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*[http://jbbs.shitaraba.net/game/45148/ Japanese BBS]
*[http://jbbs.shitaraba.net/game/45148/ Japanese BBS]
*[http://boxdox-bb.dantarion.com/#/ Dantarion's Hitbox Viewer]
*[http://boxdox-bb.dantarion.com/#/ Dantarion's Hitbox Viewer]
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BlazBlue: Central Fiction
BBCF Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)
Aksys Games (North America)
PQube (Europe)

Genre: 1-on-1 2D Fighting Game
Release Dates:

Japan (Arcade): November 19th, 2015
Japan (PS3/ PS4): October 6th, 2016
USA (PS3/ PS4): November 1st, 2016
EU (PS3/ PS4): November 4th, 2016
Worldwide (Steam): April 26th, 2017
Japan/USA (Switch): February 7th, 2019
EU (Switch): February 8th, 2019

BlazBlue Series

Preceded By: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend
Followed By: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the fourth full game in the BlazBlue series that adds some major changes to the system as well as new characters.


BBCF Amane Icon.png BBCF Arakune Icon.png BBCF Azrael Icon.png BBCF Bang Icon.png BBCF Bullet Icon.png BBCF Carl Icon.png

BBCF Celica Icon.png BBCF Es Icon.png BBCF Hakumen Icon.png BBCF Hazama Icon.png BBCF Hibiki Icon.png BBCF Izanami Icon.png BBCF Izayoi Icon.png BBCF Jin Icon.png

BBCF Jubei Icon.png BBCF Kagura Icon.png BBCF Kokonoe Icon.png BBCF Litchi Icon.png BBCF Makoto Icon.png BBCF Mai Icon.png BBCF Naoto Icon.png BBCF Nine Icon.png

BBCF Noel Icon.png BBCF Platinum Icon.png BBCF Rachel Icon.png BBCF Ragna Icon.png BBCF Relius Icon.png BBCF Susanoo Icon.png BBCF Tager Icon.png BBCF Taokaka Icon.png

BBCF Tsubaki Icon.png BBCF Terumi Icon.png BBCF Valkenhayn Icon.png BBCF Lambda Icon.png BBCF Mu Icon.png BBCF Nu Icon.png

New Characters

  • Naoto Kurogane: A character originating from the Bloodedge Experience light novels. He typically uses hand-to-hand combat, but his Drive transforms his blood into weapons like swords and spears to attack at long range. Charging these attacks give new properties like even longer range and guard break.
  • Hibiki Kohaku: Kagura's secretary who uses dual short swords, similar to the characters in the show Attack on Titan. His Drive is to create shadow illusions of himself to attack in tandem and confuse the opponent.
  • Nine the Phantom: One of the Six Heroes and the strongest magic user in the Blazblue universe. Nine's normals each have an elemental attribute: water (A), wind (B), and fire (C). Hitting the opponent with these normals allows her to perform a spell by pressing the D button, or stock these elements to create magic spells for later use. Different combinations of elements produce different spells with varying effects, similar to Dormammu in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Izanami: The Imperator of the NOL and main antagonist of the BlazBlue series(before Terumi stole the show again). She is able to do ground moves while airborne thanks to her float ability. Her Drive allows her to shoot projectiles, but removes her ability to block.
  • Es: Es is the true protagonist of XBlaze: Lost Memories, and is slated to appear in the console version of Central Fiction as a DLC character. She wields a greatsword and her Drive causes some of her sword slashes to draw crests in the air that detonate after a delay.
  • Mai Natsume: Mai is the main character of the manga BlazBlue: Remix Heart and its sequel, Variable Heart. She wields a lance, and her Drive allows her to throw it. She can also influence its trajectory, even mid-flight.
  • Susanoo: The true form of Yuuki Terumi after reclaiming the Susanoo Unit. He is unlocked after completing the game's story mode. Similar to Hakumen, he has 8 icons that represent his specials that are initially locked. His drive focuses on unlocking those specials by hitting the opponent with D attacks.
  • Jubei: A cat samurai that is the strongest creature alive. He's also a member of the Six Heroes. Jubei is the husband of Nine, father of Kokonoe, and Ragna's mentor. Jubei powers up mid match by activating a super that gives his special attacks multiple followups. This powerup lasts for the entire round.

Basic Mechanics

For a quick explanation of basic mechanics see BBCF/Controls.

System Changes

The overall system is similar to the previous games BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend but introduces a few major mechanics and changes some of the existing ones.

Active Flow
  • By performing "offensive actions" repeatedly, your character will enter Active Flow
  • Active Flow disappears over time
  • Characters gain a 10% damage boost and Burst regenerates faster during Active Flow
  • This acts as the complement to the Negative Penalty system and is similar to the Emotion system of Aquapazza
  • Can only go into Active Flow once per round
Exceed Accel
  • Flashy super that's only available during Overdrive
  • Press 5A+B+C+D during Overdrive to activate
  • Does not cost meter, but immediately ends Overdrive
  • After successfully hitting the opponent with Exceed Accel, puts you in Active Flow
  • Base damage is about 2000 damage normally, but during Active Flow does about 4000
Crush Trigger
  • Much faster, but guard crushes for much shorter and greatly prorates damage, most characters can only get small combos off guard crush.
  • Charging Crush Trigger will guard crush the opponent for longer, allowing for bigger combo like previous games
Same Move Proration
  • Removed from all normal attacks
  • All Special Attacks and Distortion Drives have SMP
  • Unlike previous games, this only affects damage, does not affect hitstun decay
  • Opponents no longer flash blue when SMP triggers
  • Distortion Drive minimum damage is affected by SMP
Counter Hit
  • Similar to the Persona 4: Arena series, counter hitting the opponent increases the damage of that hit 10%.

Version Updates

Version 2.0 was announced at Evo 2017. It adds Jubei as a playable character, tweaks system mechanics, and rebalances the whole cast. It was released on August 3rd 2017 in the arcades, and August 31st on consoles.

See BBCF/2.0 patch notes for more details.

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Click here for character pages roadmap and here for scoring criteria.

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