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Blockstrings in fighting games are a string of attacks that happen in rapid succession where the first hit is expected to be blocked. The goal of a blockstring varies from pushing the opponent into the corner to setting up a mixup, to conditioning the opponent.

Creating Blockstrings[edit]

Where there are no ironclad rules about creating blockstrings, players should consider the following:

  • What is my goal for this blockstring? What do I gain from accomplishing my goal?
    • If I can't achieve my goal, what is my backup plan?
  • How risky is my blockstring? What do I lose if I am countered? How easy is it to counter?

Common Goals of Blockstrings[edit]

Let's look over a couple common goals, and see how people create blockstrings to achieve those goals

Hitting the opponent with a mixup[edit]

  1. My goal is to hit the opponent with an overhead
  2. How can I safely do the overhead on the opponent? My ovehead is slow
    1. I can try using a fast move to stop the opponent from moving/counterattacking

Discovering Opponent Tendencies[edit]


OkizemeFrame TrapBlockstringHit ConfirmOption SelectUsing Frame Data


ReversalTick ThrowCrossupMeatySafe JumpBufferingGuard Switch


Fuzzy OverheadFuzzy JumpProximity Block Option Select


NeutralMixupConditioningEvaluating Risk/Reward
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