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Team Synergy[edit]



Recommended Partners[edit]

While Neo is great at applying long combos, Neo suffers from having poor synergy with a lot of characters. Despite others being able to help her combos, she herself does not offer strong assists that can keep combos going. Neo is best suited with characters who have strong range or good armor setups. Adachi, Hazama, Hilda, Yang, Yuzuriha, and Nine are some characters who work really with her.

General Tactics[edit]

Press buttons



Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Neo[edit]

  • Many Neo players like to abuse Suspension of Disbelief to chain into combos or to end games when down to Neo. When you think Neo is closing in for this, jump. Jumping typically makes most of Neo's attack miss. But Neo is very punishable when Suspension of Disbelief misses as she will stagger for a second.
  • Jump and maintain guard when Neo starts a taunt for her teleport. It will most certainly cause her attack to miss or be blocked.
  • If she teleports after hitting her parry, keep attacking as the combo may continue and hit Neo.


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