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DBFZ Jiren Portrait.png

Health: 10,000

Prejump: 4F

Assist Cooldown:

Movement Options
Double Jump, Super Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Balanced, Power
Team Role


The strongest mortal of Universe 11, so powerful that he surpasses many universes' Gods of Destruction. From his dark past of the destruction of his home from an unknown being, he fell on the belief that strength is justice, and that he cannot trust anyone for the sake of maintaining his strength. A member of the Pride Troopers, he encounters Goku and the rest of Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power, where he serves as their most challenging foe and the final obstacle between victory or being erased from existence; through Goku, however, he learns of Universe 7's power of trust, and overcomes the dark past that haunted him for so long.

Jiren the Gray pummels his way into Dragon Ball FighterZ as a DLC character. Much like his fighting style in the Tournament Of Power, he has multiple counter-moves that allow him to either start a combo or reset neutral. With moves that allow him to plow through his opponent's offense, as well as ways to deter them from being careless, Jiren can certainly gain control of the game and destroy his opponent if they try to reclaim it.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Obscene damage with 2L or 236S starters.
  • Very large normals with huge hit boxes make for efficient confirms, along with great air projectiles that also give him easy confirms.
  • Decently versatile toolkit gives him numerous ways to approach, including projectile invulnerable moves.
  • Boasts a frame 1 wake-up counter for normals at the cost of a bar.
  • Combo structure allows for solid synergy with most assists, and damaging confirms from assists.
  • 2H and 2S are amazing anti-airs that help Jiren control the neutral very well, and lets him direct the opponent to whatever corner he chooses.
  • Great assist, as it causes wallbounce which can not only enable longer, stronger combos, but also snap setups. The amount of blockstun the move puts the opponent in doesn't hurt either.
  • REQUIRES solid conditioning and reads to EVER open up the opponent outside of neutral. Jiren's 5H is slower than other command grabs, extremely telegraphed, and lacks armor. Jiren's only low is his 2M, and he has no real cheeky ways to open up opponents even with meter. You must get creative with your staggers, assists and strings in order to get hits when the opponent stops trying to beat you in neutral. Every attempt you make on opening up the opponent carries the risk of getting mashed out due to all of this.
  • Below average buttons on block, which only make those staggers even harder. Only 5L, 5LLL, and 2L are safe, making assists very desirable for him.
  • His counters are horribly inconsistent, and can result in Jiren being left wide open despite actually catching a hit. Likely a bug. He also requires meter to combo off of them.
  • Atypical combo structure makes him difficult for beginners, and requires labbing.
  • Has difficulty scoring sliding knockdowns outside of the corner.
  • Big frame, which means he gets fuzzied very easily.

Normal Moves[edit]

DBFZ Jiren 5L.png
DBFZ Jiren 5LL.png
DBFZ Jiren 5LLL.png
Owari Da
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5L 400 All - 6 3 12 -3
  • Decent range
  • Pushes the opponent back considerably

Pairs beautifully with 2L. 2L 5L pushes the opponent just far back enough so most 5Ls will whiff if they try to hit Jiren, enabling safe stagger pressure and very easy counters. Being safe on block is just a bonus.

5LL 700 All - 11 5 21 -10
  • Lightly launches the opponent
5LLL 600 [300,700] All U3+ 13 1, - 25 -5
  • Projectile
  • [] is on Smash hit.

Easily the coolest looking autocombo ender in the game.

DBFZ Jiren 5M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 12 4 20 -6
  • Jump-cancelable on hit.

DBFZ Jiren 5H.png
DBFZ Jiren 5H2.png
I'm blasting your nuts off and there's nothing you can do
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50, 1200 Throw U1 28 1 33 -
  • Slower than average grab.
  • Can only be used once per combo

Useful in corner combos, as you can go straight into 2S and superdash for a followup. Midscreen, you can use 5S and vanish.

Not armored, so be careful throwing this out in strings.

DBFZ Jiren 5S.png
Death Blow mk. 0
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
900 All - 22 5 27 -6
  • Can destroy other Ki blasts and hit the opponent at the same time
  • Cannot be superdashed through

The closest thing Jiren has over a beam. Being a 5S move, it carries some interesting properties like being able to gatling into Heavies and 2S, as well as being vanish cancelable on whiff.

DBFZ Jiren 2L.png
Standalone Broly 5LL
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 10 3 15 -2
  • Scales like a medium attack, making it a powerful starter
  • Chains out of 5LL

This is what dreams are made of. The ultimate stagger pressure tool and ToD starter. It also makes the screen shake.

DBFZ Jiren 2M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 Low - 13 6 19 -9
  • Jiren's only low.
  • Very slow.
  • Easily half screen range.

DBFZ Jiren 2H.png
Bounce 'em off the other wall
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 15 3 30 -13
  • Counts as grounded.
  • Uses up Jiren's Smash.
  • Launches higher with more hitstun if Smash hasn't been used.
  • Causes a wallbounce behind Jiren.

An interesting 2H that only really sees use if you're in the corner. It bounces the opponent off the wall behind Jiren, causing a sideswitch.

DBFZ Jiren 2S.png
The other 2H
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 18 5 26 -11
  • Uses up Jiren's Smash.
  • Launches higher with more hitstun if Smash hasn't been used.
  • Reflects weak projectiles
  • Always wallbounces in the corner

Even though this move's input is 2S, it functions like every other character's 2H: an attribute invincible anti-air. However, Jiren's 2S has armor instead of invincibility, so your enemy has to deal with the humiliation of seeing freeze frames of them bouncing off of Jiren's chest before being launched to the moon. This move is also Jiren's primary grounded way of comboing into superdash post-smash use (I.E. after 5H).

DBFZ Jiren 6M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 High U1+ 24 6 4+6L 0
  • Counts as airborne.
  • Uses the same hitboxes and hurtboxes of Jiren's j.H.

Jiren's low threat is pretty lacking so you most likely won't be using this much.

DBFZ Jiren jL.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 High - 6 3 - -
  • Double-jump-cancelable.

Useful combo extention tool in the corner after j.2S.

DBFZ Jiren jM.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500*2 High - 9 3 (1) 3 - -
  • Double-jump-cancelable.

DBFZ Jiren jH.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 [1000] High D1+ 13 4 - -
  • [] is on Smash hit.
  • Knockdown state changes depending on Jiren's usage of his Smash.
  • Autocombo version wallbounces in the corner and provides one random Dragon Ball.

DBFZ Jiren jS.png
Air-to-air fireball and COMBO EXTENDER, BABY!
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400*2 All - 13 - - -
  • Causes a light wallbounce
  • High untech time
  • Can be used immediately off the ground as a standard Ki Blast instead of 5S

DBFZ Jiren j2H.png
Spin to Win
DBFZ Jiren j2H2.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 [1000] High D1 23 [30] - - -
  • [] is on fully charged.
  • Charged, causes a sliding knockdown.
  • Uncharged, only cause a sliding knockdown if it hits early.

DBFZ Jiren j2S.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400*2 All - 13 - - -
  • Groundbounces
  • Combos into fully charged j.2H in the corner
  • One of Jiren's best tools, as it can lead to full combos easily with assists
  • Can end combos relatively close to the ground with this & convert into Level 1 mid-screen

Special Moves[edit]

Infinity Rush[edit]
Infinity Rush
236L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ Jiren InfinityRush.png
*Inevitability intensifies*
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground L 230*5 All - 12 20 21 -9
Air L 230*5 All - 12 20 21 -9

Because of it's disjointed hitbox, the air version can be used to prevent superdashes after j.S/j.2S.

Ground M 230*6 All U1+ 17 24 21 -9
Air M 230*6 All U1+ 12 24 21 -9
  • Wallbounces
Ground H 230*7 All U1+ 17 28 21 -9
Air H 230*7 All U1+ 12 28 21 -9
  • Launches the opponent
  • Covers a longer distance
  • Ground version combos into 5H in the corner
  • Air version groundbounces; so long as Jiren doesn't touch the ground upon connecting with this version, j.H causes a sliding knockdown.

Mostly blockstring or combo filler. Notable for being Jiren's only special that gives him a true blockstring, but it's unsafe.

Shock Tornado[edit]
Shock Tornado
DBFZ Jiren ShockTornado1.png
Why can't they both beat mids?
DBFZ Jiren ShockTornado2.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
L 1800 All U1 4 25 15 -
  • Stands and counters Mid and High attacks.
M 1900 All U1 4 20 8 -
  • Crouches, and counters only Low attacks.

Extremely risky and best avoided in most scenarios, but it thankfully has low recovery.

H 2000 All U1 1 28 15 -
  • Stands and counters all non-projectile normals.
  • Frame 1
  • Combos from this will deal only recoverable blue health damage, meaning a quick spark or tag will quickly undo any damage done.

This is your go-to panic button. If you have the meter, it's a great tool to try and save Jiren. Not ideal otherwise as the blue health penalty is very harsh.

  • Jiren prepares for a counter-attack. When hit with a physical non-super attack, Jiren will freeze and spin the opponent into the air with a judo throw. The opponent cannot escape.
  • Cannot be comboed after. Requires Vanish or Meter to do any real damage from this.
  • Jiren will not counterattack if the opponent is currently armored. This can result in Jiren being left wide open for punishment despite successfully parrying.
  • Will not counter projectiles or grabs.

Jiren's staple counter. Overall, it's extremely risky and has very low reward without meter. You should really only use this as an attempt at escaping pressure. Any normal would do a better job of countering and punishing the opponent's mistakes than this.

Grand Charge[edit]
Grand Charge
DBFZ Jiren GrandCharge.png
Shades of Juggernaut
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1200 All U1 16 12 17 -2 (forced)
  • Invulnerable to projectiles while the barrier is up
  • Ridiculously high damage combo filler

This move is too slow to use effectively in neutral, but it functions as a devastating frametrap in blockstring. You get a massive combo if it trades and it jails into vanish.

Counter Impact[edit]
Counter Impact
DBFZ Jiren CounterImpact1.png
"I'm waiting!"
DBFZ Jiren CounterImpact2.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1500 Throw U1 4 22-51 20 -

Probably the worst special move in the entire game. Far too risky and inconsistent to justify its low reward.

  • Counter attack that works against projectiles. Loses to everything else.
  • Hold the button to extend the parry duration.
  • Jiren teleports to the opponent's location on a successful counter, even if the opponent is airborne. This often results in Jiren getting blasted in the face.
  • There are several special moves that consistently and cleanly beat Jiren on a successful parry. DPs are one such example, but Janemba's teleport and even superdash will evade the counter and get Jiren punished for making the right call.
  • Attack comes out on Frame 5 after Jiren teleports, meaning the opponent can also vanish or input a quick special move to get them out of danger.
  • Cannot be comboed after without meter, and the damage by its self is quite mediocre for such a huge risk.
  • Rather generously has an incredibly obvious freeze to inform the opponent that you just parried them, so they'll immediately buffer a DP.
  • Works weirdly on projectile assists. Jiren gains invulnerability, however he does not counterattack and instead merely ends the parry animation. Invincibility expires right as Jiren recovers. Unless the opponent already whiffed a normal, Jiren can't punish at all.
  • Terrible. Don't bother unless you're catching a beam fired by someone not named Gogeta. You are more likely to be punished on a successful parry than turn the tides of the battle.

This special exemplifies why people call Jiren the "worst character" in Dragon Ball FighterZ. It's a massive risk, only beats one thing, is easily countered in return, and isn't even a consistent choice. Doesn't give him combos afterwards without suffering both meter loss and scaling thanks to Vanish Attack.

Only use this to beat high committal moves like Kamehameha. Be extremely careful, as characters can still use their Level 3s right when they see the freeze. Not worth the risk.


Infinity Rush
DBFZ Jiren InfinityRush.png
Yamcha Assist ver. Beta
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
230*4 All - 27 16 45 +38
  • Causes a wallbounce
  • Siginficant blockstun

Jiren's assist is comparable to Kid Buu's. It has really good blockstun, but it is hard to use in midscreen combos due to the height and untechable time of the wallbounce.

Super Moves[edit]

Colossal Slash[edit]
Colossal Slash
236L+M (Air OK)
DBFZ Jiren ColossalSlash.png
DBFZ Jiren ColossalSlash2.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 248*11 All - - - - -
Air 248*11 All - - - - -
  • Costs 1 Ki Gauge
  • If used on the ground/as a DHC, sets up an IAD safejump that beats 2H
  • Minimum damage: 74*11 (814)

All things accounted for, this is a good super. However, it is overshadowed by it's H+S counterpart.

Colossal Uppercut[edit]
Colossal Uppercut
DBFZ Jiren ColossalUppercut.png
Storing power
DBFZ Jiren ColossalUppercut2.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2400 All - - - - -
  • Minimum damage: 888
  • Pitiful horizontal range

Best used in the corner to finish off the opponent. Has some good DHC potential as well.

Blazing Magnetron[edit]
Blazing Magnetron
214L+M or 214H+S
DBFZ Jiren BlazingMagnetron.png
"This attack decides it!"
DBFZ Jiren BlazingMagnetron2.png
"I was joking the other times, but this one might actually blast your nuts off"
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000*2, 2300 All - - - - -
  • Costs 3 Ki Gauges
  • Results in a hard knockdown on hit.
  • Minimum Damage: 400*2, 989 (1789)
  • Deceptive range, explosion and red smear all are hitboxes that lead to full connect. This means that it has a small hitbox behind Jiren as well, which also connects.


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