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Blocking is an integral action to keep yourself alive. Knowing how to use which block in which situation will improve your game immeasurably. Not only will you be able to defend better and survive longer, but in some cases you will be able to resume your offense faster.

Ground Block[edit]

Ground blocking comes in high/low varieties

Basic ground blocking is the most common defensive option. To guard against high attacks, simply hold GG4.png. To guard against mid attacks, hold GG4.png or GG1.png. To guard against low attacks, hold GG1.png. While in blockstun, the character will default to standing block if no downward direction is held.

Remember, you cannot block Dragon Rushes and throws!

Air Block[edit]

More blockstun than ground blocking

Basic air blocking is even easier; simply hold any backwards direction while airborne. Air blocking does not have high/low blocking, but instead come with the restriction that you suffer more blockstun than ground blocking (2 more frames to be precise), which will likely force you to the ground while giving the opponent even more frame advantage.

Landing while in air blockstun does not cancel out the remaining blockstun - instead you will transition immediately into ground crouching blockstun with 4 more frames for the remainder of blockstun.

For example, after blocking an attack in the air that causes 13F blockstun, you land after 10F. That means after landing, you will be in blockstun for 7F before you are free to move.

Also remember that after you air block (any kind), your jump options are restored! This means that you can do something like double jump to block an aerial projectile, then double jump again, or airdash afterwards, if you're not too close to ground.

As with ground blocking, you also can't air block against air Dragon Rush and air throws.

Crossup Protection[edit]

If the character is stuck facing in a direction, they will be able to block attacks coming from behind them by holding either backward or forward directions. This crossup protection doesn't allow you to make "illegal" blocks: you still must block high/low correctly.

Projectiles and assist-type attacks has an extra layer of protection. If a side switch happens while these attacks are active, they can also be blocked with backward and forward directions, but not by running.

This usually comes into play in a grounded blockstring or in the air with normal jumps, since without using air options or high jump, the character won't auto-correct to face the opponent.

While it is impossible to have left-right mixups using assists with long blockstun, if there's even an 1F gap in the blockstring, the character will turn to face the opponent and you will not be protected from crossups.

A rule of thumb is to always block with respect to the opponent's point character.

Airborne and grounded crossups are treated differently...

Instant Overhead Protection[edit]

While Android 16 is in standing blockstun, Frieza's rising j.L connects if he continues to block high, but whiffs if he switches to blocking low

Most air normals when done with upward momentum will whiff against characters that are blocking low, even if their hitbox and hurtbox are overlapping!

Air normals that push the character upward are also affected by this. There are special cases that aren't air normal, also have this restriction on them.

Z Reflect[edit]

Blocks highs and lows, pushes the opponent away

Z Reflect is a defensive tool that puts the character in a defensive stance that will block both highs and lows, and lose to Dragon Rush and throws. On a successful reflect, you will recover sooner than normal. If you reflect a physical strike, then you will stay in place while pushing the opponent away. Reflecting a projectile will keep you in place.

Note: Videl does not have Z Reflect, but rather, a unique command dodge.

Version Damage Ki P1 P2 Attribute Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Level Blockstun Hitstun Untech Invul
Z Reflect
- 7.5%+ - - - - - 1 22 17 - - - - - 1-22 Non-throw
  • Invul through all blockable attacks except Sparking Blast
  • Removes residue throw invul like the 8f after exiting blockstun, hitstun etc.
  • Successful reflect's recovery is throw invul and automatically reflects all further attack, including Sparking Blast
  • Ki gain on reflecting Strike: 17.5 first hit, 5 every next hit. Ki Blasts: 12.5, other projectiles: 7.5, consecutive reflected projectiles don't give extra Ki
  • Hitstop 4F

Breaking Dragon Rush[edit]

DBFZ DragonRushBreak.png

When the opponent catches you with a Dragon Rush, press L/M/H between 4 frames before the hit until 4 frames after the hit to break the rush (total 9F: 4F before + the frame it hits + 4F after). If two Dragon Rushes meet each other, both are automatically broken.

On Dragon Rush break, both players break away from each other, recover full screen away, and restore all air options.

Z Change[edit]

Change! Your teammate will come in with a Super Dash

Hold A1/A2 to swap out your point character with another on your team, an alternative quick Z Change can be enabled and performed by pressing GG6.png+A1/A2 or GG2.png+A1/A2. After using a Z Change, you cannot use your teammates for anything else for a short time. Following that, there's a cooldown on using the character that was called back for a Z Assist or another Z Change. Cooldown will not commence while the opponent is in stun, but will continue if it has already commenced.

You can perform Z Change while in a neutral state or any time you could perform a special cancel. Players often cancel into Z Change after hitting the opponent with 5H or 2H since that allows players to safely change in a new character while extending the combo.

You can not perform Z Change while blocking or while in proximity block animation.

Guard Cancel[edit]

Stop the opponent's offense. Punishable if they anticipate it. Can still be used when down to one character

When you're in blockstun and on the ground, press GG6.png+A1/A2 at any point to swap out your point character with another on your team at the cost of 1 Ki Gauge. On hit, the opponent is knocked away about half screen, resetting the game back to neutral. On block, you cannot act and are fully punishable. As with a Z Change, you are locked out of using the character you tagged out for a short period of time. If you are down to one character, you will cancel into an attack that teleports behind the opponent instead, similar to a Vanish, only much slower and with some forward movement after the teleport.

Version Damage Ki P1 P2 Attribute Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Level Blockstun Hitstun Untech Invul
Guard Cancel Change
6A1/A2 while in blockstun
300 -100% - - H All UDV 2+20 - Until L+10 (See note) -28 2 5 Launch 28 1-Close All, 1-Recovery Ki Blasts
  • If buffered during hitstop, gains full invul right away, but the attack only comes out after hitstop ends
  • Hitbox doesn't become active until it gets very close to the opponent
  • Startup: Point blank with back against the corner: 22f; Point blank midscreen: 22~24f due to hitbox differences
  • Recovery: On block: Until L+10; On hit: Until L; On whiff: 0+10L
  • On hit, can only cancel into Vanish
Guard Cancel
6A1/A2 while in blockstun
700 -100% - - B All - 1+15 3 25 -12 2 15 Launch 18 1-18 All
  • Stays grounded, teleports to the opponent's back during the super freeze
  • For most of the cast, uses hitbox and hurtbox of 5H

Reflect Guard Cancel[edit]

Z Reflect and Super Dash can also be performed during Ki blast's blockstun as a weaker version of Guard Cancel.

More on this is described here.

Limit-Breaking Power[edit]

A gold trim appears around the portrait

When you're down to one character left, they will be given a 20% damage boost and 1 Ki gauge when coming into the battle.

Resurrecting a teammate with Shenron will remove this buff until you're back to one character again.

During Sparking!, the total damage boost is 30%.

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