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General Tactics[edit]

Jiren is purpose built to control neutral. His Ki Blasts are all very good, but don't over use them only to be punished. If the opponent is zoning you, 214S is a simple and effective way to stop them. 214H is a half bar reversal against normals, but don't spam that either as it is easily punishable and you cannot make it safe if it doesn't catch anything. Once you get them to block, that's when the real fun begins. Jiren may not have a fast low, but his stagger pressure and frame traps lead to some of the highest damage in the game.

His most notable stagger is his 2L > 5L, as it leaves you at the perfect distance where most of the cast whiff their 5L and 2L in case they were mashing, which you can easily punish with a 2L starter leading into massive damage. Upon seeing that your opponent doesn't respect the staggers, you have two options : The risky one is to go for 2L > 5L into counters, however this requires you to know your opponent's tendencies. The better option is to go for the 2L > 5L > 2M string as it is a natural frametrap that will catch any mashing.

2L > 5L also allow for the perfect spacing for crossups:

   After forcing your opponent to respect your staggers, you can go for 2L > 5L > IAD > delay jM > 2L.
   If properly delayed, the IAD jM into 2L will connect and you will have yourself a full combo to perform as you please.

Against reflect happy players, don't forget that you 5H is a grab and the best way to use it is generally after 2L > 5L > (5LL) > 2M > 5M string. ( 5LL if you want a full blockstring ), when conditioning them to jump after the 5H, then you can start mixing them up with the 236S which frametraps any jumping/backdash/vanish attempts.

If you come up against people who like to superdash a lot, you have two of the best launchers in the game : 2H and the GODLY 2S:

   Use the 2S if you ever come up against people who like to jump back and spam ki-blasts (cough cough SSJ Vegeta) as this shall quickly put the fear of god in their souls: Straight up run forward and 2S, the ki-blast immunity from the 2S should protect you enough.
   Don't abuse it however as both 2H and 2S are easily punishable on block, however you can use that to your advantage by canceling them into 236S to frametrap opponents trying to punish it, or 236L to keep yourself safe (unless you're in the corner, 236L is unsafe on block there).

Another think you can do, although a bit gimmicky, comes with the 236S move: With it being -2 on block, and his counters having 4 frames on startup (EX is 1 frame), you can pretty much, with the right timing, always steal your turn after this move seeing how the fastest move (5L) is 6 frames of startup. This is most effective against characters who lack a low hitting 2L as it doesn't make the counter choice uncertain (unless you want to go for the EX counter). Once you condition them to respect the 236S > 236L/M, some players might try to do 2M at the end of your blockstring. If you see them abusing this, know that if you hit 5L after the 236S and they hit 2M/5M, you are going to win everytime.

You can also backdash out of 236S, (with it being -2 on block, it's basically the same as having them vanish on you on the ground), should they ever press a button trying to take their turn, an easy 2M should punish them quite well.

Jiren can also deal, to a certain extent, with guard-canceling, should the opponent guard-cancel while you are in the middle of a normal move, if you have the reflexes, you can cancel either into his 236L/H counter or his 2S (2S is more strict on timing compared to 236L/H). Or if you ever catch them guard canceling during your 2L > 5L stagger, you can get an easy 2L starter combo that usually leads to massive damage or even TODs if you are optimized enough with all your assists available.

TO sum up, Jiren is a straight up honest character, he requires a good playstyle, good neutral, and basically a good game sense as well as good mind reading abilities. He won't hit you with some nasty mixups or anything, but just like SSJ Goku, a good Jiren Player will give you a run for your buck.

Team positioning[edit]


Jiren is self sufficient enough and has a good enough assist he's better off further back in your team.


Jiren works well here. An extra assist is Handy for blockstun or combos into Dragon Rush for sliding knockdowns, and it also allows your point to use his assist.


Jiren is a very competent anchor with amazing stagger options. His cross up buttons are also fantastic and so long as you're not predictable with your 5H, it will land more often than not. This position is arguably his best position.

Picking Teammates[edit]


  • 2L > 5L > 5LL > 2/5M > 5/2M > 2H > 236L/S (hit confirm)
  • 5L > 5LL > 2L > 2/5M > 5/2M > 2H > 236L/S (post vanish)

Jiren's blockstring aren't all that special, but what makes things interesting is 5H. Because it's a heavy, anything cancels into it, allowing for tick throws anywhere in a string. Cancelling into 236S instead of 236L acts as a frame trap, and leads to unholy amounts of damage on a trade.


Jiren's Oki is pretty basic, off of any sliding knockdown he can usually get an IAD into 1 overhead or double overhead. After that you are free to follow up with what u want (DR, Low, Grab, etc ...)

In the corner, after a j2H, simply holding up allows you to do an option select that beats all physical DPs (Cooler, Vegeta, Gohans) :

   Basically, when falling input heavy into his light counter (214L), if the opponent does a DP on wakeup he will get caught by the light counter, if not the counter won't come out and you can continue your pressure. This does not protect you however from other invincible moves (Beerus' DP, Lvl 3's, Bardock/A17 lvl 1's ...) so you are better off doing a safe jump setup.

After his level 3, you can just 2M on wakeup, IAD into 1 overhead(jH) or 2 overheads(jM), or dash forward H grab, dash forward meaty.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • 2H and 2S are interchangeable, usage depends on which side you want to throw the opponent
  • Don't forget you can hold 214S for a longer party duration
  • 2L > 5L is hitconfirmable because of 2L acting like a medium button
  • Use j.2S over j.S in combos before superdash for easier assist conversions.
  • j.S and j.2S allow for easy Raw Tags mid combo.
  • Don't forget about ending a string in low parry for reasons mentioned in the move description.
  • The key to Jiren is PATIENCE. However he has what you call passive aggression. There are scenarios where you can force the opponent into situations you want. Examples: blockstring > 236S to force reflects then be ready with a counter or 2S as 2S also hits BEHIND HIM. If the opponent chooses to not reflect your 6M and take the clash they do so at their own peril. Use the fear of just being countered to take your turn back during clashes.

Fighting Jiren[edit]

  • All of Jiren's mixup options are very slow and mostly reactable, and don't forget about the command grab if he scares you into blocking.
  • Jiren's counters are easily punishable if baited, so make sure you can get the drop on it or he gets pressure back. A raw level 3 can easily clear out Counter Impact, on the unlikely chance the opponent actually uses it.
  • Avoid a hit from 2L at all costs. This move scales like a medium, and can easily walk you into a quick death.


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