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Thanks to the buffs Ruby received in the version 1.5 update, Ruby has a very practical and effective oki game that revolves around the use of Gun Blast to create safe-jump set-ups at the end of essentially any combo. Exactly what sequence of Gun Blasts that should be used for oki depends on the opponent's position (how high they are and how close they are to the corner) and what move Ruby used prior to the Gun Blast. Her Petal Burst super can also provide safe-jump oki if the opponent is launched into the corner but this requires meter and combo routes that can end with supers.

Oki Options

list of oki options

Choosing an Oki Route

Explain the thought process that goes into picking an oki route.

This should cover topics such as: Identifying when you can do an oki route, what you get out of an oki route, how do the resources you and the enemy have change your choice of oki route, and when do you go for damage/mixup/safe pressure.

Video Examples


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Senran Kagura
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