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General Tactics[edit]

Your gameplan is to get your opponent in the corner. Luckily, Broly is more than prepared to push people to the end of the screen. Due to its armor, 236S is always a solid option, you can get away with spamming it for a while as long as you know that your opponent will get tired of it and end up knocking you out of it, so mix it up a bit. Broly's Gigantic Meteor is essential to his strategy, which is both a blessing and a curse, because this will drain your meter fast.

Team positioning[edit]




Picking Teammates[edit]


  • Vegeta is a very strong partner for Broly. Anytime you attempt one of your armored special moves, you can use Vegeta assist at the same time. If the opponent attempts to vanish your special move they will only hit Broly's armor and the opponent will be hit by Vegeta's attack which you can combo off of.
  • Anytime you land the close up version 236LM, if you cancel directly into Vegeta's Big Bang Attack you can follow up the attack with either another Big Bang Attack, a Final Flash, or a super dash to continue the combo.
  • Vegeta's assist works very well with Broly's enhanced j.H (The version when you launch the opponent up with 5LLL or 2H) as it will continue the combo as you land.


  • Yamcha is one of the better assists to initiate combos off of one of Broly's armored special moves next to Vegeta. While it doesn't provide the crossup protection, it does allow for better pressure on block since the recent nerf to Vegeta assist.

Goku (SSGSS)[edit]

  • Goku Blue's assist, while situational, can be used to punish when someone neutral jumps in the corner to avoid your 214M after a blockstring. It also provides enough blockstun to allow an extension to the blockstring without worry of being punished if timed right.
  • A good assist in general if your opponent likes to jump away from your grabs.


The most basic blockstring for Broly would be 2L>5LL>2M>5M>5H>236S

There is a gap between 5H and 236S that will punish anyone mashing buttons, but it will also let your opponent vanish out if they are mashing. You can exchange 5H with 214L/M/H because of how similar the startup looks. If they start looking for the command grab you can charge the 5H for a small period of time to catch their jump-frames.

236S pushes you away far enough to be safe after the blockstring, and if you call an assist after you can keep the blockstring going. The slight gap between 5H and 236S will allow assists to start re-charging, thus letting you continue your blockstring indefinitely so long as you have two assists ready and your opponent doesn't reflect, vanish, or do something else that would get them out of the blockstring.

Alternatively you can replace the 2M>5M sequence with 5MM if you feel lazy. However, it is easier to hitconfirm 2M>5M since 5MM doesn't allow you to jump-cancel afterwards without sparking active.


Gigantic Strike > Airdash[edit]

  • Anytime you plan on using Gigantic Strike (j.214 L/M) as your combo ender, you should only do one rep of j.L > j.M to save your jump cancel. If you save your jump cancel you can air dash very quickly after Gigantic Strike's animation and close the gap a little closer to your opponent.

j.H > Assist > Powered Shell[edit]

  • Anytime you are comboing your opponent such that your j.H won't grab your opponent (IE after a 2H or auto combo) you can use an assist plus Powered Shell (214S). The assist should be something that will keep your opponent blocking like a beam or Vegeta assist. When j.H is canceled into Powered Shell, it will stall your momentum for a moment and allow you to use an air normal over your opponent's guard as you are falling down. Also since Powered Shell covers the green animation of Dragon Rush, it sets up an unreactable throw.

5L's Hitbox[edit]

  • Broly's size allows the hitbox on his 5L to be able to cover all tech options.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Broly[edit]

Patience will be needed. Mashing will likely result in you always getting stuffed by his armored moves. Be weary of going airborne as his air command grab will take a huge portion of your health away raw. Very few characters can get by his zoning (Vegeta SSGSS being one of those). If you play Hit, you're probably screwed.


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