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General Tactics[edit]

Team positioning[edit]




Picking Teammates[edit]

Wall bounce assist Gives Broly amazing corner carry in almost any solid hit using Broly's MASSIVE 5M and if he already has the corner they can be used to combo into sliding knockdown using DR or 6H into 214M. Wall bounce assist include: Gogeta A, Goku Base A, Android 17 A, Hit B and Jiren A.

Basic beam assist Gives Broly good corner carry using super dash as well as high damage corner extensions into sliding knockdown. Beam assist paired with 236S in neutral is a reliable way to cover most of the screen and force your opponent into blocking. If the beam assist connects in neutral Broly can confirm off of it using 236M.

Goku Base A assist like other wall bounce assist gives great combo extensions but Goku Base's should be highlighted as it is particularly quick and has decent blockstun adding to Broly's block pressure. Broly's grounded 236LM can easily setup spirit bomb and is also his Z Change level 1. Air 236LM can also set up spirit bomb by directing Broly up back in the corner and immediately Z changing into spirit bomb. This paired with Goku Base B assist allows Broly to reliably two touch of most hits.

Adult Gohan Z changing from Broly's grounded 236LM into Adult Gohan potential unleash allows Gohan to follow up with a DR. This can also be done with other fast supers like Ginyu and Trunks.




Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting DBS Broly[edit]


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