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8 Directions, 6 Buttons

Dragon Ball FighterZ uses a layout very familiar to fighting game players. It uses the D pad for 8 way direction input, not analog input (though the Analog Stick can be used).
There are 6 attack buttons in total: L (light), M (medium), H (heavy), S (Special), Z1 (Z Assist 1), Z2 (Z Assist 2) .

Universal Button Commands

Super Dash (H+S)
Homing dash attack avoids Ki Blasts. On hit, can followup into a combo. Punishable on block.
Dragon Rush (L+M)
Dash forward and attack the enemy with an unblockable launcher. Can not hit opponents in blockstun. If two opponents Dragon Rush at each other, then they break away from each other. Effectively the throws of this game. Pressing Z1 / Z2 during a successful Dragon Rush will knock out the opponent's character and swap in a new one depending on which button was used, similar to a Snapback in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.
Z Assists (Z1/Z2)
Call your teammate for cover fire. Each character has a preset attack for Z Assist. Z Assist have cooldown (unspecified amount of time, potentially character specific).
Z Change (Hold Z1/Z2)
Switch with a teammate. Your teammate comes in with a Super Dash
Ki Charge (L+S)
Hold down to charge your energy gauge
Push Block (GG4.png+S)
Perform a push blocking animation that deflects ki blasts. Pushes opponents away if it deflects physical strikes.
Sparking Blast (L+M+H+S)
Does a GG/BB-esqe Burst attack that Increase your power for a limited time! Also quickly recovers blue health while being the point character! Only affects the character who does Sparking Blast - changing characters does not transfer this power-up! Can only be used once per match. Can only be performed at neutral or when attacking.
Vanish Attack (M+H)
Teleport behind the opponent and attack. Costs 1 gauge.
Ultimate Z Change (During Super > Z1/Z2)
Launch a Super Attack with your teammate. Each character has a preset super for Ultimate Z Change. Costs 1 gauge.

Dragon Ball FighterZe
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