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Yu Narukami
BBTag Yu Portrait.png
Health: 17,000

Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 23F / Invul: 1-7F All

Movement Options
  • Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Balanced, Neutral-focused, Electric Jin
Team role
Point, Support


"This is a battle we can't lose..."


Yu Narukami is the protagonist of Persona 4. He is a high school student who moves away to the countryside of Inaba to live with his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and cousin Nanako Dojima for a year as a result of his parents working abroad, and attends Yasogami High School. Establishing the "Investigation Team" with his high school friends they were able to solve a series of homicide cases that was happening in the town of Inaba.

Before moving to Inaba, Yu felt cold and distant towards those around him. However, this changes after he starts building friendships with the Investigation Team as well as the residents of Inaba. As a result, Yu becomes more cordial in his interactions with others - opening himself up more and gaining a sense of maturity throughout the events of Persona 4. Now, Yu realizes his need to draw strength from the bonds he forges in order to persevere through life.


Narukami is considered to be a well-rounded character that can be played both Aggressively and Defensively due to how versatile he is.

He has amazing ground and air normals that can be confirmed into the combo easily. To separate him from Jin and Hyde, Yu has a solid High/Low mix-up from j.C and Swift Strike which lead to good damage with an assist making him extremely scary once he gets in. His assist is also one of the best pressure assists that can be used to lock down an opponent and set up Active Switch mix-up or Cross Combo mix-up.

In general, Narukami can do everything and very good at them as long as he has assists available.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good balance of damage, range, and mobility.
  • Has multiple full-screen projectiles.
  • Access to many jump cancel and throw cancel options, making his mix-up game flexible.
  • Yu has excellent extended combo potential with assists or meter.
  • EX Zio oki greatly improves Yu's pressure and mix-up game while protecting him from reversals.
  • Swift Strike and Raging Lion have excellent corner carry, so much that both combined can guarantee a corner position.
  • His Ziodyne distortion can punish from fullscreen and has high damage. It also lasts a very long time, so Duo Distortions with low cooldown can follow up for a combo.
  • Cross slash is a great combo ender, having high minimum damage as well as allowing a safe jump after.
  • If Izanagi is hit or Yu is hit while Izanagi is still on-screen, he will lose 2.5% of his max HP; likewise he also has some laggy moves that leave his Persona exposed.
  • All of his specials (except EX Zio and EX Swift Strike) are unsafe at close range, leaving Yu vulnerable at the end of blockstrings.
  • Needs assists to make Raging Lion and Swift Strike mix ups safe / convert them into a combo.
  • Very resource hungry, his offense relies on constant EX Zio usage.

Normal Moves[edit]

P4Arena Yu 5A.png
P4Arena Yu 5AA.png
P4Arena Yu 5AAA.png
P4Arena Yu Zio2.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 4A Hitbox.png BBTAG Yu Narukami 4AA Hitbox.png BBTAG Yu Narukami 4AAA Hitbox.png BBTAG Yu Narukami A Ender Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
4A 1000 All 6 3 14 -5
  • Jump cancelable on both hit and block.
  • Throw cancelable on both hit and block.

Yu's old 5A, but one frame slower. As this is Yu's fastest normal it is vital for interrupting opponents and starting pressure. This move will stop all of Yu's forward momentum, making it difficult to do out of a dash. It can combo from EX Zio after 2C in the corner, but with good timing 5A can be used instead which is more optimal.

4AA 1500 All 7 4 18 -5
  • Jump cancelable on hit.
  • Throw cancelable on both hit and block.

Yu's old 5AA. Used almost exclusively as blockstring and grounded combo filler. Can whiff if the opponent was hit by 5A too high in the air.

4AAA 1700 All 9 3 18 -2
  • Jump cancelable on both hit and block.
  • Knocks down on air hit.

Yu's old 5AAA. Its knock down properties are used to go into 2C and then into either a super or Swift Strike (both if he is in Resonance Blaze). Also grants safe-jump oki if used against airborne opponents. Can't cancel into other A or B normals so use 5A to extend blockstrings instead.

4AAAA 900*3 All 14 2, 2, 2 56T -14
  • Counts as a projectile.
  • Knocks down on hit.

A unique version of Zio that can only be done at the end of autocombos. The projectile is the same produced by EX Zio on impact, but only hits once, does less damage, and is unsafe on block. The high hitstun of 4AAA along with its knock down and jump cancelable properties means that Yu always has better options for more damage, meter gain, and Oki. Only use it if you have hitstun to spare and an assist available for combo extension.

P4Arena Yu 5B.png
Yu's single most important move.
P4Arena Yu 5D.png
The Lawnmower Strikes Back
P4Arena Yu 5DD.png
Reject Guards won't allow you to escape from crossing fate!
P4Arena Yu Zio2.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 5A Hitbox.png

swords have feelings too BBTAG Yu Narukami 5B 1 Hitbox.png 5AA, 1st hit BBTAG Yu Narukami 5B 2 Hitbox.png 5AA, 2nd hit BBTAG Yu Narukami 5BB Hitbox.png 5AAA BBTAG Yu Narukami A Ender Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5A 1500 All 9 3 26 -12
  • Jump cancelable on both hit and block.
  • Throw cancelable on both hit and block.

Yu's old 5B. Fantastic speed and range makes this move Yu's go to button in neutral. This is Yu's most reliable jump-cancel option for blockstrings as it can be rebeat into and from 2B, 5B, and 5BB. Jump towards opponents for a high/low mix-up by utilizing either j.A or empty jump-in 2A if the opponent is respecting Yu's offense. Jump away to disengage and return to neutral.

5AA 1500*2 All 11 12, 3 23 -26
  • Second hit is jump cancelable on hit.
  • Second hit is throw cancelable on both hit and block.

As of 2.0, Yu's new 5AA is his old 5D. Izanagi quickly charges forward, dragging his sword along the ground for one hit then thrusting forward for a second hit. Fantastic in blockstrings as Izanagi is unaffected by Reject Guards and will reach the opponent even if 5A was blocked at max range. 5AA's speed allows it to combo after 5A even if it hit at max range. The 1st hit may whiff against airborne opponents, but the 2nd hit will catch them.

5AAA 1500*2 All 11 12 [(4)3] Total: 67 -26
  • Jump cancelable on hit.
  • Knocks down airborne opponents on hit.

Yu's old 5DD. Izanagi slices at the opponent, knocking aerial opponents into the ground. Can true blockstring into 5B even if it is Reject Guarded. Gives Yu a guaranteed safe-jump set-up by forward jump canceling, doing a delayed air dash, and attacking with j.A. This works against forward, back, and neutral tech so long as Yu isn't too close or too far from the opponent when 5AAA connects.

5AAAA 2000 All 13 3 40 -22
  • Counts as a projectile.
  • Knocks down on hit.
  • Opponent cannot Cross Burst during this attack.

A unique version of Zio that can only be done at the end of autocombos. The projectile is the same produced by EX Zio on impact, but only hits once, does less damage, and is unsafe on block. Combo extension is only possible via an assist or a Cross Raid. If the first hit of 5AA is Reject Guarded, this becomes the only option after 5AAA that will keep Izanagi close to the opponent and the only way Yu can keep opponents in a true blockstring. Leads into respectable damage within Cross Combos.

P4Arena Yu 5C.png
No longer whiffs after max range 5A.
P4Arena Yu 2C.png
Long Awaited Launcher
P4Arena Yu RagingLion.png
Grounded Heavy Raging Lion

BBTAG Yu Narukami 5AA Hitbox .png 5B BBTAG Yu Narukami 5AAA Hitbox.png 5BB. BBTAG Yu Narukami j.C Hitbox.png 5BBB. same hitbox as j.C.

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5B 1700 All 13 3 35 -21
  • Jump cancelable on hit.

Yu's old 5C returns as 5B in 2.0. Rebeats into and from 5A, making it a staple of his combos and blockstrings. Can be used as blockstring filler even after Yu is Reject Guarded.

5BB 1700 All 15 2 36 -20
  • Launches opponents on hit.

Yu's old 2C returns as 5BB. Izanagi thrusts his sword forwards, launching opponents on hit. Not jump cancelable on its own but can chain into 2B for ground-to-air combos. Huge hitstun, high launch height, and low knockback make this Yu's best move for extending combos with EX Zio. By partially charging it, Yu can close the distance and combo into a variety of different attacks, including a solo, non-Resonance Blaze double Cross Slash combo.

5BBB 2000 High 23 7 19L -3
  • Ground slides opponents on hit.

Yu now has a grounded version of Raging Lion as 5BBB. Startup is long, but it's safe on block, hits overhead, and can be special-canceled on hit. The angle Yu dives at allows him to connect this move from almost full-screen, greatly improving his mix-up potential. Can create 50/50's with Active Switches and Cross Combos, even true unblockable set-ups depending on partner choice.

P4Arena Yu AOA.png
"This is... the power of our bonds!"

BBTAG Yu Narukami 5C Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
800+ High 22 3 24 -10
  • Knockdown on airborne hit.
  • On standing hit, leads into a timed follow-up.
  • Follow-up damage, meter gain, oki, and timing changes if partner is available.

Yu's old 5AB, his All-Out Attack. Decently fast overhead that is unsafe on block. Inputting the follow-up as soon as possible results in less damage and meter but provides better oki. Perfect timing deals max damage and grants one free bar of meter. Yu has a better overhead in Raging Lion, which can be lead into a full combo on hit or a pressure reset with the use of an assist. Sees more use once Yu is on his own, though this move is never used in combos regardless of his available resources.

P4Arena Yu 2A.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 2A Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000 Low 7 3 12 -1
  • Hits low.
  • Cancels into itself, even on whiff.
  • Throw cancelable on both hit and block.

Yu's old 2A. Can chain to and from 4A and itself. Absolutely vital tool in Yu's mix-up game, as it is very non-committal unlike his Swift Strike and Raging Lion. Only low that can be followed up with either a low, high, or throw. It can also easily be used out of a dash, unlike 4A. Terrible scaling both as a combo starter and as a combo part.

P4Arena Yu 2B.png
Anti-air of King(pin)s

BBTAG Yu Narukami 2B 1 Hitbox.png BBTAG Yu Narukami 2B 2 Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1100*2 All 8 2, 3 31 -17
  • Hits twice, once near the beginning of the swing and once more near the end.
  • Jump cancelable on either hit, both on hit and on block.
  • Head invulnerable.
  • Becomes standing state during recovery.

Yu's old 2B. This is his go to anti-air, which can be jump canceled for combo follow-ups or mix-ups. Is not air unblockable or fully invincible like his other anti-air, Big Gamble, but is much safer on block and whiff thanks to having cancel options and the ability to burst. Can pick up opponents who are flat on the ground which is crucial for his double Cross-Slash combos.

P4Arena Yu Sweep.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 2C Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 Low 13 3 20 -4
  • Hits low.
  • Knocks down on hit.

Yu's old 2AB, his sweep. Universal low that is used in mix-ups as a low that can be made safe with an assist or EX Zio, making it more committal than 2A but less than Swift Strike. High damage starter that requires an assist to convert into a combo. Also used for his double Cross Slash set-up and to add damage at the end of a highly scaled combo before a super (usually Cross Slash).

P4Arena Yu jB.png
Block this!
P4Arena Yu jBB.png
Flying Jesus! Sadly no longer a separate move.

BBTAG Yu Narukami j.A Hitbox.png BBTAG Yu Narukami j.AA Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
j.A 1000*2 High 8 3, 6 14 -
  • Hits twice.
  • Double jump cancelable on either hit, both on hit and on block.

Yu's old j.B. This is Yu's best jump-in and safest overhead. By changing up the timing of his follow-ups (j.AA, j.B, and j.C) and using 2A upon touching the ground, Yu can decide to hit only once with this move and go into a low to break through guards or he can let it rip to go for additional overheads, up to four by doing IAD j.A > j.AA > j.C. This makes Yu's air game incredibly oppressive, which can then be used to bait reversals for big damage. However, Yu needs an assist to cover him in order to safely set-up a jump-in and to convert Raging Lion into a combo.

j.AA 1500 High 7 3 15 -
  • Double jump cancelable on both hit and block.

Yu's old j.BB/j.2B. This move is no longer a command normal, making it difficult to use its amazing hit box for ambiguous cross-ups or to contest other similar air normals with less range like it could in the P4AU. Is mostly used as blockstring and air combo filler, though j.B leads into better damage and metergain.

P4Arena Yu jC.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami j.B Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1700 All 12 8 25 -
  • Double jump cancelable on both hit and block.

Yu's old j.C. This move's decent range and extremely long untech time on counterhit make it an great air-to-air. It's also his highest damage jump-in starter, although keep in mind that it is not a high. In combos, the large amount of hitstun this attack has allows Yu to combo into Ziodyne while in the air.

Raging Lion
P4Arena Yu RagingLion.png
R.I.P. heavy version feints and corner loops.

BBTAG Yu Narukami j.C Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2000 High 16 Until land 29L/39L/44L -12
  • Knocks down and groundslides on hit.
  • Special and Super cancelable on hit.
  • Landing recovery based on height j.C was performed, expand chart below for details
  • On any hit or block j.C has 29f landing recovery
  • Frame advantage based on soonest possible j.C

Yu's old 214X. Unlike previous entries where Raging Lion was a special move that had a light, heavy, and EX version which each had different properties in the air for a grand total of six variations, Yu now only has the heavy versions in 5BBB and j.C. It is used in combos to bring airborne opponents to the ground to end them with Swift Strike or Cross Slash, providing both fantastic corner carry and oki. Using EX Zio after Raging Lion puts opponents into the corner allows Yu to act freely as Izanagi covers all possible tech options, making it easy for Yu to shut down any wake-up attacks. However, it is difficult to use this move as a mix-up tool if assists are unavailable, as Raging Lion is very unsafe on block. Note that the 16 frame start-up is misleading for ground blockstrings as it doesn't account for a jump's start-up frames.

Expand for j.C Height Diagram

Narukami jC heights.png

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
P4Arena Yu GroundThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 2000 Throw 7~30 3 23 -
  • 100% minimum damage. (2000)
  • Grab comes out immediately if done next to an opponent.
  • If Yu isn't near an opponent, he will dash a short distance then grab.
  • Holding back when inputting the grab will result in Yu throwing his opponent behind him.

Yu grabs his opponent and kicks them high into the air. Combos off of this attack can guarantee a corner position without using meter or assists, making the reward for a successful throw very high. Both forward and backward throw are identical.

Big Gamble[edit]
Big Gamble
5A+D (air OK)
P4Arena Yu BD.png
"Like a book."

BBTAG Yu Narukami Reversal Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 1700*2 Air Unblockable 10 3, 10 Until land+9 -38
Air 1700*2 All 4 3, 3 Until land+9 -
  • Invincible on start-up.
  • Ground version is air unblockable.
  • Hits twice, once near the beginning of the swing and once more at the end.
  • Yu cannot Cross Burst if he is hit during the recovery of this move.
  • 5% Minimum Damage: 85x2 = 170.

Yu's old BD, Furious Action. Yu preforms an uppercut with his sword that launches opponents into air. This is his go to reversal as well as his anti-air against air blocking opponents. The minimum damage makes this his most damaging meterless combo ender, but as it provides absolutely no Okizeme, it should only be used when it will kill the opponent. Note that while Raging Lion is the better air combo ender, hitstun may not allow Yu to end a combo with it which means Big Gamble should be used instead. For combo extensions or for making reversals safe, assists can be called preemptively, through only certain assists will work so choose your partner carefully. Also note that Yu cannot burst if he is hit during end lag so consider using a super instead if both meter and an assist is available.


236A/B (air OK)
P4Arena Yu Zio.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 236X Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground A 1300 All 13 Until hit 50T -10
Ground B 1500 All 13 Until hit 55T -15

Yu summons his persona, which creates a spear of lightning energy. Travels horizontally from Izanagi's current position and hits once.

A / Light Version:

  • Fastest meterless version of Zio.
  • Slowest moving version of Zio.
  • Lowest damage version of Zio.

The best version to use during neutral, as it has the lowest start-up and end lag while producing a projectile that stays on screen longer. Effective poke against opponents who lack the tools or resources to evade or blow through projectiles. Be careful as there are projectile invincible attacks and multi-hit projectiles that can punish this attack, including most supers. In combos, Yu can use this against airborne opponents to bring them lower to the ground and into his 5A, though they must be as high as possible when they are hit by the grounded Light Zio. The window to link Light Zio to 5A is incredibly small and can only be achieved through both tight execution and an assist, making it more trouble than it is worth.

B / Heavy Version:

  • Slowest version of Zio.
  • Fastest moving meterless version of Zio.
  • Highest meterless damage version of Zio.
  • Knock down on hit.

This version doesn't see much use during neutral, but is valuable in combos where neither Swift Strike or a super would be viable. Knocks down standing opponents while bringing airborne opponents back down to the ground. The long recovery makes it difficult for Yu to continue his pressure safely, though assists can mitigate the risks.

Air A 1300 All 13 Until hit 50T -
Air B 1500 All 13 Until hit 50T -

Same as the grounded version, but now the endlag lasts until reaching the ground on top of having additional landing lag. Note that Izanagi is placed where Yu launches Zio. Additional uses of Zio will be fired from that spot until Izanagi returns, gets hit, Yu recalls Izanagi by using a move that requires him, or if Yu gets hit.

A / Light Version:

  • Mostly the same as the ground version.
  • Least amount of landing lag among the meterless versions of Zio.
  • Begins falling on frame 32

Used often after an IABD right before touching the ground to zone out opponents while retreating. By placing Izanagi slightly off the ground, following Zios can deny both dashes and IAD's, forcing opponents to either retreat or jump-in from higher up which sets Yu up for easy anti-airs. Also used in Resonance Blaze combos right before using Ziodyne in air combos.

B / Heavy Version:

  • Mostly the same as the ground version.
  • Most amount of landing lag.
  • Begins falling on frame 32

Slow to start and end with little reward for a successful hit. Shouldn't be used other than to punish hilariously slow air actions by your opponents.

Swift Strike[edit]
Swift Strike
P4Arena Yu SwiftStrike.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 214X Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
A 1700 Low 15 8 20 -9
  • Hits low.
  • Secondary startup and advantage measured at max range.
B 1100*3 Low 18 9, 9, 3 29 -13
  • Hits low.
  • Secondary startup measured at full screen (max range exceeds screen width)

Yu and Izanagi team up to do a sliding attack. Staple ground combo ender. Launches opponents high enough to combo into most characters' 5P assist for easy combo extensions. Doesn't low profile versus mids or projectiles, so don't use this to blow through zoning.

A / Light Version:

  • Hits once.
  • Fastest start-up among the meterless versions.
  • Safest version on block.

Used to end almost all of Yu's meterless ground combos. Also used in pressure for a final low at the end of blockstrings. Can be made somewhat safe by hitting with only the tip of the attack.

B / Heavy Version:

  • Hits three times.
  • Slowest version.
  • Least safe version on block.

Used to drag opponents into the corner and to tack on damage before using an assist. In Resonance Blaze, this move is usually followed up with a super, primarily Cross Slash.

Extra Skills[edit]

EX Zio[edit]
EX Zio
236C (air OK)
P4Arena Yu Zio.png
Everything but the kitchen sink.

BBTAG Yu Narukami 236X Hitbox.png same Zio, more power

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 1500, 400*3 All 13~102 Until hit, 2*3 43T +7~+96
Air 1500, 400*3 All 13~102 Until hit, 2*3 39T -
  • Lowest start-up and cool-down, fastest traveling projectile, and most damaging version of Zio that hits 4 times.
  • Has the hitbox of the regular version during flight, but on impact it shares the autocombo's version's hitbox.
  • Holding C has Izanagi charge the projectile. The Zio is launched after a set amount of time or after the C button is released.
  • Can be held for up to 102f, regain control of character at 56f; frame advantage measured at point blank
  • Yu is free to move and attack during the charge but cannot use his B Smart Combo, j.B., Swift Strike, or Zio.
  • Using 5C, 2C, Raging Lion, Ziodyne, or Cross Slash with forcibly release the charge.
  • Using 4AAAA or 5AA during the charge will recall Izanagi without firing the Zio. Canceled charges won't refund the spent meter.
  • 10% minimum damage. 150 + 40x3 = 270.

Yu's best metered move and his best special in general. In neutral, the attack is lightening fast and can destroy multi-hitting projectiles. The charge allows Yu to control the screen and cover his approach options (offensive) or use both Izanagi and the Zio as a meat shield (defensive). During pressure, this move gives Yu fantastic frame trapping, pressure resetting, and mix-up covering capabilities that he desperately needs. This move is also Yu's strongest oki tool as it can be canceled into after landing Raging Lion and the combination of the move's range and ability to be delayed allows Yu to cover every wake-up option that a cornered opponent can use. Lastly, EX Zio gives Yu the ability to put opponents into a juggle state without the help of an assist which greatly improves his solo damage. This tool's potential further increases with assists, though note that constant use of EX Zio could deprive Yu of key defensive options (such as Reject Guard or reversal supers).

EX Swift Strike[edit]
EX Swift Strike
P4Arena Yu SwiftStrike.png
P4Arena Yu BD.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 214X Hitbox.png

almost looks like it could low profile BBTAG Yu Narukami Reversal Hitbox.png

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Swift Strike
700*5 Low 12 6*4, 3 20 -4
214C > A/B/C
700*3 All 4 3, 5, 5 Until land+9L -
  • Hits 5 times, all of which knockdown on hit.
  • Fastest start-up and travel speed among all versions of Swift Strike.
  • Can follow-up with Big Gamble by pressing A/B/C after the final hit of the slide successfully connects.
  • Follow-up Big Gamble lacks the normal version's invincibility, hits 3 times, and always knocks down.
  • 10% minimum damage. 70x5 = 350. Minimum damage with follow-up. 350 + 70x3 = 560.

Used in combos to increase corner carry, to allow for easy mid-combo Active Changes, or to continue combos that the other versions can't. In Resonance Blaze, this move allows Yu to preform cross-up Cross Slash which can be followed up with additional attacks, most notably a second Cross Slash. The high speed and range of this move allows it to be used as a long range punish that, with assists, can be converted into much greater damage than a full-screen Zio. As of 2.0, the final hit of the slide is safe on block.

Partner Skills[edit]

Lightning Flash
P4Arena Yu ShidenIssen.png
Devil May Cry Stinger

BBTAG Yu Narukami 5P 1 Hitbox.png Lunges, BBTAG Yu Narukami 5P 2 Hitbox.png then wallbounces.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500*2 All (18+)15 13(2)3 46 -30
  • Hits twice.
  • Lifts grounded opponents on the first hit.
  • Wallbounces on the second hit.

Yu's old persona-less super, a full-screen lunge that is now a powerful assist. The wall bounce grants the point character a free combo and moderate corner carry. This is Yu's fastest assist and thus his most often used, especially for mid-combo Duo Changes. Cross Combo allows Yu to spam this move for easy loops. Note that if the opponent is hit by the first hit while too high in the air, the second won't connect.

P4Arena Yu Zio.png

BBTAG Yu Narukami 236X Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500 All (18+)13 Until hit 55T -26
  • Knocks down on hit.

Yu's heavy Zio, his best neutral assist thanks to its decent speed and excellent range. Full screen projectile that helps the point character approach the opponent safely.

BBTag Yu 4P.png
Wasn't that good in P4AU either.

BBTAG Yu Narukami 4P Hitbox.png help

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1100*2 All (18+)14 Until Persona Lands+3 93T -
  • Groundbounces both grounded and airborne opponents.
  • Izanagi is recalled if a Duo Change is performed.

Yu's old 2D/j.D. Izanagi dives down from above Yu, dragging airborne opponents downward before impacting the ground and launching them. His weakest assist by far as it lacks range, damage, and screen control without being the effective anti-air that most other 4P's are. Used only in specific combos and never in neutral.

Distortion Skills[edit]

236B+C (air OK)
P4Arena Yu Ziodyne.png
And no one ate dinner that night.

BBTAG Yu Narukami 236BC Hitbox.png A hitbox fit for a king(pin).

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 260*34 [320*34] All 5(+33)+13 3*34 46+6L (52 on ground) -34
Air 260*34 [320*34] All 5(+33)+13 3*34 46+6L (52 on ground) -34
  • Values in [] for Enhanced version
  • 12.8% minimum damage: 33 * 34 = 1122 [(RB) 41 * 34 = 1394]
  • Hard knockdown for 34 frames on air version.
  • Wallsticks for 40 frames if the opponent is launched into the corner.
  • Recalls Izanagi from his current position to wherever Yu is.

Izanagi fires a large beam of electricity that pushes opponents back to the other side of the screen. Start-up is fully invincible and the beam travels full screen, making this a fantastic tool for punishing opponents for doing basically anything. While some characters struggle to punish this move at full screen, it is always unsafe at close range. This super's long active frames are perfect for partners with a short Duo Distortion Skill, allowing for combo extensions on hit or free set-ups on block. Doesn't gain any notably different traits in Resonance Blaze other than an increase in damage. Level 4 RB grants this super massive amounts of chip damage which is useful against opponents who lack either the tools or the resources to punish it. Rarely used to end combos as, thanks to Raging Lion, Cross Slash can be used instead for its better damage and oki.

Cross Slash[edit]
Cross Slash
P4Arena Yu CrossSlash.png
The Split
P4Arena Yu CrossSlash2.png
The Drop

BBTAG Yu Narukami 214BC Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2500, 4800
[2500, 230*7, 4700]
All 11(+70)+5 7 36 -22
  • Values in [] for Enhanced version
  • Follow-up only comes out on hit.
  • 25%, 30% minimum damage: 625 + 1440 = 2065
  • (RB) 25% minimum damage: [625 + (57*7) + 1175 = 2199]

Yu does his Cross Slash super from P4A : a curving slash, followed by his Persona descending from the sky upon the opponent for an electrifying hit. Landing this super "backwards" on an airborne opponent by using Yu's forward step during the move leaves him close enough to follow up with 2B. While this can serve as a potential match ending combo, unlike in Arena, BBTAG's combo timer system stops combos from lasting too long regardless of whether or not all hitstun has been used. By the time the super's animation is over, Yu will barely have enough time for 2B into either Big Gamble or another Cross Slash. A short air combo can be done but only if the super landed really early on. It's still a valid option to keep in mind, but not something that should be relied upon: Yu can easily deal much higher damage and use less meter by utilizing more practical combo routes.

While the enhanced version can also be followed-up, the longer animation eats up more of the combo timer. Because of this, the potential to followup is weaker than the base version. However, the extra meter from Resonance Blaze makes it easy to follow-up with a 2B into another Cross Slash. This technique can earn clutch wins if used capitalized on correctly, but it's still not something that should be relied upon much.

Distortion Skill Duo[edit]

Cross Slash
P during Main Character's Distortion Skill
P4Arena Yu CrossSlash2.png
The Split 2: The Splittening

BBTAG Yu Narukami 214BC Hitbox.png

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000, 1500
[1000, 100*7, 1300]
All 1(+101)+1 7 36 -22
  • Values in [] for Enhanced version
  • Identical to Yu's solo version of Cross Slash except it deals slightly higher minimum damage.
  • 100% minimum damage: 1000 + 1500 = 2500
  • (RB) 100% minimum damage: 1000 + (100*7) + 1300 = 3000

Tag-in version of Cross Slash that calls Yu to the opponents location for the attack. Only use this if it will kill, otherwise meter should be conserved for EX Zio use. Thanks to how Yu enters the screen, it is almost impossible to land the reverse hit on this super and the scaling will be to high to do much with it anyway.

Astral Heat[edit]

Myriad Truths
P4Arena Yu MyriadTruths.png
"Let's end this."
P4Arena Yu MyriadTruths2.png
"A thousand die while a million are born! This is TRUTH!"

BBTAG Yu Narukami 222BC Hitbox.png The Floor Is Your Maker

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5000, 32000 All 7(+90)+14 6, 24 32 -23
  • Requires 9 Skill Gauge, level 4 Resonance Blaze, and that the opponent only has one character left.
  • Ends match in a victory on hit.
  • Opponent experiences 12 hitstop on block and 6 on hit

Yu's Astral charges the floor with electricity, instantly killing any opponent who lands in it. As this super instantly grants Yu victory on hit, it should be used whenever possible. Extremely easy to combo into (for example; 214B, throw, 5AAA on airborne opponents). This super is fully invincible which allows Yu to use this as a full screen punish, however it is lacking as a reversal because Yu must commit all of his meter and it is very unsafe on whiff or block.


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