BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
BBTag Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan and North America)
PQube (Europe)

Genre: 2-on-2 2D Fighting Game
Release Dates:

Japan (PS4/Switch): May 31st, 2018
North America (PS4/Switch): June 5th, 2018
Europe (PS4/Switch): June 22nd, 2018
Worldwide (Steam): June 5th, 2018
Japan (Arcade): April 24th, 2018

BlazBlue Series

Preceded By: BlazBlue: Central Fiction
Followed By: None

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is a crossover fighting game made by Arc System Works that includes characters from BlazBlue, Persona 4: Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY. The game is a 2v2 fighting game with teams able to call characters as assists as well as tagging in the middle of attacks to extend combos.

At Evo 2019, Version 2.0 was announced to be released on November 21st 2019. This version will include new mechanics, and 9 new characters. 4 Characters were confirmed, as well as the 6th and 7th fates for the game. These characters were: Yumi (Senran Kagura), Akatsuki (Akatsuki/En-Eins), Blitztank (Akatsuki/En-Eins), and Neo Politan (RWBY), along with two yet to be announced BlazBlue fighters.


From BlazBlue

BBTag Ragna Icon.png BBTag Jin Icon.png BBTag Noel Icon.png BBTag Rachel Icon.png BBTag Tager Icon.png BBTag Hakumen Icon.png

BBTag Nu Icon.png BBTag Hazama Icon.png BBTag Makoto Icon.png BBTag Platinum Icon.png BBTag Izayoi Icon.png BBTag Azrael Icon.png

BBTag Nine Icon.png BBTag NaotoK Icon.png BBTag Es Icon.png BBTag Mai Icon.png BBTag Jubei Icon.png

From Persona 4 Arena

BBTag Yu Icon.png BBTag Yosuke Icon.png BBTag Chie Icon.png BBTag Yukiko Icon.png BBTag Kanji Icon.png BBTag Teddie Icon.png

BBTag Naoto Icon.png BBTag Mitsuru Icon.png BBTag Akihiko Icon.png BBTag Aegis Icon.png BBTag Labrys Icon.png

From Under Night In-Birth

BBTag Hyde Icon.png BBTag Linne Icon.png BBTag Waldstein Icon.png BBTag Carmine Icon.png BBTag Orie Icon.png BBTag Gordeau Icon.png

BBTag Merkava Icon.png BBTag Vatista Icon.png BBTag Seth Icon.png BBTag Yuzuriha Icon.png BBTag Mika Icon.png


BBTag Ruby Icon.png BBTag Weiss Icon.png BBTag Blake Icon.png BBTag Yang Icon.png BBTag Neo Icon.png

From Arcana Heart

BBTag Heart Icon.png

From Senran Kagura

BBTag Yumi Icon.png

From Akatsuki/En-Eins

BBTag Akatsuki Icon.png BBTag Blitztank Icon.png

Basic Mechanics

See BBTag/Controls


See BBTag/Patch Notes for details.

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  • Partial: Jin values mostly the same as 1.x
  • Being Updated:
  • To Do: Yumi, Neo
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