and when to hold and release is an absolutely essential skill to have. Button mashing is your sworn enemy so plop yourself in Training mode, put on your favorite workout beats, and practice her auto combos until you can nail those chargeable attacks every single time.
  • Float like a butterfly, swarm like a squirrel. Makoto's overall fighting style seems to be inspired by real world boxing styles, something between a swarmer (think Julio Cesar Chavez or Henry Armstrong) and an out-boxer (think Muhammad Ali and Naseem Hamed). Adopting a boxer's mindset in your playstyle can help in understanding what her kit is all about. Keep your movements fast and loose and look to bait out punishable moves. Then once you're in do not let up.
    • Seriously, watch her hands as she dashes forward; that is literally a boxer's guard.
  • Learn to condition your opponent. Train them to expect a full 2C leg-sweep, only to use the charged version and cancel into a Clash. Use j.C for a bit and then switch up to an empty jump low. Vary your approaches as much as you can.
  • Learn the tail. Love the tail. Worship the tail. Her j.C is one of the most trolltastic moves in the game and is phenomenal for dodging anti-airs and giving yourself time while they're stunned. Even on block, her j.C can let you get an easy blockstring and an opportunity to either reset or mix them up. Always follow up the j.C with something, even on block.
  • Never be predictable.
  • Never be predictable.
  • Never be predictable.

Fighting Makoto[edit]

Makoto spits out damage like it's going out of style, but she has huge holes in her kit that keep her firmly in the mid to low tiers. Without a good assist to help her get in, a Makoto player has to rely on raw fundamentals and conditioning to win the match. The overall key to fighting Makoto is to know the holes in her kit, recognize which holes her tag partner fills, and punishing any sloppiness in neutral.

  • Makoto is very easy to zone out; zoners like Rachel and Yukiko eat inexperienced Makoto players for lunch. If you have a projectile, use it.
    • If they're at 30% health and start tossing out Asteroid Vision or Sirius Jolt randomly, they're tilted. Go in for the kill.
  • Never. Standing. Guard. If. They. Have. Meter. To. Spend.
    • While Makoto's options for getting in are relatively limited, her options for messing you up when she gets in are not. If you do block high, make sure you know what the Makoto is going to do, because the threat of Sirius Jolt is always real if they have meter and will render your standing guard useless. Nine times out of ten, you are better off playing it safe and blocking low, then punishing when they try to go for the Clash Assault.
      • Though if they're really good, they will have already conditioned you to not expect the Jolt, so R.I.P.


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