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Attack Attributes

Each attack in the game has an attribute. Attributes are broken up in a few broad categories: strike, projectile, throw. These attributes interact with each other to trigger certain effects like invincibility and guard point.

Strike Attribute
Strike attributes are broken up into three groups: head, body and foot. As a rule of thumb, standing attacks are body, crouching attacks are foot and jumping attacks are head, but that is not always the case. Generally, grounded moves are body unless they look like they hit low (even if they don't actually need to be blocked low).
Strike attacks are the most common in the game and can clash with each other.
Projectile Attribute
There are various types of projectiles in the game, but they can be broken up into 3 general levels of durability.
Level 1 (Small Ki Blasts)
Most S Normal attacks fall into this category, but some specials do as well, such as Piccolo's Homing Energy Blast.
These can be Super Dashed through
Level 2 (Beams)
Most special attack projectiles fall into this category, like Goku's Kamehamea, Gohan's Masenko, and Tien's Dodon Ray
Level 2 projectiles can not be Super Dashed through
Level 3 (Super Beams)
Most super attack projectiles fall into this category, like Goku's Super Kamehameha, Vegeta's Big Bang Attack, and Trunks' Burning Attack
Level 3 projectiles can not be Super Dashed through
Throw Attribute

Attribute Invincibility

Some moves

Counter Hit

A Counter Hit occurs when you hit an opponent out of the startup of their attack. Unlike most other games, there is no additional benefit to counter hits compared to normal hits.

Hitting Two Opponents With the Same Attack

DBFZ HittingTwice.png

One attack can hit multiple targets assuming they are within range. For example one attack can hit BOTH the opponent and an assist.

Normally, when an attack touches the opponent, the remaining active frames are converted into recovery frames. However, if there is a second hittable character, then the remaining active frames can still hit him!

This leads to visually strange situations like Cell's 2H hitting Nappa, then a moment later, Nappa's Saibaman jumps into the active frames and gets hit.

This also applies to projectiles like Goku's Kamehameha and Piccolo's Homing Energy Blast, but the later case is more difficult to take advantage of since the projectile will shatter the instant it touches an opponent.

Hit Effects

Wall Bounce
Ground Slide

Attack Level

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