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Team Synergy[edit]


Usually, it is recommended that Weiss is played on point given her lackluster assists with only her 6P being truly reliable. Unless she ends her combo with a sweep, she'll need an assist to safely set up her glyphs.


Recommended Partners[edit]

General Tactics[edit]


list of oki options

236X Ice Shard

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

Weiss’s Oki game works both solo and with a partner pretty much all assists in game help her set up Oki with ice shard(236X). Weiss can setup her Oki using knockdown moves in the new 1.5(1.5.1 is the recent patch but nothing changed) this oki is alot better to utilize comfortably i will now explain what Weiss can gain from this:DP punish,Safe reaction to grabs(Sadly loses to kanji’s 214BC And both of WALDSTEIN’s super but against WALDSTEIN’s 214BC you can jump on reaction it really depends on the opponent’s option),Combos (Whatever damage depends on the routes and partner’s damage),Continuing meterless routes and setting up glyphs safely. Weiss’s Solo routes to set up oki: Anywhere:5AAA>236A/B Side note:Forgot to mention I extremely do not recommend using 236C for Oki UNLESS you actually want to spend meter please stick with 236A/B Anywhere:5AA>5BB>J.BB>J.C(wait until Weiss is close to the ground and do)236A/B With Meter: Anywhere:5AA>5B>2B>2C>214C>5AAA>236A/B Assists: Hyde 5p:5AA>5B>2C>214A>5P>2C>236A/B Naoto.S 6P:5AAA(6P)A>run up>5AAA>236A/B Blake 4P:5A>5BB>4P>5BB>J.BB>J.C>236A/B Waldstein 4p:5AAA>214B>4P>2C>236A/B Seth 5P: 5AA>2B>2C>5P>5AAA>236A/B That concludes the oki page for Weiss as i said almost all the assists help her set it up its just a matter of you finding a partner for her that lets you set it up comfortably thank you for reading this.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

Always set up glyphs and position yourself so they're spread out, even using the enhanced version. This will open up more options for Weiss in choosing how to attack and make herself more unpredictable.

Fighting Weiss[edit]


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