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Ragna the Bloodedge
BBTag Ragna Portrait.png

Health: 17,000
Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 22F / Invul: 1-7F All

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Offense, Balanced
Team Role
Point, Support


"I'll show you, the power of the Azure!"


The main character of the BlazBlue series. Ragna and his siblings, Jin and Saya lived peacefully being cared for by their guardian at a Church within the forest. One day, the man known as Yuuki Terumi would arrive and burn down the church and sever Ragna's right arm, kidnapping his sister in the process. Ragna is saved by Rachel Alucard when she gives him the Azure Grimoire (a.k.a the titular "BlazBlue") which replaced the arm that had been sliced off. Ragna swore vengeance and would start a one man crusade against the NOL to find Terumi using the Azure's power, becoming the most wanted criminal ever recorded in NOL history.


Ragna is a rushdown character. He has normals with good reach, specials to help with mixup and pressure and a very reliable Reversal Action that can be a very good defensive option when used wisely. Ragna has all the tools needed to succeed but all these tools are driven by your fundamentals. Your Ragna will only get stronger the more you perfect your spacing, movement, how to vary your pressure and how to work in his reversal action into a defense with a strong base built on understanding of game systems and characters.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has one of the best Reversal Actions in the game. Combo ender, reversal and punish: You name it, Inferno Divider does it.
  • Has good front-end damage, so even something as simple as 5AAA (into 2C) into Hell's Fang does good damage from range.
  • Has multiple dash cancels that can reset pressure and keep opponents close.
  • Versatile combo toolkit, ranging from a command dash into OTG, ground bounces, and air-to-ground moves.
  • Access to multiple mid-ranged high/low normals. Includes sweeps (2C) and overheads (Gauntlet Hades) that can be followed up easily and can be done very late into a block string.
  • One of the safest anti-air normals in the game (5B) that can follow up easily to a combo. Can also allow Ragna to Reverse Beat into 2A.
  • Easy to find opportunities to insert Partner Skills for enhanced damage.
  • Soul Eater steals life on either hit or block as well as dealing chip damage. All of his specials, supers, and assists use this feature.
  • Lacks full-screen projectiles. Ragna might have good pressure, but the lack of full-screen projectiles hurts Ragna's Partner Skill potential a lot. This makes him very dependent on his partner for some match-ups.
  • Lacks a projectile assist, forcing the point character to make risky plays to get close to the opponent.
  • Has an awkward time dealing with fullscreen pressure. Requires high match-up knowledge against dedicated zoning characters or characters with very large normals.
  • Fantastic pressure is easily negated by well timed Reject Guards.
  • Blockstrings are heavily dependent on proximity.
  • Ragna's lifesteal mechanic is considerably weaker than in previous entries. The window of opportunity where lifesteal will make a difference is very narrow.

Drive: Soul Eater

In the original BlazBlue series, Ragna's Drive allowed him to steal some of his opponent's health whenever he connected with an attack involving the Drive button. These attacks will deal chip damage on block and drain the same amount of health. Although there no longer is a dedicated Drive button, this feature makes its return in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

The following moves steal health from your opponent when they make contact with an opponent:

  • 5AAAA
  • Second hit of 5BB
  • j.B
  • 2C
  • Inferno Divider
  • Axe Kick
  • Dead Spike (All versions)
  • Follow-up Attack (Hell's Fang)
  • Rising Kick (Gauntlet Hades)
  • Follow-up Attack (Nightmare Edge)
  • Follow-up Attack 1 (EX Dead Spike)
  • Follow-up Attack 2 (EX Dead Spike)
  • Blood Scythe (Both versions)
  • Carnage Scissors (Second hit onwards)
  • Devoured by Darkness (Last hit only, on hit only)
  • Black Onslaught (Second hit onwards, on hit only)

Note 1: While Ragna uses his old 6D and the finisher of his EX Dead Spike during the follow-up hits of his 5C overhead, none of these hits drain health. Any health gained after the end of a match will not affect Ragna's HP, including those done during Black Onslaught.

Note 2: Unlike in his home game series as of Continuum Shift, Ragna's life steal does not scale higher in combos via the more Soul Eater-based hits he lands; base life steal amount will always stay same no matter where/when the Soul Eater-based hit is landed in a combo.

Normal Moves

BBCS Ragna 5A.png
Must be at least this tall to get smacked.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 All 5 3 9 -2
  • Whiffs on crouchers. Also whiffs on short character like Linne, even if they aren't crouching.
  • Cancelable into everything, including jumps, throws, and even itself.

High hitbox allows 4A to be used as a fast and safe anti-air, but results in whiffs against crouching opponents. After three consecutive 4As, any further A inputs will result in 5A.

BBCS Ragna 5B.png
The Jesus Kick. Fear it. Respect it.
BBCS Ragna 5C.png
You're gonna see this move a lot.
BBCS Ragna 6C.png
Poke their toes and toss 'em.
BBTag Ragna 5AAAA.png
Mashin' A.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 1500 All 8 8 16 -7
  • Throw cancelable

This move will normally be the start of Ragna's pressure and one of his most useful standard footsie tools in neutral, though it lacks disjoint so it preforms poorly in trades. Used in almost every combo thanks to its high speed, range, and damage. Can cancel into lows, highs and throws, giving it high mix-up potential. Not jump cancelable, meaning that it isn't possible to block bursts or convert into air combos with this move alone.

5AA 1700 All 11 4 20 -5
  • Jump cancelable
  • Throw cancelable
  • Last point of the A Smart Combo where you can chain into 2A

Pressure tool and combo filler. Safe on block and has many cancel options (such as rebeat 5A via 2A, throw, pressure resetting specials, and jump cancel), making it a vital part of all of Ragna's blockstrings. In combos, it can whiff if it is used after 5A on an airborne opponent if they are too high off the ground. Leads into 5AAA launcher on air hit which grants optimal damage and meter gain except when almost all hitstun has been used, though at that point only Inferno Divider or Carnage Scissors can continue the combo.

5AAA 1100*2 Low, All 13 2(4)2 33 -16
  • First hit is a low
  • Jump cancelable on the second hit

Launcher with better damage and scaling than 5B, but can only be done after 5AA and only launches airborne opponents. The first hit has great horizontal reach and is a low while the second hit has a large vertical hitbox and is jump cancelable on both hit and block. Has large amounts of guaranteed untechable time against airborne opponents which always combos into sweet spot Belial Edge if done immediately out of a jump cancel. Furthermore, this move can cancel into 2C and Gauntlet Hades, giving Ragna a high/low mixup as well. Be wary of Reject Guards, as the second hit is horribly unsafe on whiff. In combos, this move can loop into and from A Dead Spike on an airborne opponent. Can also go into Ragna's j.C > Gauntlet Hades loop in the same scenario.

5AAAA 2000 All 18 4 31 -14
  • Launches opponent away on hit
  • Lifesteal: 100

Does respectable damage, has excellent scaling, and drains health, all while being incredibly easy to use. However, it is completely reliant on assists because it has absolutely no cancel options (even in Resonance Blaze). Due to the extreme horizontal knock back on hit, assists must be called preemptively for them to successfully connect when used mid-screen. Has much less vertical range than the animation implies, meaning that this move can whiff if used immediately after 5AAA launcher. At max height in the corner, this move produces safe-jump oki. Note that if hitstun is low, the opponent can air tech before reaching the ground.

BBCS Ragna 6A.png
Ragna's most reliable anti-air; now seems better than before.
BBCS Ragna 5D.png
Dash cancel shenanigans like the good old days.
BBCS Ragna NotOverYet.png
Mada Owari Ja Ne Zo/Not Over Yet, now as an auto-combo.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1500 All 11 4 24 -11
  • Launches opponents on hit
  • Head attribute invincible
  • Jump cancelable

5B serves as one of Ragna's potential anti-airs. While it is not air unblockable like Inferno Divider and has more start-up and recovery frames than 4A, it does possess head attribute invincibility and is jump cancelable even on block. It also serves as Ragna's main launcher in combos. Can cancel into 2A, giving Ragna pseudo-Reverse Beat capabilities.

5BB 1000, 2000 All 15 6(12)3 29 -6
  • First hit is jump cancelable on hit
  • First hit launches opponents on hit
  • Second hit is a knockdown on hit
  • Lifesteal (second hit): 100

The first hit is used to bring opponents higher into the air to allow Ragna to combo off of Hell's Fang or A Dead Spike. The second hit drains health and is used to bring airborne opponents back down to the ground in order to combo into B Dead Spike or Bloodscythe, the latter of which can force a side switch if it is used midscreen. This move has fantastic scaling as a starter, leading into 9.5k with only one bar. Thanks to its multi-hit nature, 5BB can be used to Active Change mid-combo fairly easily but this trait also makes it very unsafe on whiff. The second hit can cancel into other moves as long as the first hits something.

5BBB - - - - 29T -
  • Cannot cancel into Skills or Distortion Skills
  • Can call Partner Skills during the dash

This dash is mostly used to give Ragna a better chance of landing 5BBBB. That being said, the dash distance covers much of the pushback distance of 5BB, making it possible to make up the distance and recover while a Partner Skill keeps the opponent in blockstun. It is still ill-advised to use this outside of combos, however, as the dash is very unsafe. Can be used to combo into 2A if 5BB hit an opponent from a high enough height.

5BBBB 0, 2000 - 8 13[(36)8] 6 [24] -
  • Can only hit opponents who are knocked-down
  • Ground slides on hit
  • Opponent cannot burst during this attack
  • Opponent cannot be hit by Partner Skills during the grab animation

Ragna's classic 22C special, used on downed opponents for a pickup attack. A strong combo part that forces the opponent into an fixed animation on hit that then combos into Hell's Fang midscreen, B Dead Spike or Gauntlet Hades in the corner or Blood Scythe for high damage anywhere. If 5BBB is immediately canceled into 5BBBB, it's possible that 5BBBB can whiff before the dash closes enough of the gap, so be mindful of when you input the last B. If hitstun is low, the opponent won't slide as far and some moves (like Hell's Fang anywhere and or Gauntlet Hades in the corner) won't connect afterwards.

BBCP Ragna CrushTrigger.png
Ragna's old Crush Trigger, still not very good.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800 High 22 3 24 -10
  • Flash on frame 4
  • Knockdown on airborne hit
  • Leads into a timed follow-up on ground hit that launches opponents away
  • Follow-up damage, meter gain, oki, and timing changes if partner is available

Thanks to 5C's poor range and the fact that Ragna has a more reliable overhead that has better mix-up and damage potential in the form of Gauntlet Hades, this move rarely sees any use. Inputting the follow-up as soon as possible results in less damage and metergain but provides safe-jump oki in the corner. Perfect timing deals max damage and grants one free bar of meter.

BBCS Ragna 2B.png
Ragna's go to low.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 7 2 12 ±0
  • Throw cancelable

Standard low and your main low poke for footsies. This is the only normal in Ragna's arsenal that can Reverse Beat from 5B, so it's very good for opponents that don't pushblock too often. Also allows Ragna to repeat 5A and 5AA within the same chain of normals.

BBCS Ragna 6D.png
Can't have enough lows.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All 21 3 14+16L -14
  • Jump cancelable

Ragna's old sweep. Very useful late into combos due to the significant amount of guaranteed untechable time against airborne opponents. Combos into 4A on Counter Hit. Can lead into A normals by canceling into 5B which can chain into 2A, making it a great move to start block strings.

BBCS Ragna 2D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 Low 17 2 23 -4
  • Universal sweep
  • Lifesteal: 100

Ragna's best scaling practical starter which can combo into Blood Scythe for massive damage. Can also combo into Gauntlet Hades on Counter Hit for meterless routes. EX Dead Spike allows for follow-ups without a Counter Hit mid-screen. Use it to punish blocked or whiffed reversals or use it late into a block string for a surprise low.

BBCS Ragna jC.png
All purpose air normal.
BBCS Ragna AThrow.png
Throw follow-up turned normal follow-up.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 1500 High 11 4 Until L -
  • Double jump cancelable

Ragna's main approach via the air as it's a serviceable air-to-air and a air-to-ground attack. Pressure starter and overhead mix-up tool. Combo filler used to manipulate the opponents height for Belial Edge extensions.

j.AA 1500 High 11 6 24 -
  • Double jump cancelable

While j.B fulfills a similar role, j.AA moves Ragna forward slightly which makes connecting j.C clean hit much easier in certain situations. Deals less damage and hit stun then j.B and doesn't grant as much meter or give any health, so use j.B instead wherever possible. If j.A was used high enough after an air dash, then j.AA can cross up.

BBCS Ragna jD.png
Rule the skies.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 High 11 4 20 -
  • Double jump cancelable
  • Lifesteal: 100

Air-to-air and air combo tool that hits in front and above Ragna. Used to lead into Belial Edge, Inferno Divider, Nightmare Edge or Aerial Blood Scythe. Ragna's most damaging air normal and the only one with lifesteal. Very important for manipulating the opponent's height during air combos so as to set-up Belial Edge extensions. Can be used as a jump-in with better scaling and damage than j.A but its slower start-up, more vertical hitbox, and less cancel options makes this non-optimal.

Belial Edge
BBCS Ragna BelialEdge.png
Belial Edge... how we've missed you.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800*N All 5 2(6)[2(1)]*N, 4 20L -5
  • Last hit causes a ground bounce and is special cancelable on hit

An air-to-ground combo extender. When j.C is used on an opponent above Ragna, the last hit will connect, causing the opponent to bounce. This combined with the last hit being special cancelable allows Ragna to follow-up with a Skill. However, if Ragna is above the opponent, the opponent will quickly recover the instant Ragna touches the ground. The only follow-up possible when Ragna is above an airborne opponent is a well-timed Partner Skill.

Loops into and from Gauntlet Hades, leading into massive damage, corner carry, and meter gain, though the timing is tight and character-dependent. Against grounded opponents, Ragna can use quick specials like Hell's Fang and Inferno Divider to follow it up, though Counter Hits allow for better damage with Gauntlet Hades or Blood Scythe. The number of hits this move does is based on Ragna's height from the ground, so the higher he is the more damage he'll deal.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
BBCS Ragna FThrow.png
"This'll sting!"
BBCS Ragna BThrow.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Forward Throw
0, 2000 Throw 7-30 3 23 -
Back Throw
0, 2000 Throw 7-30 3 23 -
  • Ragna performs a dash and then grabs if he wasn't already within grab range

Ragna's forward throw has him stab his opponent by extending his sword into them. His back throw has him drag his opponent across the ground, following through into an upward toss. Both have near identical launch heights and angles, as well as having the same combo routes. Can go straight into a delayed A Dead Spike or 5AAA > A Dead Spike for easy damage.

Inferno Divider
Inferno Divider
5A+D (Air OK)
BBCS Ragna InfernoDivider.png
The return of a very reliable reversal.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Inferno Divider
1000*2 Air Unblockable 10 7,6 15L -37
Aerial Inferno Divider
1000*2 All 7 7,6 15L -
A+D > A/B/C
Axe Kick
A+D > A/B/C > A/B/C
  • Invincible from frame 1
  • Ground version is air unblockable
  • Cannot Cross Burst if punished
  • 5% minimum damage: 50, 50, 50, 100
  • Lifesteal (Inferno Divider): 50*2
  • Lifesteal (Axe Kick): 50

This serves as Ragna's universal reversal tool and main air unblockable attack. It has pretty good vertical and horizontal range and threatens aerial approaches. As expected, if blocked, this move is very negative. Inferno Divider is Ragna's fastest air combo ender, as well as his most damaging thanks to its minimum damage. Leads into decent oki anywhere on the screen, though he has better options in the corner.


Dead Spike
Dead Spike
BBCS Ragna DeadSpike.png
Not a real projectile.
BBCP Ragna DeadSpike.png
Kind of a real projectile.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A.png Dead Spike 1500 All 18 21 51T -6
  • Lifesteal: 100

Can juggle opponents if they are hit high enough off the ground (such as after the first hit of 5BB). Can loop 5AAA > A Dead spike for as long as hitstun permits.

B.png Dead Spike 1700 All 26 13 57T -1
  • Dash cancelable, even on whiff
  • Lifesteal: 100

Used to reset pressure during block strings and to extend combos in the corner. Can also make Active Changes safe. Do not use this to zone, as the projectile is slow to start up and is easy to jump over.

Hell's Fang
Hell's Fang
BBCS Ragna HellsFang.png
BBCS Ragna HellsFangFollowup.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Hell's Fang
1700 All 15 13 26 -4
Follow-up Attack
214A > A/B/C
  • Second hit launches opponents away on hit.
  • Lifesteal (Follow-up Attack): 200

Ragna's go-to grounded combo ender. The first hit can be used to juggle opponents into 4A if they are sufficiently high enough when the move connects. On a grounded counter hit, this move deals so much hitstun that Ragna can drop the follow-up attack and use 5A for a full combo. The second hit drains health and launches the opponent away, with the distance they travel being farther the higher they were when they got on hit. The opponent's height also influences the final frame advantage, potentially giving Ragna safe-jump oki in the corner if they were high enough when the final hit connected.

Gauntlet Hades
Gauntlet Hades
214B (Air OK)
BBCS Ragna GauntletHades.png
Gauntlet Dumbass!
BBCS Ragna SpinKick.png
Is now jump cancelable, enjoy your loops!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 High 18 7 9+14L -12
1700 High 12 9 9+15L -
Rising Kick
214B > A/B/C
  • Gauntlet Hades connects about three frames later on crouching opponents
  • Rising Kick launches on hit
  • Rising Kick is double jump cancelable
  • Rising Kick whiffs on crouchers
  • Lifesteal (Rising Kick): 100

Ragna's most reliable grounded overhead and vital combo tool, especially after Belial Edge. Can be used after j.AA for a triple overhead mix-up. If the opponent doesn't block low after the first attack, then Rising Kick can hit their guard and be jump canceled to either attack with a falling air normal or to disengage from a bad block-string. On a grounded Gauntlet Hades counter hit, the opponent will be stunned for a long period of time, making it easy to confirm into essentially any combo. Loops into and from Belial Edge for massive corner carry and damage.

Nightmare Edge
Nightmare Edge
BBCF Ragna NightmareEdge.png
"Drown in darkness!"
BBCF Ragna NightmareEdgeFollowUp.png
Optimal damage, metergain, health drain, and safe-jump oki, all in one package.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Nightmare Edge
900*N All 17 3, 2*N 20 -5
Follow-up Attack
j.214A > A/B/C
  • Air hits drag opponents to the ground.
  • Knocks down on landing hit.
  • Follow-up launches opponents away on hit.
  • Lifesteal (Follow-up Attack): 200

Combo ender for air combos that has good damage and corner carry. The landing hit of Nightmare Edge is safe on block but the follow-up is very unsafe so be careful when using this move in neutral. Follow-up always results in safe-jump oki in the corner, making it his go-to combo ender for all of his corner combos. Used to end corner Resonance Blaze combos as it can be canceled directly into Devoured by Drakness. Just like with 5AAAA, assists must be used before the follow-up attack mid-screen or else the opponent will travel to far to be hit and the assist will whiff.

Extra Skills

EX Dead Spike
EX Dead Spike
BBTag Ragna DeadSpikeEX.png
Unlimited Ragna's rekka, now a proper special move.
BBTag Ragna DeadSpikeEX2.png
Wall bounce for combo extensions.
BBTag Ragna DeadSpikeEX3.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
EX Dead Spike
1500 All 18 9 51T -6
Follow-up Attack 1
236C > A/B/C
Follow-up Attack 2
236C > A/B/C > A/B/C
  • Follow-up Attack 1 wall bounces mid-screen and wall sticks in the corner
  • 10% minimum damage: 150, 170, 420
  • Lifesteal: 150, 150, 100

Ragna's Dead Spike gains two follow-ups when performed as an Extra Skill. The Dead Spike itself shares identical frame data as A Dead Spike but is larger, steals more life, deals unrecoverable damage, and has minimum damage. Due to being so similar to A Dead Spike, this attack should never be used if you don't intended to use one of the follow-ups.

Follow-up Attack 1 has a larger hitbox than its regular counterpart, launches opponents further, and can either wall bounce or wall stick depending on the distance from the corner, on top of having unrecoverable minimum damage. However, it has less lifesteal than the move it's based on. Both the wall bounce and the wall stick can be used to extend combos if the opponent was high enough in the air before EX Dead Spike was used.

Follow-up Attack 2 is a unique move that deals massive amounts of damage in exchange for having the least amount of lifesteal, launching the opponent a great distance away. Can extend combos by hitting opponents who are both high in the air and are in the corner. Fantastic move in Resonance Blaze, as it can launch opponents at the perfect angle for combo extensions via Carnage Scissors in the corner, as well as being able to tack on more minimum damage and lifesteal before ending a combo with a Distortion Skill.

Blood Scythe
Blood Scythe
214C (Air OK)
BBCP Ragna BloodScythe.png
GRIM REAP- oh wait...
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2500 All 21 4 21 -4
2500 All 19 4 12+14L -
  • Ground bounces on hit, making it a useful combo extension tool
  • 10% minimum damage: 250
  • Lifesteal: 100

This Extra Skill acts as a universal combo extension for most of Ragna's combos. On hit, Blood Scythe can be followed up with a 5AAA into a jump cancel. Comboing into Blood Scythe will often result in a considerable damage increase, particularly if performed early, such as after 2C. Using it midscreen as a combo extension after certain moves like the second hit of 5BB will force a side switch.

Partner Skills

Hell's Fang
BBCS Ragna HellsFang.png
BBCS Ragna HellsFangFollowup.png
Start blocking or start praying!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700*2 All (18+)13 13 [(18)6] 37 [25] -7
  • Follow-up Attack performed only on hit
  • Lifesteal (Follow-up Attack): 100

Easily the best and most practical of Ragna's assists thanks to its high utility, speed, and simplicity. Ragna lunges almost full-screen and, if he successfully hits an opponent, will wall bounce them for easy follow-ups. While the follow-up only comes out on hit the first part still deals enough block stun to allow the point character to reset pressure and apply mix-ups.

Blood Scythe
BBCP Ragna BloodScythe.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 All (18+)37 3 15 -
  • Will track opponent but does not go fullscreen
  • Ground bounces on hit
  • Lifesteal: 100

Huge start-up assist that homes-in on the opponent and covers a fair amount of vertical space. Very slow, making it a poor choice for burst punishes as the opponent will recover from their burst before it hits. In return, the ground bounce on hit makes it very easy to convert into a combo, including moves that normally have too much start-up to be practical. Very easy to loop into and from during Cross Combos though the lengthy start-up reduces the number or loops that can be done, especially if the assist gauge wasn't full at the beginning of said Cross Combo.

BBCS Ragna 6D.png
Lend a helping hand (or claw).
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All (18+)13 3 L+22 -
  • Lifesteal: 100

Ragna's new back assist as of the 1.5 patch. This move replaces his Light Dead Spike with his old 6D from the main Blazblue games and is all the better for it. Ragna now properly attacks both in front and above him, anti-airing opponents and relaunching them for a follow-up. While generally not as good as his other assists, it fulfills a unique role as an on-hit switch-out move as Active Changing into Ragna after a successful hit allows him to continue the combo into a proper knock-down.

Distortion Skills

Carnage Scissors
Carnage Scissors
BBCS Ragna CarnageScissors.png
Don't run full screen with scissors! You could poke the enemy's eyes out!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
3000, 5800
[3000, 5600, 700*4]
All 9+4~12 2(38)4
58 -43
  • Opponent cannot burst during this attack
  • First attack ground bounces airborne opponents
  • Follow-up attack launches opponents away
  • Follow-up attack doesn't come out on whiff
  • 20%, 18% Minimum damage: 600 + 1044 = 1644
  • (RB) 20%, 15% Minimum damage: 600 + 840 + 105*4 = 1860
  • Lifesteal (second hit): 300, (RB) 200 + 100*4 = 600

Ragna lunges forward and slams down his sword, following up with a spin slash that releases energy. The initial attack reaches much higher vertically than what the animation suggests, meaning it can swipe opponents out of the air, though this attack isn't recommended as an anti-air. In neutral, this move is used to blow through projectiles and zoning, even from full screen. In combos, it can be used to finish off an opponent thanks to it high minimum damage and can even potentially grant safe-jump oki in the corner if the opponent was high enough before the first hit.

The Enhanced version does more damage, steals more life, and launches opponents higher and farther than the base version. If the opponent is both high enough and in the corner, Ragna can combo after this move with either 4A or 5A, allowing him to combo into another super. Thanks to the extra hits and additional launch height, Ragna can always get safe-jump oki off this move in the corner.

Devoured by Darkness
Devoured by Darkness
BBCS Ragna DevouredByDarkness.png
RIP OD command grab.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000, 6000
[2000, 7500]
All 13+12 3 55 -39
  • Opponent cannot burst during this attack
  • 20%, 29% minimum damage: 400 + 1740 = 2140
  • (RB) 20%, 26% minimum damage: 400 + 1950 = 2350
  • Lifesteal (last hit): 1000, (RB) 2000

Ragna reaches out with his Black Beast infected hand and grabs the opponent, dealing massive damage and regaining a large amount of health. As this is his single most damaging move in his arsenal, this super should be used to finish off opponents while replenishing Ragna's health.

The Enhanced version has better damage, twice the life steal, and a longer animation on hit, perfect for waiting out the opponent's Resonance Blaze or to give your assist more time to retreat and be available for a Distortion Skill Duo. By using Resonance Blaze Carnage Scissors as a combo extender, as well as using EX Dead Spike as many times as a combo allows, this Distortion Skill can end combos with massive amounts of damage and lifesteal.

Distortion Skill Duo

Devoured by Darkness
P during Distortion Skill
BBCS Ragna DevouredByDarkness.png
Tag-team throttling.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 2500
[0, 3000]
All 1+1 3 55 -39
  • Opponent cannot burst during this attack
  • 100% minimum damage: 2500
  • (RB) 100% minimum damage: 3000
  • Lifesteal (last hit): 500, (RB) 1000

Go for it if you can kill. Note that unlike its Distortion Skill counterpart, this move can OTG. Each version does much more minimum damage than its original, but only drains half as much health.

Astral Heat

Black Onslaught
BBCS Ragna BlackOnslaught.png
"I’ll show you… the power of the Azure!"
BBCS Ragna BlackOnslaught2.png
"There is no hell, only darkness."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 2100*6, 1000*8, 21400 All 3+15 2 24 -11
  • Only available in level 4 Resonance Blaze and requires 9 bars
  • 100% minimum damage: 0, 2100*6, 1000*8, 21400
  • Lifesteal (hits 2-15): 70

Ragna does an uppercut with his sword in a reverse grip. If it hits, he shifts his weapon into its scythe form and does two sequences of three swipes with it. He then charges up the final slash while stealing the opponent's soul, which he unleashes to erase them from existence. As astrals can only be used in Resonance Blaze, this super can be canceled into from normals and specials, making it very easy to use. If you're quick, you can also combo it from a normal throw. Connecting with this move instantly ends the match, so always use it whenever possible.


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