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Team Synergy[edit]


Some teams may prefer Teddie on point as opposed to anchor. Teams like Teddie/Vat or Teddie/Jin that have strong assists and want to set up on an opponent will generally put Teddie up first. Other teams like and Teddie/Wald and Teddie/Jubei might have him out first to to force mixups with Bearscrew, but can also start on the other end. Making sandwiches with Bearscrew and Item shuffling is your main goal as Teddie. Once you land a hit you can begin to setup DP and Burst safe pressure, wearing on the opponent until they panic and guess wrong.


Most Teams feature Teddie on the backline or flipflop between the 2 roles. You want to make use of the blockstun in his 5P and the range of his 6P in neutral, while saving his 4P for oki and setups. Smart Bomb, Ball Lighting and Mystery Food deny space while also being strong combo tools, and Oil Drum and Amagiya Buckets have enough hitstun to force Cross Combo unblockables. Your going to be using a lot of Active Switch with Teddie as you wont always have access to his best items and Bearscrew is really good at forcing mix, similar to his Point gameplan.

Recommended Partners[edit]

S Tier Partners: Waldstein, Merkava, Hyde, Es, Jin, Blake, Yang

A Tier Partners: Nine, Jubei, Narukami, Mika, Carmine, Weiss, Ruby

These are your go-to partners. This doesn't mean that you can't play a team that doesn't include these characters, but these teams will generally see the most success.

General Tactics[edit]

Teddie is a trickster character who focuses on screen-control to keep the opponent in check until they make a wrong move and allow Teddie to gain the upper hand. Teddie's gameplay focuses on 2 main points: Bearscrew mixup and Item management. As Teddie, you have a lot riding on Bearscrew + Assist to force left/right mix as well as create sandwiches with the aforementioned Bearscrew and his several other tools, notably j.C and EX Teddievison. Teddie's 2nd objective is to throw Items to get an edge over his opponent, as all of his Items provide some level of benefit to him, whether it be combo extensions, resets, screen control, or building resources. The main gameplan as Teddie is to expire the opponent's patience and let them hurt themselves trying to counter his tricky gameplay. At the same time, Teddie has tools that when used effectively will force the opponent into bad positions, especially with Oil Drum and Amagiya Buckets, which let him either land free mixups or make the opponent spend multiple Skill Gauges on Reject Guard, as well as Dr.Salt, which can often be used as bait to lure an opponent into a bad time. Remember to keep your partner happy and healthy, as your assist is your #1 form of mixup.


Teddie's okizeme is one of the stronger parts of his game, with a myriad of setups at his disposal. He can easily lead into a safe jump from almost any combo by ending with j.C. Safejumps allow Teddie to continue pressure without fear of Reversal Actions. Teddie is free to j.A as he lands to continue pressure and bait reversals, but keep in mind 2 things:

1. Unlike most characters, Teddie is too floaty to do a full jump and remain safe. For this reason you must IAD (Instant Air Dash) to safejump.

2. IAD into j.A will lose to Counter Reversals (Hakumen's Zanshin, Akatsuki's Reflector, etc) as they are active from frame 1. However, they aren't Air Unblockable, so they can in turn be beaten by a well timed j.C.

That said, safe jumps aren't the only way to safely apply oki. He can also use his myriad of items to do the same job, or at the very least, make it very tough to properly escape. Items like Oil Drum are better saved for oki than combo use, as it can provide absurd levels of mixup potential.

Safe Jumps:[edit]

1. j.C

Ending combos in j.C gives Teddie a safejump, allowing him to continue pressure and bait reversals. After hitting the ground with j.C, Instant Air Dash, then j.A. Timing is tight but if done correctly Teddie will be able to block all non-counter Reversals. On block, j.A can setup high/low between 2A and j.C/j.6C.

2. Bearscrew

Every grounded version of Bearscrew can give a safejump on an airborne opponent. Aerial Bearscrew is a Use this option as an ender if your combo is primarily ground based, and you don't want to change your item rotation (for example if you want to reserve Oil Drum).

3. Mystery Teddie

214B ends in a safejump while also providing you with Item oki depending on rotation. Depending on your item rotation, you may not want to go for this option over j.C. Example here.

5. Cross Raid & Clash Assault

Universal options for (almost) every fighter.

Empty Jump

Many opponents will Reject Guard as soon as your j.A hits them, resetting you back to neutral. If you notice that your opponent does this often against you, use an empty jump to trick them into trying to Reject Guard and getting DP instead.

Item Oki[edit]

Depending on your item rotation, you can end combos with 214A/B and use items for oki. Every item besides both drinks and Vanish Ball can be used this way. This allows Teddie to go for normally dangerous options while his items cover him. An example of Oil Drum being used for oki.


Note that Teddie can jump cancel his A Smart Combo moves up to 5AAA, allowing you to keep your turn going with j.A. When using 5B, keep in mind the distance between you and your opponent, as your number of safe options vary depending on range. Also know that Teddie can end any blockstring in 2C, j.C, 236A or 236C to remain safe.

Sample Blockstrings[edit]

5AAA>236A: As basic as it gets. Keeps you safe while potentially setting up a sandwich.

5AA>jc>j.A: This one sets up a 50/50 between j.A>j.C and j.A>2A, not the best mixup but can catch people off guard. Also can jc backward and 214A to get out an item fairly safely.

5BB>236B: mid range blockstring for making a sandwhich off 5B. Not a true blockstring depending on range, substitute 236B for 236C if their out of range. At maximum range, 5B>5BB is not a true blockstring. 5BB>2A rebeat is also a safe way to end a string.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Find blind spots in your opponents range, and use them to throw Items!
  • Keep your opponents guessing by constantly changing your gameplan between keep away and bearscrew offense.
  • End combos in j.C, or use Items for oki to keep the pressure going!
  • Conserve your meter, but dont be afraid to use EX skills when you want to put the hurt on.
  • Teddie's solo mix is beary weak, so keep your partner alive!

Tricks n' Tech[edit]

Teddie being the tricky bear he is means that there's a ton of things to cover both with and without his items, so expect this to be updated as more tech is found.

22B's Momentum

When exiting the TV from 22B, Teddie gains a huge amount of momentum. Use it to close the distance, or with Assist to setup a sandwich. example here [1]

Pinwheel Reset

This one's rather straightforward but can do a lot of damage if your opponent doesn't know about it. examples: here[2] and here[3]

DP baiting

2C>22A>j.C/j.6C can be a nasty oki tool. With proper spacing, it can beat or out-right avoid certain Reversals. You can combo into 5A off j.C on counter hit only, or If you dodge the DP entirely you can get a huge punish off 5B or 2C. Video of 22A>j.C vs every characters DP Here.[4]

Fighting Teddie[edit]

Teddie wants to force as many sandwiches as he can, so forcing neutral is key to stopping him. Keep yourself in situations where Bearscrew + Assist is a risky choice as often as possible. Do not let Teddie throw out items for free, as a well placed Smart Bomb or Oil Drum can change the flow of the match. You especially dont want him to get to Amagiya buckets as this will let him get in once they rain down.

If you are a zoner, you have a good or at least even matchup vs Teddie. Teddie has no way to deal with zoning other than standard movement, assists, or a hard read with Bearscrew or EX Teddie Warp. Keeping him out of his effective range, especially when he's solo, is the key to beating Teddie. Teddie also has some trouble with fighters who approach from above, as his 2B cant hit directly above him and Puppeteddie is extremely risky. While most of his items (Rockets, Dry Ice, Ball Lighting, Amagiya Buckets) and a partner with a good 4P can remedy this, It becomes a noticeable weakness when solo vs characters like Heart, Yosuke, and Merkava .


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