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Team Synergy[edit]


Ideally, Orie should be played on point. Her assists are functional but not exceptional, and she benefits from a strong assist backing her up.


As an anchor, Orie's strong points are her strong neutral game, and her ability to do a full combo into her supers without the need for an assist or resonance. Her mixups become less potent, however, as she cannot combo off 214A or an instant j214A without an assist.

Recommended Partners[edit]

General Tactics[edit]

Orie is an offensive mid-range character, and plays well at her max range due to her auto-combos moving her forward.

5A and jA are your best pokes, and 236A/B can be used to close the distance when you have an opening. 214A and j214A can be a high-low mixup poke outside of 5A range, however you will need to use an assist to convert this into a combo or continue pressure.



You should generally end your blockstrings with 2A to make them safe. After 2A, you have a few different options:

  • Wait and bait a possible DP
  • Use 214A (low)
  • Instant j214A (Overhead)
  • Grab

If your opponent has a habit of pushblocking your blockstrings early, you can cancel to 2A early on, allowing you to get back in close quickly, or cause the opponent to perform a DP.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Orie[edit]


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