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Jump Startup:

Backdash Time / Invul:

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Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run


"Neither one of us is a human... Thus, I will perform your last rites, and proceed."


Vatista is one of the last remaining Autonomic Nerves - a set of ancient biological weapons created over 1,000 years ago for the sole purpose of destroying the Void and monitoring the Hollow Night. With the ability to operate without food or sleep, Vatista will completely and efficiently wipe out any beings that consume large amount of EXS during the Hollow Night, regardless of whether they be a Void or an In-Birth. Vatista's robotic mind means that she lacks what most people would consider common sense, having difficulty understanding the concept of clothing when Hyde tried to explain it to her and not understanding the implications of standing in a single public spot for an entire month.

Additionally, hundreds of years ago during the war between the Licht-Kreis and the Night Blade, Vatista interfered with a fight between Kuon and Waldstein after noticing the latter beginning to transform into a Void. Unable to combat the mutation alone, she gave one of her seven wings as a sword for Kuon to fight with, ultimately halting the spread of the Void, and saving Waldstein's life. However, the blade seemingly vanished with no explanation shortly after the incident. This weapon, formed from her crimson wings, was none other than the original Insulator, the weapon that Hyde Kido summons through his own powers as an In-Birth, further adding to the mystery of the Insulator's origins.

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battlee
Persona 4 Arena
Under Night In-Birth
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