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BBTag Mitsuru Portrait.png

Health: 17,000
Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 23F / Invul: 1-7F All

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Mid-range, Neutral-focused, Defensive
Team role


"What's wrong? Out of stamina?"


Mitsuru is the leader of the Shadow Operatives, a group of persona users formed after the events of Persona 3 for the purpose of fighting shadows.


Mitsuru is a midrange offensive character that uses normals such as 5A and 2A and Coup Droits to enforce/pressure in order to setup her infamous instant jB overhead backed up with an assist.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long-reaching normals whose space can be enforced better coupled with assist placement
  • Respectable damage off normal confirms solo
  • One of the faster high/low games in the cast that can be layered with her B/C gatlings being natural frametraps
  • Her air space is difficult for many characters to contest both offensively and defensively
  • Damage is weaker confirming at max ranges vs midrange
  • Has few options if fullscreen vs. zoning
  • Mitsuru's offense is significantly more linear by herself

Persona: Artemisia[edit]


Mitsuru's Persona, Artemisia, can inflict increased hitstun with it's whip or ice attacks. This functions just like Jin's drive, granting these attacks guaranteed hitstun that ignores basic hitstun scaling but is still susceptible to the state of the combo timer. The only exception is the first hit of Tentarafoo which actually encases opponents in a block of ice, making the opponent invincible until the second hit that applies basic freezing properties.

Freezing Attacks:

  • 2BB
  • j.AA
  • j.C
  • Tentarafoo
  • Bufula
  • Bufudyne
  • Mabufudyne
  • 4P

Normal Moves[edit]

P4Arena Mitsuru 5A.png
“Block the honest mids!”
P4Arena Mitsuru 5AA.png
P4Arena Mitsuru 5AAA.png
P4Arena Mitsuru 5C.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 1000 All 8 3 19 -8
  • Rivals Ragna's 5A in terms of horizontal space

Not safe point-blank. Can be cancelled into 2A be made safer in point-blank or somewhat closer spaces.

5AA 1100 All 5 2 22 -10
  • Slightly less range than 5A

Every followup after this button is significantly punishable and not applicable in pressure at all for this character. Usually you do them(except the whip ender!) for confirming or resetting after you get the hit as they are jump cancellable and special cancellable(A Coup Droit)

5AAA 1200 All 5 2 26 -14
5AAAA 1300 All 5 2 22 -10
5AAAAA 1400 All 5 2 26 -14
5AAAAAA 1000*3 All 17 2(4)2(4)3 37 -23

P4Arena Mitsuru 5B.png
P4AU Mitsuru 5AA.png
P4AU Mitsuru 5AAA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1700 All 15 3 23 -7
  • Can direct Mitsuru back/forward by inputting 4B or 6B respectively. Can make quite a few Reversal Actions whiff if opponents try to pushblock late in between 5A/2A into 4B
  • A buttons can gatling cancel into this move and works as a natural frametrap against players who like to disrespect with their own 2A/4As or those who assume you are tick throwing and attempt throw tech.

-7 but at max ranges most characters are unable to punish if this is blocked.

5BB 1500 All 10 3 18 -4

Debatable on the value of 5BB is as equal to 5B in pressure, but -4 situation is slightly better if not for the fact that pushblock exists and you end up whiffing.

5BBB 1000*5 All 10 4, 3, 3, 3, 3 21 -7

Combo filler mostly that does corner carry if you're not already using Coup Droit in your midscreen combos.

P4Arena Mitsuru AOA.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800+ High 26 3 18 -4
  • One of the few P4A characters with a 5C that is safe on block.
  • You don't want to be doing this over IOH jB though.

P4Arena Mitsuru 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 9 3 15 -4
  • Her primary pressure starter on block. Can be layered into many other scenarios such as IOH jB, tick throw, fuzzy jump callouts(by doing multiple 2As), gatling cancel into B/C normals, etc
  • Hits low and reaches longer than most character's pressure starters.
  • Can only cancel into itself 2 times.

P4Arena Mitsuru 2B.png
P4Arena Mitsuru 2D.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2B 1700 All 11 3 31 -15
  • Jump Cancellable on block or hit, one of the few in her entire kit
  • Launches on hit for air followup
  • Primary DP/Burst punish starter at point-blank ranges.

Decent anti-air button overshadowed by jA, but still has its uses. Niche use in pressure with jump cancel property, however multiple A normals will push you back far enough that this will whiff a lot of the time(at point blank: 2A 2A 2B vs 2A 2B)

2BB 1300*2 All 25 9(2)1 40 -20
  • Will snag an aerial opponent with Artemisia's whip, pulling them back to the ground

Combo filler. Easy for the opponent to burst into unless it's late into the animation of the whip pulling back such that you're able to input Bufudyne(214BC) in reaction.

P4Arena Mitsuru Sweep.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 Low 19 2 20 -3
  • Safe on block
  • Low profiles many horizontal spaced pokes such as Ragna 5A(useful to use at roundstart in this MU)

Seen as a blockstring ender most of the time. It's the opponent's turn, but with the special cancel window being somewhat long in this move, it's easy to frametrap players taking their turn back by cancelling into A Droit(236A) late into 2C's animation.

P4Arena Mitsuru jA.png
P4Arena Mitsuru jC.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 1500 High 7 12 16 -
  • Jump cancellable on hit or block
  • It's active frames are longer than most traditional air-to-airs so coupled with its horizontal space and start-up frames, this doubles as a defensive/offensive air-to-air plus good anti-air button.
j.AA 1700 High 12 8 37 -
  • Jump cancellable on hit or block
  • Good for keeping opponents blocking until they land when they block a jA

P4Arena Mitsuru jB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500 High 11 6 25 -
  • Jump cancellable on hit as of ver 1.5
  • Gatling cancels back to jA on hit
  • 3 ways to convert off of IOH jB: using your assist, having Marin Karin(214A) connect after you do the IOH, or using Bufula in the corner as your opponent techs into it after knockdown -> performing IOH after.

Infamous instant overhead(16f startup if done as soon as you leave the ground!) along with it being her primary air-to-ground/jump-in normal. Also her combo ender for burst safe confirms involving jA~jAA.

P4Arena Mitsuru jD.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1300*2 All 25~30 - - -
  • Freezes Mitsuru's aerial momentum
  • If whiffed, you are vulnerable until landing.
  • Pulls opponent out of the corner, useful for creating CC sandwich setups as your assist in CC will pass through the opponent when activated between the first and second hits of jC.
  • Niche lockdown tool for Active Switching.
  • At it's lowest heights, this move is plus on block but not plus enough to create an actual blockstring(meaning you can reversal out of it).

Move that covers about 2/3 of the screen at a ~110 degree angle. The hitbox is at the tip of the whip. Useful for beating horizontal projectiles as well as extending combos. You can usually land and hit the opponent with a 5A/2B on hit.

Universal Moves[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
P4Arena Mitsuru GroundThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
150*10, 350 Throw 7-30 3 25 -
  • Special/Super cancelable on the final hit
  • 100% minimum damage

5A+D (air OK)
P4Arena Mitsuru BD.png
This isn't a circle anymore.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 2400 Air Unblockable 12 3 (25+)20L -29
  • The hitbox behind this DP isn't very big. Don't expect it literally cover everything.

Decent anti-air DP.

Air 2400 All 10 1 20L -
  • Air confirm combo ender primarily.

Much like the ground version. This can be blocked in the air, however, so remember to cancel into this as an ender ASAP.


Coup Droit[edit]
Coup Droit
P4Arena Mitsuru CoupDroit.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A 1700 All 9 6 18 -7 ~ -2
  • Frame advantage up to -2 at maximum distance
  • Air hit knocks the opponent away. Standing hit leaves them standing however
  • Easy corner carry when coupled with 5BBB in midscreen confirms

Forward moving special. A version primarily used to cover ground quickly. Can be used to create reset mixups due to its properties on standing hit.

B 2200 All 21 12 12 -5 ~ +7
  • Frame advantage up to +7 at maximum distance
  • Knocks the opponent away regardless of standing or air hit.
  • For midscreen confirms, this is her primary combo extension and also her corner carry.

Seen more often in neutral play by virtue of being plus. Can be reacted to by neutral jumping or super so learning to not be predictable in where you place this is very key.

BBTAG Mitsuru Kirijo 236B advantage.jpg

Taken from P2 perspective. thanks to @Reioumu for making this visual.

Marin Karin[edit]
Marin Karin
P4Arena Mitsuru 2C.png
"Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey..."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 All 10 80 34T -
  • Slow travelling projectile
  • Actually a hitting move, now, rather than a status effect.
  • Steal 2.5% meter on hit; Gain 5% meter on hit

Two words: hit stun. This thing isn't exactly godlike damage wise, but hitting with Marin Karin will allow you to combo into almost anything. Cancelling into this from your normals is fairly risky, but happens to go unpunished often a lot due to conditioning from frametraps, assist coverage, instant overhead, etc.

P4AU Mitsuru Tentarafoo.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
300, 3750 Low 22 ~ 32 - - -5 ~ +5
  • Traps the opponent in ice for a moment before shattering and damaging them
  • Opponent is unable to burst if they get caught
  • Good for Active Switch left/right mixups as this reaches far enough that many reversals cannot catch Mitsuru.

You cannot call assists during this move once it connects, and assists called beforehand will not hit the frozen opponent. If you're quick, you can call an assist and quick change before the move connects in order to extend your combo.

If you hold down the assist button during this move after it hits, your assist will come out on the first possible frame.

Extra Skills[edit]

EX Coup Droit[edit]
EX Coup Droit
P4Arena Mitsuru CoupDroit.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2200 All 7 6 17 -4 ~ +1
  • Range coverage is comparable to Coup Droit A but just slightly more.
  • Frame advantage up to +1 at maximum distance

Her fastest move in her kit. If you want call out fake pressure with this character, this is your move.

BBTag Mitsuru Bufula.png
Not Aegis Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*3 All 27 360 47T +31
  • Stops projectiles
  • Hits up to three times; Advantage calculated at point blank cast

Moves forward slightly after summon. Decent lockdown tool, but most of the time you use this to stall during neutral to stop horizontal moves from reaching you.

Partner Skills[edit]

Coup Droit
P4Arena Mitsuru CoupDroit.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All (18)+13 10 21 -12
  • Fast horizontal coverage, wall bounces on hit for easy confirms.

P4Arena Mitsuru Mabufudyne.png
*tips fedora* M'bufu
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600*8 All (18)+92 X*2(3)X*2(3)X*2(3)X*2 Total: (18)+120 +11
  • Projectiles disappear if you active switch to Mitsuru
  • Very long Active Switch window that still exists even after her projectiles are sent out.

BBTag Mitsuru 4P.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All (18)+16 8 23 -12
  • Not the best anti-air 4P, but it gets things reasonably done as a move to use as a meaty on opponent's wakeup in the corner.

Distortion Skills[edit]

Myriad Arrows[edit]
Myriad Arrows
P4Arena Mitsuru MyriadArrows1.png
P4Arena Mitsuru MyriadArrows2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500*13, 3000
[300*25, 4000]
All 4+3 2*12(2)2(25)5
46 -30
  • More slashes at Resonance

Multi-purpose utility super. Due to it's lightning fast startup and decent range, this works perfectly as both a combo ender and a high damage reversal (though her other Distortion deals far higher damage and has more invul frames as a reversal).

P4Arena Mitsuru Bufudyne.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5500 [6500] All 9+8 10 Total: 110 -53
  • Big vertical and horizontal range at Resonance.
  • Startup freezes movement briefly, but opponent can still block between the startup and the hitbox activating.
  • Sends the opponent up and away, which can make hitting some DHCs afterward difficult.

Your big damage super. It covers a decent amount of the screen vertically and horizontally in Resonance.

Distortion Skill Duo[edit]

P during Main Character's Distortion Skill
P4Arena Mitsuru Bufudyne.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 [2500] All 1+1 10 Total: 93 -51
  • Has a big hitbox, meaning it will hit after most other supers.

Astral Heat[edit]

P4Arena Mitsuru Niflheim.png
"It's time for the execution."
P4Arena Mitsuru Niflheim2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- All 6+14 3 Total: 97 -50
  • Tracks the opponent


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