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Team Synergy[edit]

In general, Yuzuriha doesn't need much meter to get the job done, although having an EX 236 can be handy as it goes full screen. Because of this, she as more fit to be a point character while her partner makes her teleporting and slashes safe.


As point, as mentioned above Yuzu usually uses her partner to enhance her zoning capabilities till she wants to move in. When Yuzu DOES get in cross combo, along with teleports and active switch, can make it tricky for the opponent to do much.


As anchor, Yuzu's assists aren't the greatest. Her 6P is long, but isnt a projectile so it can be iffy for controlling space in certain situations. 5P is normal combo extension stuff and 4P is a rather weak anti air.

Recommended Partners[edit]

Blake: Not being a surprise as Blake's assists in general are pretty good, 6P can help lockdown and 4P can act as an anti air for Yuzu as her's arent the most reliable. 5P also allows for some longer distance extensions off 236 enders.

General Tactics[edit]



Typically in a blockstring, the main trick Yuzu players seem to try is using an assist to make teleports safe, and since blockstrings can be rather free-form with cross combo, not too many are concerned about them.

  • Use 5A or 2A to jump cancel to extend pressure
  • By doing j.B > j.236X (stance install) > 5A > IAD you can then either use the quick teleport to move back to the front and resume pressure that way, or save it and instead use your partner for cross combo and proceed to make life harder for your opponent.
  • 2363214C (SI) > 214A/B > Partner call is a dumb idea that just might work if they respect you too much. If you don.t know where you are gonna go they wont either.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Yuzuriha has the ability to Stance Install. While this could be a bug and may be patched out, it's useful to mention as it grants a faster teleport and slashes. To do this, Yuzu must input 236X as a land cancel, afterwards, as long as she is moving, she can use the faster teleport and slash. This trick is much easier to do when you buffer it after a different move such as j.B. She can also do 2363214C for a faster teleport she can do until she stops. Unlike in normal stance it has two notable diffrences:

  • She can preform a faster teleport as much as she pleases until she stops moving, so you can do 2363214C > 214B > 214A > 214A
  • While she gains enhanced slashes as well, they do not do the ender as if she was in stance.

This trick is hard to do consistently, but can be a nice boon if used right.

Fighting Yuzuriha[edit]

Yuzu is a zoner who can control space with her wide slashes and teleport behind, in front, or above and behind her opponent. General tips include:

  • 236X 4X is unsafe if blocked, if you see her teleporting after you blocked, mash dp or jab and it will interrupt her as the slash extends her hitbox.
  • Outside of stance, her raw teleport is very slow, so its easy to see coming and leaves her vulnerable unless she covers with an assist.
  • Yuzu whiffing a 236X is very dangerous, as it has a LONG recovery time.
  • Her dp naturally side switches with the opponent, be wary if in the corner.
  • Her buttons are slightly slower than others, and without a partner her mixup can be rather weak without relying on slashes. Always be ready to jab or dp is she tries to disrespect you with 236X 4X


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