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General Tactics[edit]

Team positioning[edit]


GT Goku can service as a good point character, but he's most often played as a Mid due to his assist and the damage boost to his supers. GT Goku is the kind of character where he brings tons of benefits to the rest of the cast, but he doesn't receive much from them in return.


This is the best place for GT Goku. He likes to have at least one assist to help his mixups and neutral, and being here also allows for him to use the powered up supers. Usually you'd want to pair him with SSJ Goku, because Goku provides both a neutral and combo extending assist, but he works with any character that allows for a 5L pickup off of j.214M.


This isn't recommended because GT Goku needs assists to make his pressure threatening. He can steal turns with 2S > j.2H, but it gets predictable. Assists in neutral definitely help him, but he has the tools to play neutral solo.

Picking Teammates[edit]

GT Goku is interesting because he assists almost everyone but gets assisted by very few characters. He really likes beam assists for two-man ToDs and better neutral, but he plays well with most common anchors.


  • (5LL/2LL) > 2M > 5M > 2S > 5H > 214L/M

Using 2L or 5L is entirely up to you. 5LL forces the opponent to block much longer, but 2L is a low. Anything canceled into 236M acts as a frame trap, but it's better to use it in the corner as you get a meterless followup. Putting 5S in the string is also a frame trap, but it can be mashed out of at the cost of being able to continue with the gatling chains. You can end with 2S in the corner with an assist for a pretty good mixup, and doing the same midscreen allows for crossups.


j.2H and j.214M[edit]

After a midscreen j.2H, you get an IAD safejump. j.214M gives you nothing midscreen, but it gives a non-IAD safejump in the corner.


When non-enhanced, you're only allowed to get a high-low. When one character is down, you can also get a crossup.


This is where the party begins. While falling, whiff j.H. When you land, whiff 2M, then hold [9]. From there you can:

  1. Stay in front (delay airdash j.H/j.ML)
  2. Fake crossup (j.2S[6])
  3. Actual crossup (airdash j.M/H)
  4. Empty low (delay airdash, land 2L)
  5. Empty crossup low (airdash over 2L)
  6. Dragon rush (land and DR)

This is roughly equivalent to Bardock's pre-patch level 3, with the added benefit that you can also use it mid combo. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, you should abuse it.

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

Choosing Oki with GT Goku is simply a matter of your meter and screen position. If you're midscreen, use j.2H. If you're in the corner with no meter, use j.214M. If you have 3 bars and no assist, use 214L+M (or better yet save the bar for 214H+S). If you have 4+ bars or 1 assist, use 214H+S. ALWAYS use 214H+S if you can.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting GT Goku[edit]

"Don't let him touch you" -Anonymous


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