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General Tactics[edit]

Team positioning[edit]


Seems to be the most accepted way to play him. Can use his solid neutral to build up meter for his team. Can occasionally use meter for mixups and combos. Having 2 assists to help him with his mixup game can help a lot


A somewhat accepted way to play him. If you switch between your point and Hit often you can switch off getting meter and using it for combos, DHCs and mixups.


If you’re confident in your neutral, hard reads and mixups without assists then feel free to use it but Hit isn’t super reliant on meter. Hit can actually use a lot of meter if you're willing to spend it on vanishes, in order to do 5LLL cancels to mixup and wither down your opponent's healthbar. As of 1.15, he also has his 236HS super which allows him to dump all his meter, potentially winning an otherwise losing fight.

Picking Teammates[edit]


Hit has several mixup possibilities during a blockstring. As a basic example, blocked 5LL can lead to :

  • 2L, an overhead (if blocked, you can cancel it into 5M ; if it hits, it resets your blockstring)
  • 2M, a low (similar startup to 2L), hitconfirm with 5M
  • 214L, command grab
  • 236L~L, frametrap
  • 214S, command backdash.

Canceling any normal in the string into 214S pulls you back to a safe distance, and you have three main options from said distance:

  • 5S - Use this when you think your opponent is going to mash out of your string in any way
  • 214M - It's a command grab from half screen, no one sees this coming. You can also skip the 214S and just use 214L instead.
  • Stance - The alternative to 214X. 236L or 236M can be used, depending on if you want to go left or right.

Because 214S can be special canceled, all of these options are nearly instant, plus the dash itself is completely invincible. You can also use 236S into a stance for more left/right shenanigans, but the delay of exiting stance makes it harder to land 214X moves.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • 236M stance is completely invincible and has no collision box, making it incredibly easy to bait reversals with and punish with 236M~M > vanish

5LLL Mixups[edit]

Because 5LLL can be special canceled and teleports you around, depending on what hit you cancel, you can be on the left or the right. If you cancel the 2nd hit into 236L~L, you get a rediculously fast left-right mixup, and mixing that with 236M~M will go a long way. On top of all that, 214L is a tick throw option, making 5LLL an incredibly potent tool in Hit's arsenal. Keep this in mind when you use 5LLL in a combo.

Fighting Hit[edit]

  • Be mindful of the distance covered by his normals.
  • 5S follow-up can be blocked if you use an assist to trigger it, so it's a good option to get out of his blockstring if he tries to bait mash-out. Another good option is using a grab or a super, which could deal to way more damage, but it's more risky and could be a potential waste of meter if he anticipates to a super reversal. In most cases assists are a preferred option.
  • He has no fast lows, his only low (2M) is super slow to the point of being reactable, so avoid crouching and just react to the 2M.
  • Learn the distances that his 214X cover. The blind spot is between half screen distance and himself.
  • Try to bring the fight to the air, where he is lackluster. A very common tactic to counter it that Hit players will use is to try to condition you in return to play more grounded by punishing with 2H, assists or aerials.


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