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Yosuke Hanamura
BBTag Yosuke Portrait.png

Backdash Time / Invul:

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run


"Leave it all to me, yeah!"

"The important things are never far off... They're all around you."


Yosuke Hanamura is the first party member Yu Narukami bonds with during his time in Inaba. Due to his father's manager position at the Junes superstore, Yosuke was forced to move from the big city to "the boonies," leaving him resenting his feelings of boredom and isolation. After accepting his shadow, he tries his hardest to be the best 'partner' he can be.


Yosuke is a quick rushdown character. His Dash spring and auto combos provide quick actions to pressure opponents and catch them in unlikely situations. His air game is good with his j.C, allowing for a variety of cross up potential from that move alone. He is missing a projectile but his quickness allows for good offensive tools to get the job done. With Yosuke, you want to stay offensive and keep good pressure while crossing up your opponent to keep them on the defensive.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has great air mobility, as well as several air tools to help him out.
  • High solo damage, especially in the corner.
  • One of the fastest characters in the game.
  • Decent Assists.
  • Lower than Average Health.
  • Normals are on the shorter side (even with Jiraya).
  • No projectile. Needs assists to help in neutral.
  • Limited Gatlings.
  • Lost his best voice line.

Air Actions

Yosuke is able to chain multiple specials while in the air. He can string these together during combos, to mix up his aerial approach or bait anti-airs.

His air action system in BBTAG still exist but to a much lesser extent (compared to the Arena series) since he only has 2 air specials (Moonsault and V Slash). They work almost like rekkas now off Moonsault / Dash Spring.

  • Hitting A during Moonsault / Dash Spring will give you V Slash
  • Hitting B or C during Dash Spring will give you Moonsault or EX Crescent Slash
  • Hitting B or C during Moonsault will give you Crescent Slash
  • Hitting B or C AFTER Crescent Slash will give you another Moonsault
  • You can also do manual inputs or 6/4+Button to change directions
  • You are able to cancel the start up for jC into air actions also using manual inputs.

3 Moonsaults and 1 V Slash can be used per jump. V Slash can’t be canceled into any air actions but you can manually moonsault/normals after recovery while in the air.


Normal Moves

P4Arena Yosuke 5A.png
Anti-Airs, Neutral, Pressure, Confirms. This normal does it all!
P4AU Yosuke 5AA.png
Cool poses for hitconfirming a situation.
P4AU Yosuke 5AAA.png
Yosuke NEVER skips Leg Day.
P4Arena Yosuke FlyingKunai.png
What if we could do this as a special...
1000 All 6 - 22 -2 - - All 8 - 33 -3 - - All 10 - 39 -6 - - All - - - -7 -

P4Arena Yosuke 5B.png
3 times the hitboxes for 3 times the fun.
P4Arena Yosuke 5AA.png
Why DO we have both of Yosuke's autocombos?
P4Arena Yosuke 5AAA.png
It's like Yosuke's a frog or somethin'...
P4Arena Yosuke FlyingKunai.png
Give us Kunai as a special, please!
1436 All 9 - 30 -1 - - All 10 - 27 +2 - - All 10 - 47 -10 - - All - - - -10 -

P4Arena Yosuke 5C.png
A pretty underrated poke. Send a Boot straight to their heads.
P4Arena Yosuke 2C.png
Objectively coolest looking normal.
P4Arena Yosuke Tentarafoo.png
Tentarafoo's more useful as a normal than as a special... kinda sad.
1500 All 12 - 44 -11 - - All 19 - 35 -2 - - All 14 - 46 -9 -

P4Arena Yosuke AOA.png
- High 22 - 37 -7 -

P4Arena Yosuke 2A.png
It's like Yosuke 4A, except it hits LOW!
1000 Low 7 - 27 -4 -

P4Arena Yosuke 2B.png
Remember when Hazama 5C was jump cancellable on block?
1500 All 9 - 40 -10 -

P4Arena Yosuke Sweep.png
Slides under moves like sliding into their DMs.
1700 Low 11 - 38 -8 -

P4Arena Yosuke jB.png
The Jump In everyone learned to hate.
P4Arena Yosuke jA.png
Just mash the A button, he'll keep on swingin.
1000 High 10 - 3 after landing - - - High 7 - 3 after landing - -

P4Arena Yosuke jC.png
1456 All 15 - 3 after landing - -

P4Arena Yosuke MirageSlash.png
Either hit the floor, or flip out! Be that annoying fly everyone can't hit.
1700 Low 36 - 31 -9 -

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
P4Arena Yosuke GroundThrow.png
What if this throw poisoned again... But special cancels are nice!
Both: 1000 Throw 7 - 9 - -

P4Arena Yosuke BD.png
"Come get som---YIKES!".
- - - 1-15 30 - - 2420 All 1 - - - -


Dash Spring
Dash Spring
P4Arena Yosuke DashSpring.png
Don't use this as a command dash. That ALWAYS ends poorly.
1303 All 14 - 52 -8 - 1628 All 20 - 69 -23 -

Flying Flash Cut
Flying Flash Cut
j.236A or j.214A
P4AU Yosuke VSlash.png
V SLASH!! Now an actual knockdown.
1852 All 13 - 68 -44 -

j.236B or j.214B
P4Arena Yosuke Moonsault.png
The fact that this STILL crosses up in the corner is pretty hilarious.
- All - - 15 after landing - -

Crescent Slash
Crescent Slash
(during Moonsault) A/B/C
P4Arena Yosuke CrescentSlash.png
I heard that the EX version of Crescent makes for a rather nasty surprise overhead.
1700 High - - 9 after landing - -

Extra Skills

EX Dash Spring
EX Dash Spring
P4Arena Yosuke DashSpring.png
Remember when this was projectile invuln??
First: 1300 / Second: 707 / Total: 2007 All 22 - 61 -15 -

EX Moonsault
EX Moonsault
j.236C or j.214C
P4Arena Yosuke Moonsault.png
When you want to flip in place instead of everywhere at once.
P4Arena Yosuke CrescentSlash.png
This comes out automatically! No timing required!
2000 High 26 - 9 after landing - -

Partner Skills

P4Arena Yosuke 5D.png
Now everyone can find out how much of a bro Jiraiya actually is.
Dash: 700 / Three Uppercut Hits: 332 / Total: 1696 All 47 N/A N/A +49 -

Dash Spring
P4Arena Yosuke DashSpring.png
Green Streak. Speeds By. Yosuke the Frog.
First: 1500 / Second: 672 / Total: 2172 All 32 N/A N/A +44 -

P4Arena Yosuke 5AAA.png
1700 All 28 N/A N/A +30 -

Distortion Skills

236B+C (air OK)
P4Arena Yosuke Garudyne.png
A Giant Spinny Projectile. What could POSSIBLY go wrong??
Normal: 4446 / Resonance Blaze: 5340 All 9+7 - 194 -31 -

Shippu - Nagareboshi
Shippu - Nagareboshi
214B+C (air OK)
P4AU Yosuke ShippuNagareboshi1.png
Also known as, "That super where Yosuke goes WHOO!!"
P4AU Yosuke ShippuNagareboshi2.png
Yosuke now saying "Woohoo!" was the worst possible nerf.
Normal:4912 / Resonance Blaze: 5864 All 5+0 - 44+18 after landing -21 (-26 on air) -

Astral Heat

Brave Blade
P4Arena Yosuke BraveBlade.png
P4Arena Yosuke BraveBlade2.png
"At Junes, everyday is Customer Appreciation Day. Come see for yourself, and get in touch with our products! Every day's great at your Junes!"
29855 All 4+16 - 100 -68 -


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