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Goku (GT)
DBFZ GT Goku Portrait.png

Health: 10,000

Prejump: 4F

Assist Cooldown:

Movement Options
Double Jump, Super Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
High Mobility
Team Role
Middle, Anchor


The incarnation of Son Goku/Sun Wukong appearing in Dragon Ball GT. The Pilaf Gang, using the Black Star Dragon Balls, accidentally wishes for Goku to return to when he was a child, thus returning to the prime of his youth. The use of these Dragon Balls, however, would destroy the planet in a year and were scattered through the galaxy, making Goku, his grandchild Pan, and Trunks (not to be confused with Future Trunks) to step into the grand tour to recover them. Goku in this iteration has a tail, so as to better control his Saiyan energy during Super Saiyan 3, as his young body is very frail and struggles to do so naturally. He attained Super Saiyan 4 (the strongest Super Saiyan form in GT) on the resurrected Planet Tuffle after absorbing Blutz Waves produced by the light reflected from Earth. He also wields the Power Pole (**Nyoibo** in Japanese dub), a magic pole that Goku was given by his Grandfather, Son Gohan. It has the ability to extend to great lengths, perhaps even indefinitely, and was one of the most important tools in Goku's arsenal in his younger years.

The Dragon Ball GT version of Goku joins Dragon Ball Fighterz as a DLC character. Here, he is undisputed top tier and makes everyone hate you for picking him. You all complained about having too many Gokus, so have this adorable little demon. GT Goku excels at everything you could possibly ask him to do, but especially in speed and damage.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Capable of taking on any situation. All-around fantastic at everything.
  • Ultra Spirit Bomb (214HS) is an outrageous Level 3 which can be easily comboed into and gives the best okizeme out of any level 3 in the game. Easily GT Goku's greatest tool.
  • Very small, and very fast. He's smaller than Gotenks. This makes it hard for his opponent to ascertain what he is actually doing.
  • Specials are insane and allow him to dominate the neutral, or outright skip it at the cost of meter or an assist. 236H beats nearly everything in the game. 214X also gives him knockdowns off of anything.
  • Super Kamehameha (236LM/HS) and Dragon Fist Explosion (214LM) are both enhanced if one of Goku's teammates has been downed.
  • Very useful normals with better range than you'd think thanks to their speed and forward movement. Power Pole (5S/j.S) also has very long range and no hurtbox. He also has three lows, and an aerial fastfall.
  • His Assist is amazing at catching aerial opponents and even allows for midscreen snapback pressure/mixups. It also has a surprising amount of hitstun for a beam assist, allowing for certain followups to connect much more easily.
  • Power Pole is a bit slow to start up which can leave you wanting a regular 5S or an assist to help out with neutral, but his neutral by himself is already very good so this is barely a problem.

Normal Moves[edit]

DBFZ GTGoku 5L.png
fei long called, wants his move back
DBFZ GTGoku 5LL.png
DBFZ GTGoku 5LLL.png
Into the Spirit Bomb!
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5L 400 All - 6 3 12 -3
  • Has a different knockback angle that allows it to easily connect to 5LL on air hit
  • Pushes Goku forward a bit giving it a misleading amount of range.

GT Goku's 5L is comparable to Bardock's 5L in both range and general usefulness. It's a staple in grounded assist combos, leading to an easily loopable sequence with assists.

5LL 180*4 All - 8 2(2)2(2)2(2)2 18 -4
  • All hits easily connect against airborne opponents, even when 5L connects beforehand
  • Pushes Goku forward a great deal
  • Due to fast startup for a medium and multiple hits, it will most likely win in clashes

Another great tool for GT Goku, also really good in blockstrings for the amount of time it locks down the opponent.

5LLL 1000 Throw U3+ 11 1 20 (whiff) -
  • Switches sides on hit.
  • Cancelling into this from a blocked 5LL always leaves the opponent in too much blockstun for the throw to work.
  • Can combo into spirit bomb using 2147S 3S

Really useful in corner combos due to it's ability to combo into spirit bomb, and can easily combo from j.214M's knockdown using the right assist. Also pretty good when in the corner yourself, as it puts the opponent in the corner for you and gives you SKD while you're at it. Using an assist like Trunks and delaying the cancel from 5LL can give GT Goku an easy and effective tick throw.

DBFZ GTGoku 5M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 10 4 22 -7
  • Advances forward a respectable distance

If you get tagged by this in the corner, you're going to die. Simple as.

DBFZ GTGoku 5H.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1 13 5 19 -8
  • Advances forward pretty far and fast startup for a heavy button.

DBFZ GTGoku 5S.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
750 All U1+ 20 5 20 -5
  • Pole extends out like a projectile, wall bounces on Smash hit
  • Pole doesn't have hurtbox

Not seen often due to GT Goku already having fantastic neutral tools, but good to throw out from time to time.

DBFZ GTGoku 2L.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 Low - 7 3 13 -4
  • First 2L slides forwards, follow-up does not

DBFZ GTGoku 2M.png
Chipp would like his 2D back
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 Low - 10 4 18 -6
  • Short range and low forward movement

DBFZ GTGoku 2H.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 13 3 27 -15
  • Universal AA, faster than the average 2H

About the same as all of the other Goku's 2H. It's not fantastic, but it'll do.

DBFZ GTGoku 2S.png
Why is this a low
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 Low - 14 2 15+5L [9 if cancelled into air action] -5 [+1]
  • Has access to air options after recovery
  • Hold GG4.png during startup to leap half as far

DBFZ GTGoku 6M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 High - 24 6 10 0
  • Uses Hit and Hurtboxes of j.H

DBFZ GTGoku jL.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 High - 6 4 - -
  • Has a large hitbox that will beat out superdash

DBFZ GTGoku jM.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 High - 9 4 - -
  • j.MLL series allows for triple overhead on tall opponents

DBFZ GTGoku jH.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
750 / 1000 High - 11 6 - -
  • Launches outwards instead of down
  • Has a hitbox behind Goku to the point that it works like a traditional Street Fighter crossup
  • Great for sparking corner loops

DBFZ GTGoku jS.png
The Neutch
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
750 All U1+ 18 3 - -
  • Unlike 5H, hits with the entire pole instead of extending it out.
  • Pole doesn't have hurtbox
  • Smash hit can confirm into Super Dash
  • Main air combo extender.

DBFZ GTGoku j2H.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 / 1000 High D1 18 4 - -
  • Smash on air-to-air, gives SKD

Lets Goku combo into Super Kamehameha more easily than 214M.

DBFZ GTGoku j2S.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 All - 14, Until Landing 2 14 (air), 28 (landing) -2
  • Only hits once he touches the ground
  • Can be aimed with 1S and 3S
  • Can be followed up with j.S or special attacks even on whiff

Fastfall. Not perfect, but it has plenty use in opening up the opponent. Goku recovers quite quickly after landing, which allows him to go straight into j.L

Special Moves[edit]

Dragon Flurry Fist[edit]
Dragon Flurry Fist
236L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ GTGoku DragonFlurryFist.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
  • Followup doesn't come out on block
  • Smash hit wall bounces
Ground L 300 / 300,850 All - 9 6 18 -3 (forced)
Air L 300 / 300,800 All - 9 6 - -

Short-ranged charge that doesn't consume smash.

Ground M 300 / 300,100*2,950 All U1+ 16 10 18 -3 (forced)
Air M 300 / 300,100*2,900 All U1+ 16 10 - -
  • Consumes Smash on hit.
  • Essential combo extender in the corner

Goku will latch onto the opponent and begin blasting them on hit, before knocking them back for a short wallbounce.
Using Reverse Kamehameha (214S) immediately will allow you to extend combos in the corner after j.236M. Or you can superdash.

Ground H 300 / 300,150*4,1000 All U1+ 9 10 18 -3 (forced)
Air H 300 / 300,100*4,900 All U1+ 9 10 - -
  • Wallbounces even midscreen after Smash hit.

Disgusting. Beats everything that isn't armored or invincible. Safe on block. Massive damage if you happen to hit the opponent with it, even midscreen. The ultimate roundstart tool. The air version is also fantastic for stuffing the opponents' approaches and dealing immense damage. Otherwise, j.214H is better if the opponent is playing a bit too passively.

Dragon Flash Fist[edit]
Dragon Flash Fist
214L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ GTGoku DragonFlashFist.png
Neutral: REDUX
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
  • Has access to air options after recovery
  • Smash on the last hit, ground bounce SKD
  • Considered a beam projectile.
Ground L 450, 100*5 All - 15 19 20 (air), 26 (ground) -5
Air L 450, 100*5 All - 13 19 - -
  • Gives a short groundbounce.
  • Does not cause a slide knockdown.

Mostly just combo filler, or a way to annoy an opponent trying to 2H you.

Ground M 500, 100*5 All D1 17 19 20 (air), 29 (ground) -5
Air M 500, 100*5 All D1 15 19 - -
  • Standard Air Combo ender
  • Does not combo into 236L+M midscreen

Slide knockdown and groundbounce on demand. Goku recovers and lands rather quickly after this, which can allow for "combo extensions" after calling an assist.

Ground H 900, 100*5 All D1 15-23 - 20 (air), 26 (ground) -5
Air H 900, 100*5 All D1 13-27 19 - -
  • Tracks opponents' horizontal position.

Very, very fast. The tracking on the air version is akin to Trunks' 236M. Outright skips neutral in most cases, combined with an assist it instantly puts the opponent on the defensive at the cost of a bar.

236S (Air OK)
DBFZ GTGoku Kamehameha.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 262*5 All - 20 [39] 25 21 -16 (point blank)
  • Upward beam
  • Hold S to charge and start running (data in [] refers to maximum charge without running back)
  • Hold GG4.png during the charge to shimmy backward
Air 262*5 All - 18 25 - -
  • Cell's downward beam.

Useful for neutral control, but not ideal if the opponent is too close as they can run under it and punish.

Reverse Kamehameha[edit]
Reverse Kamehameha
214S (Air OK)
DBFZ GTGoku ReverseKamehameha.png
Who ordered 8 years of hitstun?
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 700, 500 All - 11, 25 3 (blast), 9 (headbutt) 30+15L -4
Air 700, 500 All - 11, 25 3 (blast), 9 (headbutt) 30+15L -4
  • Blast does more damage and histun than headbutt
  • Can be aimed diagonally
  • Upward: Blast ground bounces
  • Sideways: Blast wall bounces
  • Downward: Headbutt ground bounces
  • Low recovery, headbutt pop up on block, has access to air options
  • Direction + S allows 2 extra dashes even on whiff, block
  • No direction + S does j.236S, if Goku haven't spent all of his dashes yet

A very useful combo tool, giving GT Goku silly conversions even midscreen, or off of superdash in the corner. That's not entirely why this is amazing, however.

Enables combos into GT Goku's Spirit Bomb off of 5LLL. Simply corner the opponent, autocombo, then blast GT Goku diagonally into the opponent (7), then blast the opponent in the face (3). Quickly input Spirit Bomb afterwards. This is a massive part of what makes GT Goku so good, and should be learned immediately.
Alternatively, you can spend an extra bar on vanish in the air after a combo and simply input 214S > 3S into Spirit Bomb. Much easier, but the loss of a bar can result in a less ideal situation. It's still very ideal, all things considered.


DBFZ GTGoku Kamehameha.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
200*5 All - 30 25 - 30
  • Ground beam, runs slightly forward

This assist is incredible. It's blockstun may be average for a beam, but the angle at which this fires makes it a prime neutral tool. It cuts off a huge section of the screen and forces the opponent to block at around superjump height, where a lot of people like to play. Blocking it drags them to the ground, allowing for your point character to run up and get pressure. On top of the upsides on block, it also has very high advantage on hit, allowing for superdash confirms pretty much everywhere. This assist is mad good. Use it.

Super Moves[edit]

Super Kamehameha[edit]
Super Kamehameha
236L+M or 236H+S
DBFZ GTGoku SuperKamehameha.png
Woah, an original attack that I've never seen before!
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
250*10 [300*10] All UDV 10+4 - - -
  • Cost 1 Ki gauge
  • Minimum damage: 72*10 [87*10]
  • Damage increased when a teammate is downed

Goku becomes a Super Saiyan temporarily and then fires the beam. If a teammate is downed, he'll become Super Saiyan 3 instead.
Comboing into this from 214M knockdowns can be difficult midscreen without a DHC to back Goku up.

Dragon Fist Explosion[edit]
Dragon Fist Explosion
214L+M (Air OK)
DBFZ GTGoku DragonFistExplosion.png
DBFZ GTGoku DragonFistExplosion2.png
"I'll put everything I got into this punch!
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 4059 [4859] All UDV 9+3 - - -
Air 4059 [4859] All UDV 9+3 - - -
  • Cost 3 Ki gauges
  • Minimum damage: 1659 [1859]
  • Once the attack is finished, Goku falls from the sky in the opposite direction from his opponent. Will take opponents out of the corner.
  • When a teammate is downed, Goku gets so angry that he becomes Super Saiyan 4! During Super Saiyan 4, He gets a Left-Right Oki Mixup and a large increase in damage

Super Ultra Spirit Bomb[edit]
Super Ultra Spirit Bomb
214H+S (Air OK)
DBFZ GTGoku SuperUltraSpiritBomb.png
The best Level 3 in the game. Goku takes something from his father.
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 228*32 All UDV - - - -
Air 228*32 All UDV - - - -
  • Cost 3 Ki gauges
  • Minimum damage: 59*32
  • Similar to Broly HS Meteor: short recovery, can be solo combo'd into, has a wide variety of followups, doesn't trigger super scaling, disappears if Goku gets hit
  • Without followups, a hard knockdown. Goku recovers extremely quickly. This combined with his normals and tools enables the best okizeme in the game.
  • Unlike Base Goku's Spirit Bomb, it doesn't give a huge burst of damage at the end of the attack.

Similar to Base Goku, Goku teleports high up onto the screen, charges a Spirit Bomb, and throws it at the opponent. This is different from Base Goku's in that you can combo into it solo very eASILY, and that you can combo afterwards as well, with scaling not being affected like it might for some other supers where you can combo afterwards. With the right amount of meter, this means that GT Goku can combo two level threes in one combo (214HS and 214LM respectively) and still end with hard knockdown.

Of course, comboing afterwards isn't a requirement. If you want to save the meter, GT Goku has a 4-way mixup off of Super Ultra Spirit Bomb that he can easily perform due to the huge amounts of oki the move gives. It's an incredibly powerful tool for GT Goku, perhaps the best he has, as it not only increases his combo damage tenfold, but gives him a ton to work with in terms of turning the situation in his favor.


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