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A short paragraph explaining in the broadest terms what the character's oki is like.

This section should be accessible to players who are fresh out of the tutorial and to people who do not play this character. It's OK to have this section be a little redundent when compared with the more detailed sections of the oki page. The goal here is to provide an overview that somebody can read with little to no experience with the character and walk away with a basic understanding of the character's goals during an oki situation.

Oki Options[edit]

  • Aside from the standard options such as IAD overhead, you can use Instant Transmission to try to open up the enemy or if the enemy is in the corner, you can back-dash into 5S.
  • 214L/M sets up several safe-jumps when your opponent is in a sliding or hard knockdown state.
  • In the corner, Goku Black can get a safe-jump after using a Level 3 Super. This is done by holding j.9 after/while Black finishes the Super, and then pressing j.H around the time he hits the apex of his jump and begins his descent.

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

Explain the thought process that goes into picking an oki route.

This should cover topics such as: Identifying when you can do an oki route, what you get out of an oki route, how do the resources you and the enemy have change your choice of oki route, and when do you go for damage/mixup/safe pressure.

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