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Normal Attacks

BBTag NormalAttack.png

There are two primary normal attack buttons in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, A.png and B.png. A attacks are primarily weak but fast, while B attacks are stronger but slower. Everyone's 2.gifC.png is a sweep that will knock opponents down on hit.

Normal attacks can usually cancel into one another, generally following the order A.png > B.png > C.png. However, this is not a steadfast rule. Consult the Revolver Action section of your character's frame data for exact details.

Under Night In-Birth characters are capable of canceling almost any normal into any other normal once per string as an homage to their game series mechanic Passing Link, commonly referred to as Reverse Beat in reference to its predecessor, Melty Blood.

Smart Combo

By repeatedly pressing A.png or B.png while standing, you will perform a Smart Combo. Subsequent inputs of the same button will result in normal attacks that are unique, analogous to the follow-up attacks that Nu's D.png normals or Tsubaki's B.png and C.png normals have in BlazBlue or the A.pngA.png and A.pngA.pngA.png normals unique to Auto Combos in Persona 4: Arena. These attacks cannot be performed individually. All characters also have a J.gifA.pngA.png Smart Combo and some also have a J.gifB.pngB.png Smart Combo. These are often but not always unique.

Note that BlazBlue characters have a unique 4.gifA.png normal that will not initiate the A.png Smart Combo but can be canceled into 5.gifA.png on hit or block to initiate it that way, and Persona 4: Arena characters (as well as Tager, Mai, Nine and Linne) excluding Mitsuru have a unique 4.gifA.png normal that initiates a different Smart Combo by holding 4.gif as you continue to press A.png. Nu and Weiss also have a 4.gifA.png that continues into the same Smart Combo as 5.gifA.png by holding 4.gif as you press A.png the second time or cancels directly into 5.gifA.png by releasing 4.gif as you press A.png the second time.

Clash Assault

Universal Overhead

By pressing C.png while standing, your character will perform a Clash Assault. A Clash Assault is a universal overhead that has a special follow-up sequence on ground hit where your two characters will perform a combination attack on the opponent. The entire sequence does a good amount of damage on its own and is one of the few options available to all characters to break an opponent's guard so it can be useful. However, most Clash Assaults also send the opponent a fullscreen away, resetting the situation back to neutral.

Press C.png right when "Crash!" appears for bonus damage

When the Clash Assault animation occurs, a notification will appear with "Crash!", indicating that you can input C.png again for bonus damage and Skill Gauge gain. The indication of timing can be given with "Good!", "Excellent!!", and "Marvelous!!" which increases the damage done with Clash Assault. A helpful visual cue is to press C.png right as the opponent begins to fall.

Note: If your partner has died or is already on screen due to an existing partner action, your partner will not join you for the follow-up sequence, resulting in decreased damage.

Clash Assault Damage
Participants Initial Hit Follow-Up Sequence Good Excellent Marvelous
Solo 800 640, 640 960 (3040 total) 1200 (3280 total) 1440 (3520 total)
Pair 800 640, 320, 640, 320 960+320 (4000 total) 1200+320 (4240 total) 1440+320 (4480 total)


Skills are usually performed by doing a motion plus a button (such as 2.gif3.gif6.gifA.png) and typically have special properties compared to normal attacks. Skills have properties that may vary depending on which attack button was used. Each character has unique skills, check out each character's wiki page to learn more about how to use them.

Extra Skills

Extra Skills don't give the opponent any recoverable life

In addition to normal skills, characters also have powered-up skills called Extra Skills that are performed by doing a motion plus the C Button (such as 2.gif3.gif6.gifC.png). Many of these Extra Skills are variations of the skill attached to the same motion, but there are also Extra Skills that are their own unique special move. Extra Skills cost 1 Skill Gauge and create a light blue silhouette behind the character. Damage dealt by an Extra Skill does not convert to recoverable life. These can be very powerful and useful for turning the tides of a match so be sure to consult your character's overview page to find out what their Extra Skills do and how they can help you in battle.

Partner Skills

Your partner will glow red/blue

Press P.png to call out your partner to help you by performing an action. Each partner has 3 different Partner Skills that can be used by inputting 5.gifP.png, 6.gifP.png or 4.gifP.png. Consult your character's overview page to learn what Partner Skills they have and decide how best to use them. Partner Skills ignore hitstun decay on hit. Also, after performing their Partner Skill, your partner will remain on the screen for a bit of time, essentially locking you out from using them again for a small period of time.

Active Partner Skills

Performing a Partner Skill while your character is already in the middle of an action results in an Active Partner Skill, a Partner Skill that costs 50% of the Cross Gauge and can only be used once per combo. As well as extending combos, Active Partner Skills can also be used to cover your character after performing an unsafe action. Be sure to use Active Partner Skills at the most strategic times to make the most of them.

Active Partner Skills can not be used during certain actions, such as during a successful throw animation, Distortion, or ukemi.

Active Change

CHANGE! Linne is now on point, notice green circle?

By pressing D.png during a Partner Skill, your partner will strike a pose, after which control will switch over to them. Your character will gain a red/blue aura after changing, indicating a temporary boost in Skill Gauge gain and the speed that your Partner heals recoverable health. Active Change does not occur until the D.png button is released, which will help prevent players from doing an accidental Cross Combo when they intend to do a fast Partner Skill > Active Change.

  • Changes who is point character on 1F
  • Active Change immediately cancels attack for the incoming character
  • Change takes 30F
    • If the character is airborne, then they are in recovery until landing as well
  • Meter boost starts on 10F, lasts for 479F
  • Can not Active Change during the following situations
    • If you or your partner are getting hit/blocking
    • While performing Reversal Action
    • If your partner is already in the taunt animation of their recovery

Cross Combo

I hope you practiced some team mixups/combos

By pressing P.png+D.png during a Partner Skill, you activate a Cross Combo, allowing your partner to remain in-play and use additional Partner Skills. This requires at least 50% of your Cross Gauge and will act as a timer for Cross Combo. Getting hit ends Cross Combo immediately.

While Cross Combo is active, any attacks you make will cause your partner will execute their Partner Skill corresponding to the direction you are holding; for example, inputting 5.gifA.png causes your partner to use their 5.gifP.png; inputting 1.gifB.png causes your partner to use their 4.gifP.png. Partners are fully invincible so long as they are not attacking.

The above makes coordinated team attacks difficult to execute, but there is a simple way around this. Holding down P.png keeps your partner from attacking, and releasing P.png will cause your partner to attack (holding left/right will determine which assist attack is done as usual). Thus you can do a combo with your main character while holding P.png, then release P.png to have your partner hit the opponent to extend the combo. You can also press D.png at any point to do an Active Change and change who the "main" character is during Cross Combo, allowing lots of versatility for creating mixups and combos.

Cross Combo also buffs your team in more subtle ways; during Cross Combo hitstun decay is ignored, damage dealt will be unrecoverable (no red health), and Distortion Skill will be the powered up Resonance version! Do note that using a Distortion immediately ends Cross Combo.

Invincible Attacks During Cross Combo

As if the above wasn't enough, Cross Combos allows you to give just about any attack full invincibility! This is done by doing an attack with your point character, then immediately pressing P.png to Active Change. The former point character's attack will be fully invincible as well as have no collision box, effectively giving you an invincible assist attack!

Distortion Skills

Ragna performing a Distortion Skill.

Distortion Skills are powerful attacks that costs 2 Skill Gauge to use, performed by pressing 2.gif3.gif6.gifB.png+C.png or 2.gif1.gif4.gifB.png+C.png. Typically, a Distortion Skill is a powerful attack that deals a lot of damage and have Minimum Damage, perfect for ending combos to maximize the damage you'll do to an opponent. Most Distortion Skills have invincible frames on startup.

However, there are a few Distortion Skills that can be used for other purposes. For example, Distortion Skills like Chie's Agneyastra are perfect for limiting an opponent's options so you can close the gap between you and your opponent more easily. Platinum's Miracle Jeanne powers her other attacks up instead of being an attack in itself.

Distortion Skills can normally only be canceled into from normals and throws, but during Resonance Blaze you'll be able to cancel into Distortion Skills from Skills as well.

Distortion Skill Duo

Press P.png during a Distortion Skill to make your partner come out and follow-up with their own Distortion Skill, switching control over to them as you bring them in. Your partner must not already be active when attempting to activate Distortion Skill Duo. The Distortion Skill that your partner will do is pre-determined and may be a Distortion Skill they can not use on their own. Please check the character's overview page to figure out which Distortion Skill will be used. Distortion Skill Duo costs an 2 additional Skill Gauges.


Throws are a special type of attack that are unblockable, but they have other restrictions in place:

  • Unlike in Blazblue or in UNIST, Throws cannot hit characters who are in blockstun or hitstun (or 4 frames immediately after either).
    • Some command throws can hit characters who are in hitstun, such as Waldstein's Drehen Durchbohren and Tager's EX Air Driver.
  • Ground throws can not hit airborne opponents or opponents who are in jump start-up.

Normal Throws

Normal throws ignore Reject Guard's pushback effect

Throws are a key part of your offense to stop opponents who simply block and refuse to do anything else! Press B.png+C.png while on the ground to perform a forward throw or 4.gifB.png+C.png while on the ground to perform a back throw. If you are far away from the opponent, then your character will run forward a bit before executing a throw.

Normal throws also play a part in overcoming Reject Guard - they are immune to the pushback effect, and Reject Guard leaves the defender in Throw Reject Miss state, meaning they can not break any throw if they stand still after Reject Guarding.

Command Throws

BBTag CommandThrow.png

Command throws are a special type of throw (usually a Skill) that can not be escaped by inputting B.png+C.png to break the throw. In order to escape these type of throws, you must either:

  • Jump if it's a ground command throw
  • Not be in the space that they hit if it's a command throw that hits in the air

Command throws are more powerful than throws at breaking the guard of opponents who simply block but they usually pay the price by having more recovery when they miss, making them easier to punish.

Priority of Strike vs Throw vs Command Throw

When two strikes hit each other, either a clash happens or both characters are hit, but what happens when throws are added to the mix?

  • Throw vs Strike: The throw will always win.
  • Normal Throw vs. Normal Throw: A Throw Escape occurs.
  • Normal Throw vs. Command Throw: The Command Throw will always win.
  • Command Throw vs. Command Throw: Both throws whiff for that one frame, meaning the Command Throw with more active frames will win in the end.

Resonance Blaze

BBTag ResonanceBlaze.png

When one of your characters die, your remaining character will have the option to enter Resonance Blaze by pressing P.png.

  • Resonance Blaze activation is fully invincible and has startup 3+37 on the ground and 3+until landing in the air (suspended in the air until 36F)
    • This makes it useful as a reversal, although there is a long start-up period after the super freeze
    • You cannot perform Resonance Blaze while in blockstun
  • The timer is paused while Resonance Blaze is active
  • During Resonance Blaze, your character will have the following benefits for the next 15 seconds ※1:
    • Red health regenerates slowly over time
    • Skill Gauge increases rapidly over time
    • Maximum Skill Gauge increases
    • Normals deal chip damage
    • Chip damage increases
    • Skills can be canceled into Distortion Skills and Astral Heat
    • Distortion Skills gain enhanced properties during Resonance Blaze
    • Opponent cannot Cross Burst while in hitstun

※1: Actions performed by a character in Resonance Blaze that would freeze the in-game timer outside of Resonance Blaze, such as Distortion Skills, Astral Heats and the follow-up sequence on a successful ground hit Clash Assault, also freeze that character's individual Resonance Blaze timer until said character has fully recovered from the action.

Your maximum Skill Gauge limit during Resonance Blaze depends on how much you've filled up the Resonance Gauge, the small diamond shaped gauge on the opposing side of the Cross Gauge to the Skill Gauge. This gauge fills up the more you use your partner, increasing your Resonance Blaze level once one of your characters dies. When you enter Resonance Blaze, the maximum Skill Gauge you'll be able to obtain will be the usual maximum of 5 + your current Resonance Blaze level.

Resonance Blaze level also determines the rate of Skill Gauge gain, the rate of red health regeneration and how much chip damage attacks deal.

See Resonance Gauge for how to level up your Resonance Gauge.

Once you run out of Resonance Blaze, your maximum Skill Gauge will return to 5 and your Cross Gauge will disappear for the remainder of the match.

Resonance Level

Resonance Level is denoted by number of mini-diamonds

Depends on how much you filled the Resonance Gauge, you will get the corresponding level of that Resonance Blaze. The following list out the difference between each levels:

Level Skill Units Gained Per Frame Time to Gain 1 Skill Red Health Gained Per Frame Bonus Chip Damage (%) Chip for Normals Bonus Skill Gauge Gain (%)
Level 1 11 455F 1.5 +200% 10% +20%
Level 2 22 228F 3 +400% 20% +50%
Level 3 33 152F 4.5 +600% 30% +80%
Level 4 44 114F 6 +800% 40% +110%

Astral Heat

Make your opponent go home with their meter
This means you can Astral

During Level 4 Resonance Blaze, reaching the maximum of 9 Skill Gauges when your opponent is down to one character will cause the Skill Gauge to glow gold. At this point, pressing 2.gif2.gif2.gifB.png+C.png will activate your character's Astral Heat. Successfully landing an Astral Heat will result in an Astral Finish, winning the match for you automatically regardless of the opponent's remaining health.

Astral Heats count as Distortion Skill attacks as far as canceling goes, so it's usually very easy to combo into an Astral; combo into a Skill Attack, then cancel into Astral.

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