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Tips & Tricks[edit]

  • Try to abuse your range and mobility to win neutral. Goku Black has trouble opening competent enemies up thanks to only have one low attack so try to put a character that can mixup enemies well on your team, otherwise you will have to rely on Instant Transmission mix-ups.

Team Positioning[edit]


  • Not an ideal point character since Goku Black's assist tends to be his greatest contribution to a team but it can work since Goku Black has great neutral and requires assists to be able to open up enemies.


  • The preferred position for Goku Black where his assist and neutral can shine.


  • Can be used as an anchor if you really need a beam assist but Super Saiyan Goku would serve better in every way as an anchor due to superior damage.

Picking Teammates[edit]

  • Teammates that can open up enemies are ideal for Goku Black, but having a beam assist means Goku Black can fit into pretty much every team without a problem.


  • Goku Black is a fairly standard character with basic blockstrings. Simply go through the revolver actions i.e. a light into a medium then into a heavy. You can then cancel your heavy attack into a special move. Canceling into Kamehameha ends the blockstring but is safe. If you wish to continue the blockstring then use God Slicer or Instant Transmission instead, however you need to use assist to cover the gaps.
  • TK Instant Transmission (2147X) gives Black the properties of a super-jump when he performs this special. This can be particularly useful as it allows a fast-fall by holding down (or [2] in numpad notation). Using this will give the opponent slightly less time to react to your left/right mix-ups during blockstrings. Just remember to cover this with an assist!
  • EX Instant Transmission (214H) will naturally cross-up your opponent. As with all versions of the move Goku Black can air-dash after he reappears. This allows access to double cross-up potential in his left/right mix-ups albeit at the cost of 1 bar of meter.

Fighting Goku Black[edit]

  • When fighting Goku Black, keep in mind that his attacks while having good hitboxes, are fairly slow overall. Keep a sharp eye out for any openings and punish them.
  • Additionally, since he only has one low move it is fairly simple to defend against him until his blockstring ends.
  • Instant Transmission is unsafe without assists so you can anti-air Goku Black when he doesn't use any assists.
  • Watch out for the command grab. It is slow enough for you to avoid as long as you know about it.


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