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General Tactics[edit]

Gotenks is a pickup character, plain and simple. He has many moves that leave him airborne and in a state to go for airdash mix-ups with his 2L. To complement these moves, Gotenks also has several attacks that are plus on block to make the opponent respect his pressure. On top of all that, his assist is really good for lockdown and combo extensions, as it tracks anywhere on screen.

Team positioning[edit]


Gotenks has the mix-ups to contend with some of the best point characters. Assists help boost his damage, but he doesn't need them for pressure if he has meter.


Gotenks is good with meter to burn. Because of 236H, he can take the trade of one less assist for more meter with no problem. This position also allows for your point character to take advantage of his assist.


Solo Gotenks isn't half bad as a character. His 236H is plus on block, so he can easily extend pressure with meter. Going for mix-ups requires conditioning however, as many of his moves that leave him airborne are minus or worse.

Picking Teammates[edit]

Gotenks works well with pretty much everyone, but he works best with Vegito, but this pairing is a one way street. Vegito is the better off of the 2. The two have crazy solid synergy and Gotenks' assist makes Vegito crazy strong.


  • (5LL/2LL) > 2M > 5M > 5H > 214L

Gotenks has a lot of options in his blockstrings. 5[H], 214S, and 236H are all plus on block, but 236H is the only one without a gap. Use them sparingly.

  • 5L > 5LL > 5LLL > 66j.L/2M

With assists, Gotenks' autocombo becomes an incredibly abusive 50/50 mixup tool. The airdash j.L and 2M only hit a frame or two apart, making reactions impossible and forcing your opponent to guess.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

Fighting Gotenks[edit]

Use Broly, Beerus , Tien, or Android 16. Need armor to counter his mixups.


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