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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 InputIcon 7.png 8 InputIcon 8.png 9 InputIcon 9.png
4 InputIcon 4.png 5 InputIcon 5.png 6 InputIcon 6.png
1 InputIcon 1.png 2 InputIcon 2.png 3 InputIcon 3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example InputIcon 236.png+DBFZ L Prompt.png becomes 236L.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
-> = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
= After landing.
j = Jump
sj = Super Jump
CH = Counter Hit
JC = Jump Cancel
SJC = Super Jump Cancel
[X] = Hold input.
-X- = Release input
]X[ = Alternate release input.
(X) = X is optional.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[???] xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.
[X] or [Y] = Perform series of actions X or Y.
DR = Dragon Rush
SD = Super Dash
A16 = Android 16
A17 = Android 17
A18 = Android 18
A21 = Android 21
AGH = Gohan (Adult)
BDK = Bardock
BGK = Goku (SSGSS)
BLK = Goku Black
BRO = Broly
BRS = Beerus
BVG = Vegeta (SSGSS)
CEL = Cell
CLR = Cooler
FRZ = Frieza
GKN = Goku
GKU = Goku (Super Saiyan)
GNY = Captain Ginyu
GTA = Gogeta (SSGSS)
GTG = Goku (GT)
GTK = Gotenks
GUI = Goku (Ultra Instinct)
HIT = Hit
JNB = Janemba
JRN = Jiren
KBU = Kid Buu
KEF = Kefla
KRL = Krillin
MBU = Majin Buu
NAP = Nappa
PIC = Piccolo
SBR = Broly (DBS)
TEN = Tien
TNK = Trunks
VDL = Videl
VGN = Vegeta
VGT = Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
VTO = SSB Vegito
YAM = Yamcha
YGH = Gohan (Teen)
ZAM = Zamasu (Fused)


Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
2M > 5M > 2H > SD > j.ML > jc.MLH > j.214M 3560 1.04 Very Easy Basic air combo. Has next to no corner carry nor oki. Can only combo into j.214L+M super.
5H > delay SD > delay j.M > delay j.L ▷ jump j.LL > jc.MLH 3040 0.74 Medium Less damage but more corner carry. Also only combo into j.214L+M super.
5H > delay SD > delay j.M > delay j.L ▷ dash jump j.L > delay j.LL > jc.ML > j.214M 3230 0.9 Medium Crosses under at j.L > delay j.LL to stay same side after j.214M.
Tip: Broly's j.L has the same amount of hitstun as j.M, you can delay j.LL a lot longer than you think.
5H > delay SD > delay j.M > delay j.L ▷ dash jump j.L > delay j.LL > jc.ML[S](4) > j.214H, SD (whiff) 3470 0.37 Medium Ending with j.214H leaves you with so much frame adv that you can whiff SD and still get a safejump.
2M > 5M > 2H > SD > j.ML > jc.MLH > j.214L > Vanish ... 3730+ 0.04 Very Easy Extending with Vanish.
Close to ground j.214H, j.[S](4) > Vanish ... 3135+ -1.5 Very Easy Slightly extend with j.214H groundbounce before Vanishing.
... > Vanish ▷ dash delay 5LL > delay 2M > 5M > jc.ML > jc.ML > j.214M 2125 from 5S(1) -1 Easy Slide knockdown post-vanish route.
... > Vanish ▷ dash delay 5LL > delay 2M > 5M > jc.ML > jc.ML > j.214H ▷ 236H+S 2845 from 5S(1) -2.5 Easy Better SKD, can end with Lv1 super.
... > Vanish ▷ dash delay 5LL > delay 2M > delay 5M > 214L 1850 from 5S(1) -1 Medium 214L gives SKD oki and can combo into 236H+S or 214L+M midscreen.
... > Vanish ▷ dash delay 5LLL > SD > j.MLH, airdash j.X 1872 from 5S(1) -1 Very Easy Soft knockdown safejump setup.
214H, dash 5LL > 2M > 5M > jc.ML > jc.ML > j.214M 3610 0.09 Easy 214H conversion.
2M > 236H > 214H+S ▷ delay [DR] > 214L 5589 -3.4 Easy Fullscreen corner carry into SKD.
2M > 5M > 5S(1) > 236H ... 2370+ -0.25 Easy Fullscreen corner carry #2.
236H > 214H+S > DR > 214L > 214L+M ? ? Easy Fullscreen corner carry #3. Brain-dead combo that deals massive damage in limit break.


Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
2M > 236S, dash 5LL > 2M > delay 5M > 5[S](4) > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.ML2H 4185 1.42 Easy Simple corner combo into SKD. Can combo into all supers except 214H+S. Ending with j.2H also has added benefit of cancelable into 214S and still has oki.
2M > 5M > 5S(1) > 236S ... 2370+ 0.3+ Easy 5S can be used to connect from 5M to 236S, but doing so eats up damage and combo time.
j.H ▷ 5LL > 5M > 2M > 236S, dash 5LL > 2M > delay 5M > 5[S](5) > 5H > 214L 4140 1.6 Easy High hitstun decay example #1.
j.H ▷ 5LL > 5M > 2M > 236S, dash 2M > 5M > 5[S](2) > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.ML2H 4195 1.51 Easy High hitstun decay example #2.
j.H ▷ 5LL > 5M > 2M > 236S, dash 5LL > 2M > delay 5M > 5[S](5) > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.ML > j.214L > delay Vanish ▷ [DR] > 214L 4906 1.04 Easy Maximizing meter gain before extending with Vanish.
214M, delay 5LL > 2M > delay 5M > 5[S](5) > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.ML2H 3595 1.43 Easy 214M conversion.
214M, dash 5LL > 2M > delay 5M > 5[S](5) > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.ML[S](4) > j.214M > Vanish, j.[DR] > j.214S 4151 0.85 Easy Squeezing out as much damage and meter as possible.
j.214M is used only to time j.DR easier, and j.DR can also be canceled into barrier like j.2H.
214M ... j.[S](4) > j.214L > Vanish, j.2H 4105 0.83 Easy Alternate ender #1.
214M ... j.[S](4) > j.214L > delay Vanish ▷ [DR] > 236L > Super 4251+ 0.86 Easy Alternate ender #2. Have to end with 236L before Super since the combo started with 214M.
5LLL > SD > j.ML > jc.MLH > Vanish ▷ dash 5LL > 2M > delay 5M > 5S(5) > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.MLH > j.214L+M ~5286 -3.3 Easy 5LLL tickthrow conversion example.
5LL > 2M > 5M > jc.M > j.214H, airdash delay j.M ▷ 5LL > 5S(1) > 236S, dash 5LL > 2M > 5H > 214L 4450 0.01 Medium Back-to-corner example.


Combo Position Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
2M > 5M > jc.LL[S] > 66j.LL[S] ... Anywhere ? ? High metergain sparking combo part.


Combo Position Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
2M > 5M > jc.ML > jc.MLH > Assist > 2H ... Anywhere ? ? Basic Assist extension.


  • ... 236S, dash 2M > 5H > 236L > 214H+S ▷ delay 5L (whiff) > 5LL > 5M > 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.MLH > j.214L+M
  • ... 236S, dash 2M > 5H > 236L > 214H+S ▷ delay 5M > 5H > 236L > 214H+S ▷ delay [DR] > 214L > 236L+M

Corner meteor extension/loop. Not recommended unless you really have a lot of meters.

After 214H+S, you have to find the right timing to override the explosion's hitstun with an attack so the opponent doesn't fly up.

  • ... 5H > SD > j.ML > jc.MLS(4) > j.214L > Vanish > j.214H+S

Another corner route into slow meteor.

  • 2H > delay 214H+S

With a rather late delay, this is universal and works anywhere on screen.

Requires a Smash 2H and 214H+S has a 2f window to be inputted.

  • ... > Vanish ▷ delay IAD j.M ▷ 5L > delay 5LL ...

Advanced midscreen Vanish route if you really wanna squeeze out as much damage as you can.

Combo Theory[edit]

All of these infos are very likely to be out-of-date.

I suggest pick what's still applicable and put them on the Overview page instead.


Broly's combo structure differs from the majority of the cast, with his lack of a launching j.2H and poor access to sliding knockdowns that don't switch sides. While this might turn off some players to begin with, sticking with Broly can prove highly rewarding - he has access to arguably the best corner carry tool in the game (being able to either spend a bar to guarantee the corner or use an assist and get it with no bar at all) and ridiculous damage output once you reach the corner, despite his M moves having worse proration than the rest of the cast. In addition, he has one of the few command grab combo starters that don't require meter or assists to follow up from, as well as good variety in enders that allow for lots of different mixup options on okizeme. Your primary goal with Broly is to carry your opponent to the corner as soon as possible, then keep them there until they die.


Broly's most used extenders are as follows, and are all applicable in different situations.

  • 5H

This goes without saying. Use this over 2H to maximize corner carry whenever possible.

  • Close 236S

While this move excels at increasing damage output in the corner, using it midscreen can sometimes be useful. You'll usually need an assist to extend if you're too far from the corner, but this move actually provides a wallbounce even if you're just near the corner - you can dash up and get a meterless, assistless combo if you are close enough to the corner to get the bounce. The distance is further than you might think!

  • 236M

Medium Lariat Express can't normally be combo'd into, but filling with an assist makes getting full corner carry extremely easy, even if the damage ends up being low.

  • 236H

Spending one bar to combo from a 2M into 236H is a fantastic use of meter for Broly since you're guaranteed full corner carry from anywhere. In addition, you can follow up for more damage and better setups by using a fast assist once you slam the opponent into the corner.

Assist Usage[edit]

An important thing to note when team-building with Broly is that he benefits massively from assist extensions in order to improve his damage and corner carry opportunities, as well as using them to turn his unsafe Lariat Express moves into approach tools by covering them with an assist. We can split assists into two categories for the sake of deciding what assists will work best with Broly's tools - assists that are fast enough when called to allow for a combo after M Lariat connects, and assists that can be called while M Lariat is starting up in order to keep it safe.

Some examples that fit the first category are:

  • Android 16
  • Adult Gohan/Teen Gohan
  • Bardock

And some examples that fit the second category are:

  • Super Saiyan Goku/Goku Black
  • Cell/Vegeta (Dependant on range
  • Tien

Obviously there will be assists that fit neither category as well, such as Android 18. Interestingly, Android 21's assist covers both categories - provided you're not too close to either corner, calling her assist during the startup of M Lariat will both keep it safe on block as well as allowing for a combo should it connect, AND calling it after the M Lariat has dragged them into the corner will also allow for a combo. There are other considerations as well, such as the ability to extend combos off of j.H after a vertical smash (faceplant) and extend off of M Giant Claw (command grab) midscreen with no meter. The standard use of extending blockstrings with assists also comes into play, of course.

In addition to this categorization (which is important to bear in mind, because turning M Lariat Express from an unsafe fishing tool into a scary get-in tool is a HUGE boost to Broly), it's important to know how to use your assists for other extensions and uses. Some classic examples -

  • Using a beam assist (SS Goku/Goku Black) for increasing corner carry by more than a screen's length
  • Using a DP assist (T.Gohan/A.Gohan) to make Lariat safe on block and forcing your opponent to actually respect this punishable move on block if you blow them up enough times
  • Using long-hitstun assists (Vegeta, Yamcha) to hold the opponent in place while you go into combo Dragon Rush, auto combo, or level 1 super

Use of auto combo[edit]

Broly's auto combo, like Android 16's and Trunks', switches sides on hit. While for those characters this means you might be pulling your opponent out of the corner, resulting in worse okizeme, Broly does not have this problem - his primary meterless sliding knockdown option switches sides too! In addition, if you can get the second hit of the auto combo to connect, it's quite likely that the final launching grab will connect as well, meaning you can follow up with a Gigantic Strike in order to stay on the side you started while granting a sliding knockown. This makes Broly's auto combo a fantastic combo tool in the corner, since you get the guaranteed sliding knockdown into the corner, and the height that you'll connect it at means you can instant airdash j.H okizeme to cover both tech options.

It's important to bear in mind that unlike Android 16's auto combo, you can't delay the last hit of it as a command grab mixup, since the second always leaves them in too much blockstun for the grab to work.

Using Gigantic Strike Effectively[edit]

Gigantic Strike (j.214X, though you'll want to use j.214L the vast majority of the time since it's faster and does the same damage as the M version) is a meterless sliding knockdown ender that works off both vertical and horizontal smashes, as well as without using a smash at all. Lots of characters would kill for a tool like this, so learn to use it properly!

Midscreen, the best way to use Gigantic Strike is to not use your double jump during the combo. Using up your air options before you land the grab means even though your get the sliding knockdown, you okizeme options are not as good for covering all tech options unless you spend an assist to keep them still, and even this isn't guaranteed. Instead, just doing j.M > j.L > j.214L and then airdashing towards them once they're knocked down will leave you close enough to get instant airdash j.H for effective okizeme on both tech options, even midscreen. However, unless they delay wakeup or are extremely scared, there is not usually enough time to go for a cross-up instant airdash mixup.

In the corner, this dynamic changes - your best option here is to use either Vanish or Broly's excellent auto combo to switch sides with the opponent once, then end with Gigantic Strike in order to switch sides again, leaving them in a sliding knockdown in the corner for you to terrorize them with more okizeme. An additional thing to note in these situations is that you don't have to preserve your double jump in order to guarantee okizeme in the corner - simply falling and then instant airdashing grants you very solid okizeme, since the corner stops them from using the backwards movement of either tech option to escape.

Using Smashes Midscreen[edit]

Broly's use of smashes differs quite greatly from the rest of the cast - while most characters use a vertical smash to get a sliding knockdown in most situations, Broly's vertical smash followups outside of the corner grant poor okizeme, and the only way to get a sliding knockdown off them is to use Gigantic Strike (air command grab) which switches sides. Instead, using his horizontal smash options such as 5H, 214M (command grab) and close 236S should be the priority in order to bring the opponent into the corner as soon as possible during the early stages of the game. This is where assist extensions can be extremely handy in maximizing your corner carry. Once you reach the corner, his horizontal smash options begin to shine in increasing damage output and providing better okizeme.

A common situation would be landing a 5H near the middle of the screen - what happens now? You have two primary options -

  • Carry as far as possible using assist extensions

This can be as simple as using j.5H to knock them into an assist and then doing a super dash or other follow-up to increase your carry.

  • Cut the carry/damage short to get okizeme

This is a perfectly fine option, especially if you started the combo with your back closer to the other corner. Following from the 5H, just do j.M > j.L > j.214L, then airdash towards them once they're in the sliding knockdown state. An instant airdash j.H then covers both tech options as well as leaving you close if they delay wakeup.

Other possibilities for landing a smash midscreen are medium command grab and close 236S. After these, far-reaching assists are necessary for extending, and can be used both to extend carry or simply go into j.214L for more mixup.

Corner Enders[edit]

In the corner, you have a variety of options for ending combos, each of which can provide different okizeme options to keep your opponent guessing.

Following a corner combo using 2H, or a tag combo from a team-mate's vertical smash attack, it's best to go for j.M > j.L > jc > j.M > j.L > j.2H. The corner is the only place this combo will work, and results in a pseudo-sliding knockdown - the tech options and the knockdown time are the same, but they don't actually slide. Since j.2H is cancellable on the ground when you hit after a vertical smash, you can cancel into a Powered Shell (214S) and still get a meaty, or whiff a 214A or 236A to help with meaty timing. In addition, if you have a fast enough assist that hits in the right places, you can call it with just the right timing as you start a faceplant in order to follow up from that. This will prevent you from getting a sliding knockdown in that combo, but will increase your damage and give you access to the enders that are mentioned below.

Any combo route that doesn't use a vertical smash (for Broly, this is the majority of them) will need to be ended in a different way. You have a variety of options -

An air chain into j.H[edit]

The most bog-standard of enders with no special knockdown properties. This option shouldn't be forgotten or underestimated, however - the pressure is still yours once you land this ender, and Broly even has a unique option afterwards. If you cancel the j.H into powered shell, then your downward momentum will be preserved and you can use j.H on the way down again for decent pressure on wakeup. Don't use this option every time, however, since it's easily countered with 2H if they react in time.

An air chain into j.2H[edit]

Although this move will no longer provide a pseudo-sliding knockdown, you still have a variety of interesting options after using this move to end a combo. The first of which is similar to the previous option with j.H - cancel into Powered Shell once it connects. The opponent will be knocked straight down to the ground while you remain in the air, then the momentum of the j.2H will propel you downwards towards the opponent, leaving you just enough time to throw out a falling j.L or j.M that is difficult to counter if they up-tech. You can also refrain from cancelling the j.2H at all until you reach the ground, leaving you much closer for more up-close mixups. You can completely refuse to cancel at all, which will let you pressure with instant airdash attacks or meaty 5M/2H depending on their tech option. If you have the opponent scared enough to sit still after this option, you can even use the cancellable ground frames to cancel into 214M (medium command grab) and if they fall for the mixup, you get yet another full combo into an ender.

Combo into auto combo then use Gigantic Strike for a sliding knockdown[edit]

This one is self-explanatory - it grants a sliding knockdown and adds quite a lot of damage to the combo. You can go into this great corner ender from a number of starters -

  • M Gigantic Claw (command grab)

Really easy; just mash L once the throw lands and go wild.

  • Close 236S

A little tighter than the command grab starter, this one requires a brief dash before going for the auto combo. You need to let your opponent fall a little bit in order for this combo to work, but it's well worth learning the timing.

Not worth mentioning are the plethora of ways you can use assists to hold the opponent in place while you mash L to extend the combo.

The Gigantic Meteor Loops[edit]

Probably the thing that got lots of people interested in Broly back when he came out, the Gigantic Meteor loops aren't nearly as impractical as they might first appear. While the 100% combo routes are what may have you brought you here, the very practical routes and uses for the delayed Gigantic Meteor are what will make you stay.

Important Notes[edit]

  • The corner is the only place the level 3 loops will work
  • This is a combo route that uses at least 3 bars every time - feel free to go completely meterless against one character and then burn it all for the kill on the next
  • Following up after any super (not just Gigantic Meteor, this rule applies to everyone in the cast) will completely swallow up both your smash and your sliding knockdown for the combo

Key starters[edit]

You can go into the level 3 loops in a variety of ways from various starters. The key extender to use is close 236S - comboing into this in any way is the gateway to using the level 3 loops.

  • 5L(whiff)L > 2M > Close 236S

The starter of legend. The only move of Broly's that doesn't have gimped proration, this thoroughly impractical starter is what can give you 100% damage without the need for sparking or assists provided you have 7 bars to burn.

  • 5M > 2M > Close 236S

A much more viable starter since 5M has armor that can plow through opponents who try to poke out of your pressure. You get the exact same combo route after the close 236S, but the proration stops you from ever reaching 100% damage. You still get close to 9K regardless.

  • 214M

Treat the command throw starter as if it were replacing everything in the previous starters up to the close 236S - go straight into the main loops after it. Again, proration reduces damage, but the full loops still grant at least 8K damage.

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