BBCP/Patch Notes/Ver.1.10

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System Changes

  • Burst active frames increased 2F ➔ 6F
  • All jumping attacks with P1 90% have it reduced to 80%
  • Performing 6236 will now execute 623 special commands, performing 641236 will execute 236 commands
  • Performing 6316 will now execute 632146 special commands
  • Most character's Negative Penalty Resistance values have been set to 4 or 5. See character notes for details. If values are not listed, then it is unchanged.
  • Most character's backdashes have been changed in terms of distance traveled, duration, and invincibility. See character notes for details. If values are not listed, then it is unchanged.


  • Backdash: duration increased 20F ➔ 22F
  • Negative penalty resistance: increased 2 ➔ 4
  • D Inferno Divider (623D): Ragna now falls faster resulting in him landing 3F faster. Can combo into 5C on counter hit.
  • Gauntlet Hades (214B): no longer misses on crouching opponents, even in the corner
  • Overdrive version of Dead Spike (236D): no longer moves off screen when used in the corner
  • Belial Edge (j.214C): untechable time of last hit reduced 40F ➔ 35F and launches the opponent lower, but is cancelable into Distortion Drives. Can still combo into 5C and 5D.


  • Negative penalty resistance: decreased 6 ➔ 4
  • Ground throws: now dash cancelable and still special cancelable. Dash canceling a throw will recover 10F faster compared to canceling into Musou Senshouzan (214B).
  • j.C and j.2C: stun on ground hit 19F ➔ 17F. Air hit is unchanged.
  • 6A: attack level decreased 4 ➔ 3, recovery increased 20F ➔ 22F. Now -8 on block, +1 on hit, and +8 on counter hit.
  • Hishougeki (236D): recovers 9F faster. +0 on block, +22F on hit. Time needed to become charged version reduced by 9F
  • Fubuki (623B): startup increased from 6F to 8F, start of Head Invulnerability moved 4F-8F ➔ 5F-9F. P2 improved 82% ➔ 89%.
  • Musou Tosshugeki (214D): Starter Rating of first hit worsened Normal ➔ Short.
  • Hirensou (623D): Starter Rating of first hit worsened Normal ➔ Short. Starter rating of the second hit is unchanged (Normal).


  • Backdash: duration increased 18F ➔ 22F. Invincibility increased 1F-5F ➔ 1-7F.
  • 5C: no longer has guard point against projectiles
  • Counter Assault: hitbox improved
  • Crush Trigger: can now be performed during Chain Revolver. Now ground-bounces opponent on hit. Time to combo after hitting the opponent decreased 21F ➔ 12F.
  • Chain Revolver 6C (the gun boomerang): now travels shorter, allowing it to combo more reliably on everyone.
  • Silencer (22C): Hitstop increased 0F ➔ 6F.
  • Type IX: Muzzle Flitter (214A): base damage increased 1500 ➔ 1600. P1 improved 70% ➔ 80%. Minimum Damage decreased 1500 ➔ 1000.
  • Zero-Gun: Fenrir (632146D): First hit now forces the opponent into a standing state, allowing all the hits to combo reliably on air hit.


  • Backdash: duration increased 23F ➔ 25F and travels further. Rachel is airborne during the entire backdash.
  • Negative penalty resistance: decreased 7 ➔ 4
  • 2C: floats the opponent shorter on hit. Untechable time increased 30F ➔ 42F.
  • George XIII: Sound effect now disappear along with the hitbox.
  • Impish Gypsophila (214B): now moves only once the hitbox is active. Can be triggered by wind up to 4 times.
  • Barrel Lotus and Beelze Lotus (22A/B): startup increased 39F ➔ 44 frames. Projectiles move slower and last longer from 54F to 60F. The attack level is increased 0 ➔ 2. P1 proration decreased 100% ➔ 70%, P2 proration increased 70% ➔ 92%. Other attack level changes apply.


  • Backdash: duration increased 18F ➔ 22F
  • All charged C attacks: partially charging an attack will just be the normal version, no more accidental fully charged C's.
  • 3C: Second hit can be canceled into Overdrive
  • 6C: active frames reduced 6F ➔ 3F and recovery frames increased 18F ➔ 29F. Total duration of the attack increased 42F ➔ 50F. Attack level of uncharged version reduced 4 ➔ 3.
  • Dancing Edge: doesn't deal chip damage. Attack boxes don't come into existence unless the opponent is relatively close (i.e. long ranged normals will lose more easily).
  • 5D: knockback increased
  • j.D: P2 worsened 92% ➔ 82%
  • Cat Spirit Two! (j.236B): minimum damage of 5th hit reduced 600 ➔ 400.
  • Cat Jump! (214D): startup increased by 3F.
  • Cat Person's Secret Art: Hexa-Edge (236236D): now has an Overdrive version
  • Aerial Dancing Edge!! (j.236236D): now wall bounces instead of causing hard knockdown. Damage reduced 2113 ➔ 1960. Minimum damage reduced 1050 ➔ 820. Minimum damage of Overdrive version reduced 1640 ➔ 1225.


  • Backdash: duration increased 23F ➔ 28F. Invincibility increased 1F-19F ➔ 1F-20F. Tager is airborne during the entire duration.
  • 5A and 2A: Starter Rating worsened Short ➔ Very Short
  • 3C: startup decreased 14F ➔ 13F
  • 2D: Recovery decreased 24 ➔ 18F, hitstun decreased 34F ➔ 28F, and blockstun decreased 32F ➔ 26F.
  • j.2C: on Counter Hit now ground bounces the opponent at a consistent height regardless of how high or low the opponent was hit.
  • Gadget Finger (22D): heat gauge multiplier reduced 1300% ➔ 700%. Actual heat gain reduced 936 ➔ 504.


  • Backdash: duration decreased 37F ➔ 34F. Invincibility reduced 1F-26F ➔ 1F-24F.
  • Negative penalty resistance decreased: 6 ➔ 5
  • Curse Gauge depletion: Rates are: 15 ➔ 60 when hit, 15 ➔ 40 when blocking, 30 ➔ 20 for everything else.
  • C bug, D bug: Curse usage decreased. C bug 5000 ➔ 4000. D bug 12000 ➔ 10000.
  • a±b (41236A): Full animation 54F ➔ 45F. Cloud startup 31F ➔ 25F. Homing speed increased. The cloud sticks to the opponent when they are slowed, giving a visual indicator.
  • Zero Vector (j.236D): Cloud disappears the moment Arakune is hit.
  • f-inverse (236236C): Startup 5+0 ➔ 5+2


  • Backstep: duration 21F ➔ 22F. Airborne 1F-14F ➔ 1F-15F
  • Staffless jB, jC: Added revolver action to staffed j2D.
  • Staffless 4B: No longer moves forward.
  • Staffed 4B: Recovery increased 21F ➔ 29F. Frame Adv decreased -5F➔-13F. No longer moves forward.
  • D moves during OD: Can no longer control staff during OD activation animation.
  • C Straight Through (41236D~C): Startup 7F ➔ 10F. Full animation 48F ➔ 53F.
  • Thirteen Orphans (vertical) (632146D): Damage 300*13 ➔ 400*13. Untechable time 60F ➔ 30F. Adjusted knockback on hit, making it easier to land all hits.
  • Thirteen Orphans (horizontal) (632146D): Damage 250*13 ➔ 300*13. Untechable time 40F ➔ 30F. Hitbox improved and knockback on hit adjusted, making the hits land easier even on airborne/crouching opponents.
  • All Terminals (632146C): Made combo-rush section animate faster. Move distance from that portion subsequently decreased.
  • Nine Gates (Astral): Now usable with 34123646D during OD.


  • 2C: Attack level changed to 4. Now -1 on block.
  • 6B: ground bounces opponent on air hit instead of hard knockdown
  • Shishigami-Style Ultimate Technique: Steel Rain (41236A): Command changed to 632146B
  • Shishigami-Style Secret Technique: Hurricane Fury (236236D): Grounded version startup, active frames changed to be same as aerial version. (Startup 19F+10F ➔ 19F+3F, Active 1F ➔ 2F).


  • Backdash: duration increased 20F ➔ 22F. Airborne 1F-20F ➔ 1F-18F. Travels shorter distance.
  • Nirvana Gauge: no longer depletes while Nirvana is simply activated. Now starts recovering 60F after deactivation (rather than 80 frames). OD version starts recovering after 0F after deactivation (rather than 10 frames).
  • Overdrive: Nirvana Gauge recovers even while performing various actions (16 rather than 0). The recovery rate is increased while Nirvana is deactivated (24 rather than 16).
  • Cantabile (623C): floats opponent higher on counter-hit, giving more time for a follow-up (about 11 frames).
  • Volante (421D): now costs more Nirvana gauge (850 rather than 700).
  • Laetabilis Cantata (632146C): untech time of the last hit increased (13 frames rather than 10), the blowback is adjusted (closer, but higher).
  • Overdrive version of Rhapsody of Memories (236236D): hit stop is increased (2 frames rather than 1), except for the last hit.


  • Negative penalty resistance: reduced 6 ➔ 5.
  • Aerial throw: first hit now deals 200 damage (rather than 0). Untechable time reduced to 20 frames (rather than 70). Combo rate time is changed from Special to Short. Can no longer cancel into Overdrive (can still be RC-canceled). Second hit now ground-bounces. Second hit's damage is reduced from 1400 to 1200. Untech time reduced to 60 frames (rather than 70). Can now be emergency-teched.
  • Magatama Gauge: now builds up slower in mid-air (ticks every 2 frames normally, ticks every 14 frames in Overdrive).
  • 6D: traveling distance is increased. Cooldown on whiff decreased to 4 frames (rather than 6). P2 decreased to 70% (rather than 80%). Easier to follow up at close range from a counter-hit.
  • j.D: can be followed up into Agito on hit by pressing A (the Mugen version).
  • Agito (j.214A): hit stop increased to 7 frames for Hakumen / 12 frames for opponent (rather than 0/7). Now -2 on block (rather than +0).
  • Overdrive version of Kokuujin: Yukikaze (236236D): only the final hit can KO an opponent.


  • Backdash: duration increased 20F ➔ 22F.
  • Negative penalty resistance: Increased 2 ➔ 4.
  • 6A: Can no longer be Emergency Teched on hit. Knocks down on aerial hit.
  • 6C: Can be canceled on block. If canceled on block, no hit stop occurs for the opponent. Now -18 on block (rather than -12).
  • 3CC: pulls in the enemy a little closer on counter-hit.
  • Lux Macto (421D) ➔ Sanctus Aequum (236D): now always blows the enemy away forward on aerial hit.
  • Lux Macto ([4]6C/D): Command changed from [4]6C/D to 421A/D. A version now shoots after 25 frames (rather than 27), overall duration reduced to 54 frames (rather than 56), the projectile accelerates faster.
  • All Macto Maledictis (214214D) D Attacks: SMP-level increased 1 ➔ 2.
  • Sanctum Decus (22D) during Macto Maledictis (214214D): If Macto Maledictis ends while Sanctum Decus is being charged, you'll get the mugen version.
  • Overdrive version of Confutatis Maledictis (236236D): Start-up slightly modified. Now has a different animation after it hits; The last hit now blows the enemy away forward.


  • Backdash: invincibility duration changed from 1-6 to 1-7. airborne duration changed from 1-16 to 1-19. distance moved is increased.
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: increased 2 ➔4.
  • Overdrive D moves: rather than doubling the damage, the short-range versions now deal the same damage as the long-range ones (short-range damage is doubled, long-range damage stays the same).
  • j.C: untech time on first four hits decreased 21F ➔ 19F, fifth hit 25F ➔ 21F. blowback on aerial hit changed.
  • Falling Fang (214D~A): Combo Rating changed to Very Fast
  • Bloody Fangs (236C): less time (7F) to followup if throw connects.
  • Hungry Coils (623D): can cancel the second part on hit into Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent
  • Serpent's Infernal Rapture (236236B): damage decreased 2500 ➔ 1800
  • Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (632146C): pulls in opponent slightly more. OD version pulls opponent into the life stealing ring


  • Backdash: duration increased 20F ➔ 22F.
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: increased 2 ➔ 4.
  • 6B: ground-bounces opponent on aerial hit. Untechable time increased to 17F ➔ 24F.
  • Crush Trigger: the amount of spinning hit stun is reduced.
  • j.B: Untechable time reduced 30F ➔ 26F. The blowback distance is reduced. Can cancel j.B into j.D. j.B > j.B can still work, but is tight.
  • Taunt: has 10% chance of throwing an acorn.


  • Backdash (human): duration increased 13F ➔ 22F. Invulnerability increased 1F-5F ➔ 1F-7F. Airborne for longer 1F-13F ➔ 1F-15F. Increased distance traveled.
  • Backdash (wolf): duration increased 13F ➔ 25F. Invulnerability reduced 1F-10F ➔ 1F-5F. Airborne for longer 1F-13F ➔ 1F-21F. Significantly increased distance traveled.
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: increased 2 ➔ 5.
  • Wolf Gauge: after changing from wolf form to human form manually, gauge recovery is temporarily slowed down. The recovery rate is 1 unit per frame for 90 frames after switching back to human form, and 3 units per frame afterwards).
  • All normal throws (both ground and air): do 1400 damage, just like all other characters.
  • Wolf j.A: Starter Rating worsened Fast ➔ Very Fast.
  • Wolf j.B: Starter Rating worsened Normal ➔ Fast.
  • Ground König Wolf ([w]236A/B): start-up reduced 22F ➔ 20F. Can now combo from [w]5C.
  • König Wolf ([w] 236B): floats opponent lower.
  • Eisen Wolf ([w] j.214A/B): on hit, hitstop for the opponent increased 0F ➔ 3F.
  • Sturm Wolf (632146D): the auto-combo now comes out only if the first hit touches the opponent. The auto-combo is now faster. Now -22 on block (rather than -32).
  • Stagger: Valkenhayn now falls on his back if he does not tech.


  • Negative Penalty resistence: decreased 6 ➔ 4.
  • 6A: Floats opponent on counter hit
  • j.C: Ground hitstun increased 17F ➔ 19F
  • Magical Bat, Magical Frying Pan (including powered up versions): SMP removed
  • Mystic Momo with Magical Dreamy Box (including powered up version): Places boxes at medium and long distances instead of short and medium distances.
  • Overdrive version of Cure Dot Typhoon: Untechable time increased 100F ➔ 120F. Frame Advantange improved -31F ➔ -23F


  • Backdash: Duration increased 13F ➔ 22F. Travels further distance
  • Negative Penalty resistance: decreased 6 ➔ 4
  • j.6D, j.2D, j.8D: P1 worsened 100% ➔ 90%
  • Gaad Leis (41236B): Ground bounces and pulls in opponent
  • Bel Lafino (j.214B): Not emergency techable on counter hit
  • Duo Bios (236236D): Hitstop is now 8F per hit.
  • Overdrive version of Duo Bios (236236D): Hitstop for the first 10 hits is now 2F per hit, for the remaining hits 1F per hit.


  • Backdash: Duration increased 20F ➔ 25f. Invincibility duration increased 1F-5F ➔ 1F-7F. Airborne duration increased 1F-16F ➔ 1F-19F. Distance traveled increased
  • Negative Penalty resistance: Increased 2 ➔ 4
  • Knockdown state: Amane's hitbox during face up and face down knockdown is larger
  • 2A: hits only once. Frame data changed from startup/active/recovery 7/2(6)1/11 to 7(5 when mashed)/3/9.
  • 5C: Recovery reduced 18F ➔ 12F
  • 6D: on whiff, spiral gauge increase changed from 200 per frame to 60 per frame
  • Airthrow: Easier to follow up after the ground bounce from the first hit
  • Ninpu Sengeki: "Hariken" stance (236D): Projectile armor starting from 5F. Spiral gauge increase starts at 60 per frame and goes up by 10 each frame to a maximum of 100 per frame.
  • Juuken Dageki: "Gekiren" (623C): Attack disappears if Amane is hit
  • Kyouryuu Tokkou: "Seijuu Rensoukyaku" (632146C): Damage increased (unspecified), leaves Amane closer to the opponent on hit, can now follow lv2 version with 3C
  • Jakutoku Meika: Gouhahouyou (222D): Higher hitbox


  • Backdash: Duration reduced 26F ➔ 22F. Invincibility frames reduced 1F-9F ➔ 1F-7F. Airborne for shorter duration 1F-16F ➔ 1F-12F. Distance travelled decreased.
  • Negative Penalty resistance: Increased 3 ➔ 5
  • Heat-Up Lv.2: Color of the blinking red aura is now a bit darker.
  • Blowback: Bullet's hitbox is slightly adjusted.
  • 5A: Vertical hitbox increased.
  • 5B: damage reduced 700 ➔ 550
  • 5C: can now be charged. Regular version: start-up 13, level 3, 750 damage, frame advantage -1, no fatal counter. Charged version: start-up 19, level 4, 800 damage, frame advantage +1, fatal counter.
  • 2A: the vertical hitbox is increased downwards.
  • 2C: damage is increased to 400+700 (rather than 400x2).
  • 3C: damage is increased to 850 (rather than 700). The vertical hitbox is increased. Now only has the body invulnerability that lasts up until the move's active frames.
  • 6B: damage is reduced to 650 (rather than 700).
  • j.B: now has a Revolver Action into j.A.
  • Crush Trigger: Staggers opponent on ground hit and wall bounces opponent on aerial hit.
  • Miquelet Capture (41236C): damage increased 1000 ➔ 1500. Now projectile-invulnerable up to the end of the move.
  • Flechette Engage (Lv.2) (Snaphance Fist > 623D): the blowback is adjusted, making it easier to follow up.
  • Rage Aggressor (2363214C): Only the last hit can kill the opponent
  • Blackout (Serpentine Assault (720°A) + Frangible Engage (720°D) + Blackout (1080°D)): Only requires Heat Up Lv.2 instead of Heat Up Lv.1/2 + 50% Heat.


  • Backdash: Duration increased 26F ➔ 28F.
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: Decreased 6 ➔ 5.
  • 3C: Can cancel into Sentinel Dump (22C) after the 26th frame instead of 30th frame
  • Overdrive D Attacks: Can now be special canceled.
  • Hornet Bunker (214D): Decreased recovery. Decreased hitstun 30F ➔ 24F. Increased frame advantage -19 ➔ -13. Knockback is smaller when hitting opponent without weak point.
  • Hornet Chaser (8 after Hornet Bunker on weak point hit): Trajectory changes based on how high you hit them out of the air with Hornet Bunker w/ weak point.
  • Cobra Strike (46C after 236C): Adjusted the knockback to make it easier to combo into Leopard Launcher (6C after 46C).
  • Sentinel Dump (623C version): Input is now 214C.
  • Growler Field (214B): Increased untechable time 17F ➔ 27F. Now blows the opponent away in an arc before hitting the ground.


  • Negative Penalty Resistance: lowered 8 ➔ 4.
  • Counter Assault: hitbox is improved (now hits targets like crouching Taokaka).
  • Spike Chaser, Crescent Saber: Dia and Luna versions are now considered to be separate moves and will not trigger SMP when one is used after the other.
  • Overdrive version of Calamity Sword: the last hit is now untechable.
  • Sword of Destruction: is now a strike instead of a throw


  • Backdash: duration decreased 25F ➔ 22F. Distance moved decreased.
  • Negative Penalty resistance: lowered 8 ➔ 4
  • 'Counter Assault: has a better hitbox
  • Max charged Sword of Decimation (63214C): Recovery decreased 26F ➔ 22F, frame advantage increased -12F ➔ -8F. Has the same recovery and frame advantage as the non charged versions.
  • Ikutachi Blade (63214B): speed decreased when crossing over, making it easier to hit the opponent
  • Origins (623C): First 8 frames are fully invincible instead of full armor (first 7 frames on the aerial version). Less knock back on block, lowered untechable time 28F ➔ 19F.
  • Sword of the Godslayer (222D): Better hitbox
  • j.2C: Larger hurtbox


  • Normal Backdash: Total duration increased 20F ➔ 22F. Invincible duration increased 1F-5F ➔ 1F-7F
  • Gain Arts Backdash: Shortest possible backdash duration increased 18F ➔ 22F. Invincible duration increased 1F-5F ➔ 1F-7F. Distance traveled increased.
  • Air Dashes in Gain Arts: Can air dash twice. Hold up or down to move up/down while air dashing.
  • Air backdash in Gain Art: same animation+movement as ground backdash, but with no invincibility.
  • Stagger: hitbox adjusted (unspecified).
  • 5B: Hurtbox at tip of attack removed and hitbox increased.
  • Gain Art 5C: Knock back decreased.
  • 6A: Guard point starts on 4F.
  • 6B: Foot invincibility starts on 4F. Feint version no longer activates if you release the button at any time.
  • 3C: Floats opponent higher. P2 worsened 89% ➔ 79%.
  • Gain Art 3C: Cancelable on hit (unspecified cancels into what).
  • Gain Art j.C: Active frames increased 3F ➔ 5F.
  • Crush Trigger: No longer unblockable at full charge.
  • Sonic Saber ((j.)236D): Cost increased from 1 zero weave stock ➔ 2 stocks. Damage per spawned small sword decreased from 200 ➔ 150.
  • Sonic Saber (236D): Startup faster 20F ➔ 26F. Total duration increased 43F ➔ 51F. Frame Advantage on block worsened +28F ➔ +19F. Cancelable into Mirage Thruster (214D).
  • Sonic Saber (j.236D): Startup faster 23F ➔ 22F. Total duration decreased 42F ➔ 41F.
  • Crusade Seraphim Gamma (236B): P2 worsened 89% ➔ 79%.
  • Mirage Thruster (214D): Cost decreased 2 stock ➔ 1 stock.
  • Slaver Trans-AM: The satellite bits last for twice as long.


  • Hitstun: Kagura now has a taller hurtbox during an upper hitstun motion (after being hit with jumping attacks and the like).
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: increased 3 ➔ 5.
  • Counter Assault: Hitbox is increased downwards.
  • 5C: Recovery decreased 26F ➔ 23F. Damage decreased 1100 ➔ 1000. Blockstun decreased 25F ➔ 22F. No longer staggers opponent on ground hit, hitstun decreased 31F ➔ 28F. Distance opponent is blown back on aerial hit decreased, untech time decreased 40F ➔ 36F.
  • 2C: Recovery decreased to 33F ➔ 23F. Damage decreased 1000 ➔ 900. Blockstun decreased 23F ➔ 20F. Hitstun decreased 31F ➔ 28F.
  • 3C: Blows opponent away lower, but farther.
  • 6A: Recovery decreased 21F ➔ 19F. Frame Advantage on block increased -5F ➔ -3F. Can no longer cancel into 6B. Can no longer be special-canceled.
  • 6C: start-up decreased 24F ➔ 22F. Damage decreased 1300 ➔ 1200. Blockstun increased 20F ➔ 24F. Head invincibility removed. Blows opponent away lower.
  • j.B: can now cancel into j.A.
  • Ground D stances: can go into stance attacks sooner after 17F ➔ after 14F.
  • Air D stances: can go into stance attacks sooner after 8F ➔ after 5F.
  • Air D stance cancel: earliest possible stance cancel slower 19F ➔34F.
  • Forward throw, backward throw: now wall-bounces opponents midscreen and wall-splats opponents in the corner.
  • Backdash cancels: duration decreased 30F ➔ 25F.
  • Dragon Blast (5D~A): stagger time on counter-hit increased 40F ➔ 43F.
  • Dragon's Claw (5D~B): P2 changed 60%+100% (total 60%) ➔ 80%+65% (total 52%).
  • Dragon Slaughter (5D~C): the second hit's hitbox is increased. Kagura moves forward during the attack.
  • Overdrive version of Dragon Slaughter (5D~C): the second hit's untech time is increased 42F ➔ 50F.
  • Dragon Strike (2D~A): when switching to another D follow-up, Kagura is considered airborne.
  • Dragon's Blade (2D~B): Attack travels faster. Second hit's attack level is increased 3 ➔ 5, and frame advantage improved -9F ➔ -5F.
  • Dragon's Fang (6D~A): untech time decreased 60F ➔ 45F.
  • Sky Dragon's Strike (6D~C): can now only withstand 1500 damage from projectiles during the charge (rather than any amount).
  • Dragon's Ascent ([2]8C): Starter Rating worsened Fast ➔ Very Fast. Wall-splats opponent on counter-hit. Opponent is launched lower on hit.
  • Overdrive version of Supreme Dragon's Inferno ([4]1236C): Only the follow-up hits can KO the opponent.
  • The Dragon Lord's Striking Fang (28D): Overdrive version added; the damage is 500, 550x19, total 2881 (regular version's damage is 500, 4000, total 2247). Both versions auto-correcct the direction Kagura faces on activation.


  • Backdash: duration decreased 25F ➔ 22F. Invincibility decreased 1F-6F ➔ 1F-5F.
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: increased 2 ➔ 4.
  • 5C: Attack level decreased 4 ➔ 3. First hit's knockback decreased. Second hit's hitstun increased 19F ➔ 20F, recovery increased 18F ➔ 19F, frame advantage on block improved -3F ➔ -2F.
  • 5D: Active frames increased 3F ➔ 4F. Recovery decreased 23F ➔ 18F. The closer edge of the hitbox is now taller. Attack level increased 3 ➔ 4. Frame advantage on block improved -9F ➔ -3F. Hit stop decreased to 11F ➔ 9F. P2 improved 74% ➔ 80%. Other level-related changes apply.
  • 2D: P1 worsened 100% ➔ 90%. P2 improved 82% ➔ 92%. Untech time increased 30F ➔ 36F. Aerial hit now hits opponent higher, but weaker vaccum effect.
  • 6B: start-up decreased 26F ➔ 24F. Active frames increased 2F ➔ 3F. Frame Advantage on block decreased +4F ➔ +3F.
  • 6C: Terumi is in counter hit state during the entire move. Recovery increased to 29F ➔ 31F. Frame advantage on block increased 12F ➔ -14F. Knockback decreased. Time to follow up on ground counter-hit decreased 24F ➔ 10F.
  • 3C: Follow-up time on hit decreased by 1 frame.
  • 6D: the first hit's bottom hitbox is decreased.
  • Snakebite (236D): damage changed 300x2, 900 ➔ 360x2, 800. P2 changed (100%, 79%x2) ➔ (89%x3). If the move hits in the corner, Terumi is knocked back. Can be super-canceled on first hit, third hit and block. OD version's second and third hit each drain 2.5% of opponent's heat gauge.
  • Retaliating Fang (214D): can be super-canceled any time after the last hit. OD version drains 10% of opponent's heat gauge.
  • Cleaving Fang (22C): Lv.1 version can be super-canceled at any time from the first hit to the final frames. Last hit can be emergency teched. Lv.1 and Lv.2 versions now causes slide + hard knockdown midscreen and wall-bounce in the corner. During Lv.2 each mashed hit has 100 base damage (proration applies), bonus proration removed. Lv.3's last hit wall-bounces everywhere, each mashed hit has 100 base damage (proration applies).
  • Gleaming Fang (41236C): Active for 2 additional frames. P2 worsened 80% ➔ 70%. Now blows opponent back diagonally upwards, making it easier to follow up. Time to follow up decreased by 4F.
  • Gleaming Fang (j.41236C): P2 worsened 80% ➔ 70%. The blowback is adjusted, making it easier to follow up.
  • Overdrive version of Gouga Soutenjin (623B): Ground-bounces opponent slightly higher on counter-hit. Time to follow up increased by 4 frames.
  • The Divine Twin Blades (j.623B): can now be air normal blocked. Previously required air Barrier block.
  • Serpent's Laceration (63214A): New move with input 63214A. Must be blocked low.
  • Serpent's Laceration (63214B): Invincibility shortened (9F-superflash+3F) ➔ superflash-superflash+3F). The last hit causes slide and hard knockdown midscreen and wall-bounce in the corner.
  • Overdrive version of Venomous Bite (236236A): Now deals multiple hits on successful catch.
  • Angled Screeches of the Condemned (214214D): New move with input is 214214D. Shoots chain diagonally upwards. Normal version must be air Barrier blocked, Overdrive version is unblockable.
  • Horizontal Screeches of the Condemned (236236D): Startup increased (9F-superflash+13F) ➔ (9F-superflash+22F).


  • Backdash: duration decreased 24F ➔ 22F. Invincibile frames shortened 1F-12F ➔ 1F-7F. Airborne duration decreased 1F-16F ➔ 1F-14F. Distance traveled decreased.
  • Negative Penalty Resistance: increased 2 ➔ 4.
  • Character Combo Rate: decreased 80% ➔ 70%.
  • Hitstun hurtbox: Larger in all directions.
  • 5C: No longer jump-cancelable on block, but still possible on hit. Can no longer cancel into 6A and 6B.
  • 2C: can no longer cancel into 6A and 6B.
  • 5B, 2B: can only be canceled into 2 times in a single chain. Can no longer cancel into 6B.
  • 2B: Hurtbox increased (up to the wrench).
  • 3C: Special-cancelable. The second hit has Attack Level 2.
  • j.B: Hitbox is now smaller and hurtbox is larger.
  • 6B: the second hit can now cancel into 5C and 3C. The second hit's non-charged version's attack level is now 3 (rather than 5). Now forces crouching on ground hit.
  • j.C: can now be blocked while crouching. Attack level decreased to 3 (rather than 4).
  • j.2C: damage decreased to 900 (rather than 1000). P1 decreased to 70% (rather than 90%). No longer knocks down on ground hit. Now has the landing recovery of 9 frames. SMP removed.
  • Graviton Gauge: now decreases by 2 units per frame and recovers by 6 units per frame (rather than by 1 and 3, respectively; the gauge's total amount is 1500).
  • Activate: can now only hit opponents already in hitstun.
  • Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21" (236A): the recovery on hit is increased. The follow-up time in the corner decreased to 5 frames (rather than 8).
  • Armament No.2 "Broken Bunker Assault v2.21" (Explosion): P1 decreased 100% ➔ 75. P2 increased 70% ➔ 92%.
  • Armament No.6 "Planar Haze v1.24" (22C): if Kokonoe stands closer to Graviton's back, she teleports in front of it. Can no longer cross-up if the opponent is standing in the corner.
  • Armament No.4α "Flame Cage v1.43" (214A/B/C): Number of hits reduced 6 ➔ 4.
  • Armament No.5 "Banishing Rays v3.10" (22B): trap doesn't activate unless the opponent comes closer than before. Can now be used again (the icon re-lights) 30 frames later (like the A version).
  • Armament No.3 "Absolute Zero v4.32" (236C): the freezing gun's chip damage is decreased 100 per hit ➔ 50 per hit. Shots fired decreased 48 ➔ 40. Damage per shot decreased 70 ➔ 60. Total damage decreased 2500 ➔ 1671.
  • Armament No.4β "Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73" (214214A/B/C): the projectile's minimum damage decreased 20% ➔ 10%.
  • Overdrive version of Armament No.4β "Pyro: Flaming Belobog v2.73" (214214A/B/C): the damage is 210x18 (regular version's is 270x12). P2 is 97% (regular version's is 95%). Hit stop is 2F per hit (regular version's is 3F per hit). Minimal damage is 15%.
  • Armament No.7 "Jamming Dark v1.65" (632146D): On activation, deployed Graviton disappears and the Graviton gauge stops recovering. When used in the corner, the attack comes out beyond the screen. The heat gauge cooldown is now 240 frames.
  • Overdrive version of Armament No.7 "Jamming Dark v1.65" (632146D): the damage is 1800. When used in the corner, the attack comes out on the screen.
  • Armament No.8 Hiten Greed Climb v1.00: New super move. Triggers automatically after Absolute Zero hits if Kokonoe has 50 Heat. The OD version deals more damage. Damage values not listed.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasmae
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