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Rachel Alucard
BBTag Rachel Portrait.png

Health: 17,000
Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 46F / Invul: 1-7F All

*Backdash can cancel into all actions except back walk 26F onward

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Team role
Point, Support


"Devote all your best effort, or prepare to be disciplined"


Head of the infamous Alucard vampire family, Rachel is an extremely powerful individual, controlling wind and lightning. She primarily acts as an observer during the events of Blazblue, and she will rarely directly interfere with the world-altering phenomena that surround the Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. However, Rachel may occasionally gently nudge pieces into their places when she views it necessary for the benefit of the world, such as when she saved Ragna by giving him the Azure Grimoire, or when she saves a time-displaced Jin by granting him the Susano'o Unit. Rachel main goal in doing this, however, is to one day break the century-long time loop that has affected the BlazBlue universe since time immemorial. She has several servants under her command; Nago, a cat familiar, and Gii, a bat familiar, which serve as her weapons, furniture, and anger relief. Her butler, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, is also notable for being a powerful werewolf and one of the Six Heroes, a legendary group of warriors that defeated the Black Beast.


Rachel is traditionally a setplay/pressure/mixup character and has certainly maintained those properties, but her zoning has been buffed significantly from the core Blazblue titles, allowing her to fill a more "true" zoner role like Nu-13 or Yukiko. However, this does not mean her mixup or setplay have been taken down a notch at all, as Rachel remains one of the deadliest characters up close should she be leading during the dance. Spacing, using the appropriate specials at the appropriate time, and knowing when to switch from a defensive style to an offensive style are all key in playing Rachel. Rachel's a complicated and extremely rewarding character, but she's also punished heavily for anything less than perfection.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very good range and space control
  • Utilizes Resonance Blaze very well
  • Extremely deadly solo mixup
  • Has unblockable setups using her DP
  • Assists provide ranged options for characters that may have difficulty at range
  • Excellent solo pressure that's only made better with assists
  • Assists allow her to set up even if she's not on point
  • 4P is one of the best disruption assists in the game
  • Below average damage
  • Situational assists (depending on her partner)
  • Relies on system mechanics for reversal tools; struggles in pressure to an extent
  • Complex neutral game / win condition that takes time to learn and even longer to master
  • Very volatile and unstable matchup spread and gameplan

Drive: Sylpheed[edit]

Rachel brings her ability to control the wind into her gameplay, allowing her to manipulate herself and the objects she throws out with wind. This feature was a very core part of her gameplay in the Blazblue series and makes it's return in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. However, her wind mechanic works differently in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. Instead of having 4 stocks of wind that regenerate over time, Rachel's wind functions on a cooldown system. After using her wind, there will be a short period of time where you won't be able to use wind again. You can tell whether or not Rachel's wind is on cooldown by looking at the rose symbol in the bottom corner of your HUD next to your meter

Additionally, the usage of wind is restricted to specific moves. Inputting a directional input during these moves will use a wind in the inputted direction. The moves that Rachel can use wind during are as follows:

  • Auto Combo 1 - 3rd Move (5AAA)
  • Auto Combo 2 - 3rd Move (5BBB)
  • 2C
  • All jump normals
  • Tiny Lobelia
  • George the 13th

Additionally keep in mind that Rachel's Sylpheed drive will not regenerate during the following:

  • Hitstop
  • While Rachel is airborne

Normal Moves[edit]

BBCS Rachel 6A.png
BBCS Rachel 4B.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
4A - All 13 5 17 -5
4AA - All 23 4 17 -2
  • Only 4A is jump cancelable

Her anti-air, one of the better anti-airs in the game. Guard point comes out frame 5, and on counter hit the hitstun lasts until ground tech. Hits crossup and is jump cancellable on block. 4AA is a mid and isn't a true blockstring so it can be mashed out of with a reversal.

BBCS Rachel 5B.png
BBTag Rachel 5AA.png
BBCS Rachel 6C.png
BBCS Rachel AThrow.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 1500 All 8 6 15 -4
  • Good counter poke
  • Jump Cancelable

Because it can be jump canceled, this normal is another good opportunity to go for an instant overhead j.A in your pressure.

In neutral, the wind portion of this normal has no hurtbox while having decent range of its own. This allows Rachel to use it as a counter poke to pokes with hurtboxes that extend forward a good amount.

5AA 1200 All 15 3 18 -4
  • Jump Cancelable

Similar to 5A, 5AA is jump cancelable and is another good opportunity to go for an instant overhead j.A mixup.

Outside of this, 5AA is mostly used in combos. However, it should be noted that at 5A's maximum spacing, 5AA will whiff. In these cases, you should cancel into 5B instead to avoid dropping the combo.

5AA also vacuums the opponent towards you, allowing you to pull them out of the corner to cross up.

5AAA 180*N All 7 3*N 22L -8
  • Great for corner carry
  • Can use wind by inputting a direction as the move is coming out

Currently, the unwinded version of this normal doesn't see too much use outside of doing the A smart combo. If you apply a 6 wind to it, it can be great for corner, especially if you extend the combo with an assist afterwards. It's important to note this attack lasts as long as Rachel is in the air or A is hit again, meaning if you wind her in an upward direction, the hitbox will remain active until she touches the ground.

5AAAA 1700 All 8 6 ??+9L -
  • Knocks down

Rachel's old air throw now an attack. Mostly only used in the A smart combo. Requires assist to combo after, even at greater heights.

BBCS Rachel 6B.png
BBCS Rachel 5C.png
BBCS Rachel 5CC.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1500 All 11 3 15 -1
  • Great poke for intercepting ground approaches
  • Jump Cancelable
  • On air hit, blows back

Rachel's longest reaching ground poke. This button is best used to catch people off guard when they're chasing after you from the ground.

5BB 1500 All 13 8 22 -13
  • Moves Rachel forward a good distance, allowing it to connect even from 5B's max range

Mostly just used for combos.

5BBB 1700 All 11 8 18 -7
  • Crumples on hit, allowing combo extensions by doing microdash 5A
  • Can use wind by inputting a direction as the move is coming out

Mostly used in combos. It has an effect similar to a crumple on hit that allows you to extend your combos by doing microdash 5A on some characters.

BBCP Rachel CT.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800 All 22 3 24 -10
  • Universal overhead

Not much to say about this one, your standard 5C. Comes out relatively quickly, but is extremely easy to see coming thanks to Nago's dramatic transformation.

BBCS Rachel 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 10 6 18 -10
  • Main low mixup

Rachel's main low mixup and the second half of her 50/50 mixup game. At most points where you can go for an instant overhead j.A mixup, you can go for a 2A low mixup. Can be used twice in a blockstring as opposed to before where it could be only used once. This coupled with her previously mentioned instant overhead gives Rachel incredibly deadly mixup game in close quarters.

BBCS Rachel 2C.png
The Nago zap
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 All 11 30 18 -27
  • Has full body guardpoint (5-23f)
  • Launches on hit
  • Can be comboed into from 5BB

Rachel's infamous cat chair, despite it being a poor reversal tool both in previous titles and in this game. Guardpoint is active on frame five, meaning that if meated properly, mashing 2B will just get Rachel counterhit. Intended as an anti-air, this attack starts up fairly quickly, has good vertical reach, and has decent untech time, meaning that on counterhit combos are possible without an assist. However, converting off of a counterhit 2B on airborne foes is more difficult than on grounded foes.

BBCS Rachel 3C.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2C 600*3 Low 10 4*2,2 17 -2
Charged 600*7 Low 10 4,4,4,4,4,4,2 17 -2
  • Good combo ender on the ground
  • Can use wind by inputting a direction as the move is coming out
  • Hold C to do more hits but lose the ability to special cancel

Rachel's sweep. It's good for knocking an opponent off their feet so you can start air juggling an opponent in a combo by following it up with 236A/B~8. It's also good for ending your combos when you're on the ground since it'll knockdown and you can special cancel it into Lotus or George for oki if you have a nearby lobelia pole or Skill Gauge to spend.

BBCS Rachel jA.png
BBCS Rachel jB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 1000 High 8 6 12 -
  • Great for overhead mixups

A very strong mixup tool. When combined with a 2 input to use wind, it allows for a very fast overhead option that leads to a full combo.

It can also be used as a jump in normal when combined with a 3 wind input. However, j.A doesn't have a lot of reach and can be beaten by most of anti-airs. When you use it as a jump in, it should mostly be used to catch an opponent by surprise as they're chasing after you by doing stuff like jump back > air dash j.3A.

j.AA 1000 All 6 6 12 -

Mostly just used in combos.

BBCS Rachel jC.png
Something quite atrocious
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All 5 9 20 -
  • Good for dealing with opponents directly above Rachel

Because this move hits directly above Rachel, this move can be very good at dealing with opponents in the air that are directly above you or higher up in the air than you are.

BBCS Rachel j2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500/1700/2000 All/High/All 13 Until L 31L -
  • Ground bounces

Mostly used at the end of air combos. j.C will bring an opponent all the way back down to the ground and the ground bounce is big enough that you can do 2C afterwards to end your combo in a knockdown.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
BBCS Rachel FThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 2000 Throw 7-30 3 23 -
  • Can combo by linking a 5A or 5B juggle.

Pretty standard throw. Launches the opponent fairly high up vertically but not very far horizontally.

Gerbera Lute[edit]
Gerbera Lute
BBCF Rachel ExceedAccel.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 Air Unblockable 16 8 40 -27
  • EXTREMELY large hitbox
  • Air unblockable without meter

Rachel's DP. Looks as if it has infinite vertical reach, when in reality it only reaches just above the top of the screen, meaning it can theoretically be jumped over, though it's unlikely this will occur. Main component in her corner unblockable resets using lotus and a delayed assist.


Tiny Lobelia[edit]
Tiny Lobelia
236A/B (Air OK)
BBTag Rachel TinyLobelia.png
BBTag Rachel TinyLobeliaAir.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A 1230 All 11 - Total: 42 -4
  • Can use wind to manipulate the direction of the projectiles
  • Active until it touches the ground

Rachel's lobelias are a key part in her neutral game. They remain active until they turn into poles, at which point they can be detonated or converted into Lotus bats. Wind manipulation can be used to either deter enemies from running directly at Rachel (236A~6 and 236A~9) or to prevent them approaching from the air (236A~8). Learning to manipulate Lobelias is extremely important to playing Rachel.

B 1230 All 17 - Total: 44 0
  • Can use wind to manipulate the direction of the projectiles
  • Active until it touches the ground

Same notes as above, learning to use lobelias is important. B Lobelia has slightly more startup and recovery than A Lobelia, but throws the Lobelia higher and further without wind. 236B~8 is a key component in Rachel's midscreen BnBs and 236B~9 is key in her corner combos. 236B~2 can be used in reaction to run ins.

Air A 1230 All 9 - Total: 53+9L -
  • Can use wind to manipulate the direction of the projectiles
  • Active until it touches the ground
  • Travels the furthest of the meterless Lobelias

Same notes as above, learning to use lobelias is important. A air Lobelia is mainly used at long distances to prevent opponents from approaching Rachel. It can be used to end an air string in a pinch, but you're better off trying to end with j.C.

Air B 1230 All 22 - Total: 55+9L -6
  • Can use wind to manipulate the direction of the projectiles
  • Active until it touches the ground

Same notes as above, learning to use lobelias is important. Air B Lobelia is arguably the least useful of the Lobelias. It throws a Lobelia almost straight down from Rachel's hand, hitting opponents almost directly below Rachel. As of right now, it has no use in combos and sees little use in neutral.

Barrel Lotus[edit]
Barrel Lotus
214A (Air OK)
BBCP Rachel BeelzeLotus.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 500,1000 All 25 120 Total: 36 -
Air 500,1000 All 25 120 Total: 36 -
  • Great for space control
  • On hit, lotus will automatically explode into Sword Iris
  • Travels very quickly and lasts a very long time
  • Disappears if Rachel gets hit or blocks an attack

Lotus lasts for a RIDICULOUS amount of time and travels significantly faster than in previous titles, but does not stick on block nor on hit. Instead, Lotus will automatically detonate on hit, allowing for a followup if you're swift since lightning no longer stuns the opponent. Lotus remains on swap, so throwing out Lotus to force your opponent to block while Rachel swaps out isn't a bad idea. This also allows Rachel ample time to approach, set up, drop George, etc. If the opponent blocks these in the air, Rachel can call an assist and throw out her DP for an easy unblockable.

Sword Iris[edit]
Sword Iris
214B (Air OK)
BBCS Rachel SwordIris.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 1000 All 17 8 Total: 40 +2
Air 1000 All 22 8 Total: 45 -
  • TK Sword Iris allows Rachel recover very fast and is very plus on block
  • Good for pressure resets

Sword Iris starts up significantly faster than in prior titles, allowing Rachel to punish random acts in her forest of rods significantly easier than before. However, since there's no stun from electric attacks in this game, converting off of rods is significantly more difficult than before, making Sword Iris much more of a zoning tool than anything else.

Extra Skills[edit]

EX Tiny Lobelia[edit]
EX Tiny Lobelia
236C (Air OK)
BBTag Rachel TinyLobeliaEX.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 1230*3 All 20 X(5)X(5)X Total: 57 -
Air 1230*3 All 22 X(2)X(2)X Total: 55+9L -
  • Can use wind to manipulate the direction of the projectiles
  • Active until they touch the ground

EX Lobelias acts exactly like Unlimited B Lobelia from CPEX. Rachel throws three lobelias at A, B, and C ranges from prior games. This is mainly used for instant setup and can coat the opponent in bats if Lotus is used immediately afterwards. Otherwise it makes the opponent second guess their approach, as Rachel can detonate or convert the rods at any time.

George the 13th[edit]
George the 13th
214C (Air OK)
BBCS Rachel GeorgeXIII.png
Everyone's favorite living landmine!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 1500, 400*12 All 24 Until L (in range+18) 3*12 Total: 44 -
Air 1500, 400*12 All 24 Until L (in range+18) 3*12 Total: 44 -
  • Disappears if Rachel is hit
  • Can be destroyed by taking a certain amount of damage from strike attacks
  • Immune to projectiles
  • Will trigger only in proximity to the opponent and not partners
  • Does NOT disappear if Rachel swaps out and partner is hit
  • Lasts for 600 frames and has 2000 health

George is more powerful than he ever has been. Since he's immune to projectiles, he can act as a shield against characters with projectiles that travel along the ground, such as Es's waves. This does include supers, however, Jin's Touga still goes through George, but does not destroy him. George is useful if set as oki, but is easily pushblocked. However, two pushblocks are required to keep Rachel out in the corner and can be avoided entirely with an active swap, though swapping can be risky and gives Rachel's partner less time to mix up the opponent. George will always do a total 12 hits.

Partner Skills[edit]

Enhanced 5AAA
BBCS Rachel 6C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400*8, 1700 All (18)+13 3*N
Until L+4 -
  • Rachel's primary combo assis
  • Good to extend pressure and force the opponent into the corner

5P sends Rachel flying forward, similar to 5AAA~6. Does a surprising amount of damage and pushes airborne opponents slightly upwards. Hits quite a few times, making it easy to pushblock the point character out.

Tiny Lobelia
BBTag Rachel TinyLobeliaAssist.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1230*2 All (18)+19 X(5)X Total: (18)+42 +8
  • Good for controlling air space and covering an approach on opponents hanging back

Rachel throws out the equivalent of her B and C lobelias from Blazblue at the same time. On their way up, they control a lot of air space and make it hard for the opponent to approach by air. If the opponent is in the area that the lobelias come down in, the lobelias will limit their options and allow Rachel to approach.

Sword Iris
BBCS Rachel SwordIris.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 All (18)+12 8 Total: (18)+42 -5
  • Will ignite any Tiny Lobelia poles on the screen if there are any, in addition to the poleless one it usually does
  • Has some tracking when done as an active partner call
  • Infinite vertical range

The fact this detonates rods is amazing, allowing fullscreen punishes from point characters that don't normally have ranged options, such as Kanji or Waldstein. Mostly used to control space, though it can be used in combos where 5P would push the opponent too far away or would whiff.

Distortion Skills[edit]

Tempest Dahlia[edit]
Tempest Dahlia
236B+C (Air OK)
BBCS Rachel TempestDahlia.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 400*8, 800*2, 1200*3
[400*11, 800*6, 1200*3]
All 10+17 See notes Total: 74 -
Air 400*8, 800*2, 1200*3
[400*11, 800*6, 1200*3]
All 10+17 See notes Total: 74 -
  • Deals a good amount of chip damage
  • Very plus on block, allowing Rachel to approach

Unlike prior titles, Tempest is not affected by Rachel's wind levels, nor does it replenish her wind. However, it remains extremely plus, making it a difficult-to-avoid super that locks down the opponent wherever they may be, unless they are directly below and behind an airborne Rachel. Most useful in the air since supers like Black Hawk Stinger, Yang's Black Hawk Stinger, and Carnage Scissosr exist. Different animals do different damage.

Baden Baden Lily[edit]
Baden Baden Lily
214B+C (Air OK)
BBCS Rachel BadenBadenLily.png
This was plus in Blazblue?
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 1100*8 [1370*8] All 10+4 2*28 Total: 97+14L -16
Air 1100*8 [1375*8] All 13+2 2*28 Total: Until L+8 -
  • Creates a large pillar of lighting around Rachel
  • Detonates all lighting rods on the stage
  • The lighting pillar will remain even if Rachel is hit during the super
  • NOT plus on block
  • Has invuln on startup
  • Can combo after it
  • If used in air, the pillar extends all the way down to the ground

Rachel's primary combo super. Detonates poles as well, allowing for increased damage with proper setplay. The vertical distance covered can make it an interesting Distortion Skill Duo followup to some Distortions that knock opponents into the air. On whiff lighting can only hit once.

Distortion Skill Duo[edit]

Baden Baden Lily
P during partner's distortion drive
BBCS Rachel BadenBadenLily.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
250*8 [310*7, 330] All 1+1 2*28 Total: 98+14L -32
  • Important points go here

Detailed description of the usefulness of the move go here

Astral Heat[edit]

Clownish Calendula
BBCS Rachel ClownishCalendula.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- All 6+10 40 25 -44
  • Infinite vertical reach
  • STILL doesn't vaporize
  • Combos off throw

Rachel's Astral. Has guardpoint through most of the duration and infinite vertical reach, making it both an excellent reversal tool as well as being easy to combo into.


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