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General Tactics[edit]

Goku Black is a neutral-focused character with dirtier tools than his counterpart, SSJ Goku. Goku Black has much bigger buttons than normal thanks to his reliance on his kicks and his trusty God Slicer, which also deflects Ki Blasts. His infamous 2H is a massive half-screen poke that is Grounded, Deflects Ki Blasts, and Anti-Airs the opponent, making it an all-around incredible move. His Ki Blast is also massively plus on block at full screen as well as dealing heavy damage when he is up close. His Ki Blast, in conjunction with his Beam and 236L gives him both a strong zoning and anti-zoning game. Once he conditions you to block, he can trick the opponent with Binding Black Kamehameha (214S), a command grab that looks very similar to his beam. Lastly, although riskier, his Divekicks (j.214X) and Teleports (214X) round out his neutral game, giving him tricky approach options. While his mixups may not be the best, Goku Black has a death grip on neutral and the damage to back it up.

Team Positioning[edit]


Goku Black is not a point character. His assist is way to strong to be wasted here, and he is heavily outclassed by other options for point characters.


Goku Black acts as a decent Mid. It allows the point character to use his assist, as well as having an assist to back him up for blockstrings from Divekicks or Instant Transmission.


Goku Black is also a pretty competent anchor. In comparison to SSJ Goku, his neutral is stronger but also more risky, so keep that in mind. It's also somewhat difficult to open people up with him because his mixup tools are slow.

Picking Teammates[edit]

Goku Black can use pretty much any assist. Using a fast assist lets him use Divekicks freely and an assist with high blockstun frees up Instant Transmission for blockstrings. Goku Black's assist itself is incredibly useful for neutral, combos, and blockstrings, which lets him work well with pretty much any other character in the cast.


Goku Black's only real stagger pressure tool is 5L. The rest of his normals are too slow or too minus, but they lend themselves to frametraps extraordinarily well. Any normal chained into 2H will frametrap, but if you don't want a gap you can chain into 5S instead. Any heavy attack or his 5S canceled into 236S will also frametrap, and after you've conditioned the opponent to block, you can convince them to move around again with 214S.

  • All of Goku Black's divekicks (j.214X) chain into vanish, which gives him a risky but advantageous way in without an assist from the air. On the ground, it's much safer to use his 236S.
  • TK Instant Transmission (2147X) gives Black the properties of a super-jump when he performs this special. This can be particularly useful as it allows a fast-fall by holding down (or [2] in numpad notation). Using this will give the opponent slightly less time to react to your left/right mix-ups during blockstrings. Just remember to cover this with an assist!
  • EX Instant Transmission (214H) will naturally cross-up your opponent. As with all versions of the move Goku Black can air-dash after he reappears. This allows access to double cross-up potential in his left/right mix-ups albeit at the cost of 1 bar of meter.


  • Aside from the standard options such as IAD overhead, you can use Instant Transmission to try to open up the enemy or if the enemy is in the corner, you can back-dash into 5S.
  • 214L/M sets up several safe-jumps when your opponent is in a sliding or hard knockdown state.
  • In the corner, Goku Black can get a safe-jump after using a Level 3 Super. This is done by holding j.9 after/while Black finishes the Super, and then pressing j.H around the time he hits the apex of his jump and begins his descent.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Try to abuse your range and mobility to win neutral. Goku Black has trouble opening competent enemies up thanks to only have one low attack so try to put a character that can mixup enemies well on your team, otherwise you will have to rely on Instant Transmission mix-ups.
  • 5S and 6S move at different speeds with 6S moving much faster. However, 5S is much more advantageous.

Fighting Goku Black[edit]

  • When fighting Goku Black, keep in mind that his attacks while having good hitboxes, are fairly slow overall. Keep a sharp eye out for any openings and punish them.
  • Additionally, since he only has one low move it is fairly simple to defend against him until his blockstring ends.
  • Instant Transmission is unsafe without assists so you can anti-air Goku Black when he doesn't use any assists.
  • Watch out for the command grab. It is slow enough for you to avoid as long as you know about it.


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