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Blocking is an integral action to keep yourself alive. Knowing how to use which block in which situation will improve your game immeasurably. Not only will you be able to defend better and survive longer, but in some cases you will be able to resume your offense faster.

Ground Block

Ground blocking comes in high/low varieties

Basic ground blocking is the most common defensive option. To guard against high attacks, simply hold GG4.png. To guard against mid attacks, hold GG4.png or GG1.png. To guard against low attacks, hold GG1.png. If you guard incorrectly, a "Guard Break!" message appears on the side of the screen.

After blocking S Normal attacks, you can immediately cancel into Homing Dash and Z Reflect.

Remember, you cannot block Dragon Rushes and throws!

Air Block

More blockstun than ground blocking

Basic air blocking is even easier; simply hold any backwards direction while airborne. Air blocking does not have high/low blocking, but instead come with the restriction that you suffer more blockstun than ground blocking (6 more frames to be precise), which will likely force you to the ground while giving the opponent even more frame advantage.

Also remember that after you air block (any kind), your jump options are restored! This means that you can do something like double jump to block an aerial projectile, then double jump again, or airdash afterwards, if you're not too close to ground.

As with ground blocking, you also can't air block against air Dragon Rush and air throws.

Crossup Protection

Z Reflect

Blocks highs and lows, reduces blockstun

Z Reflect is a defensive tool that puts the character in a defensive stance that will block both highs and lows, and lose to Dragon Rush and throws. On a successful reflect, you will recovery sooner than normal. If you reflect a physical strike, then you will stay in place while pushing the opponent away. Reflecting a projectile will keep you in place.

Version Damage Ki Prorate Attribute Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Level Blockstun Hitstun Untech Invul
- - - - - - - - 40 - - - - - 1-22 Reflect

Breaking Dragon Rush

DBFZ DragonRushBreak.png

When the opponent catches you with a Dragon Rush, press L/M/H between 4 frames before the hit until 4 frames after the hit to break the rush (total 9F: 4F before + the frame it hits + 4F after).

Also if two Dragon Rushes meet each other, it is automatically broken.

On Dragon Rush break,

Z Change

Change! Your teammate will come in with a Super Dash

Hold A1/A2 or press GG6.png+A1/A2 to swap out your point character with another on your team. After using a Z Change, you cannot use your teammates for anything else for a short time. Following that, there's a cooldown on using the character that was called back for a Z Assist or another Z Change. Cooldown will not commence while the opponent is in stun, but will continue if it has already commenced.

Guard Cancel Change / Guard Cancel

Stop the opponent's offense. Punishable if they anticipate it. Can still be used when down to one character

When blocking, press GG6.png+A1/A2 to swap out your point character with another on your team at the cost of 1 Ki Gauge. On hit, the opponent is knocked away. On block, you cannot act and are fully punishable. As with a Z Change, you are locked out of using the character you tagged out for a short period of time. If you are down to one character, you will cancel into an attack that teleports behind the opponent instead, similar to a Vanish, only much slower and with some forward movement after the teleport. This version cannot be canceled into a Vanish, unlike off a Change.

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