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Vegito (SSGSS)
DBFZ Vegito Portrait.png

Health: 10,000

Jump Startup: 4F

Assist Cooldown:

Movement Options
Double Jump, Super Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Rushdown, Footsies
Team Role


The Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Vegito ("Vege" from Vegeta and "tto" from Kakarotto), was first created during the fight against Majin Buu, and quickly proved himself to be an excellent fighter. He appeared once again to fight against Zamasu's fusion, this time with the power of the "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans".

Vegito makes his Dragon Ball FighterZ debut as a DLC character, sporting his signature Spirit Sword, which provides him with immense range. With an unorthodox, yet effective mixup game, deceptive normals and extreme damage off the slightest confirm, Vegito quickly proves his claim as "the strongest fusion".


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Solid tools in his kit that is useful for nearly every situation
  • One of the strongest characters during sparking. Even with basic BnBs, he can rack up meter to almost guarantee that combos end with a level 3, allowing for extreme damage and resets.
  • Has a very solid and versatile combo game. 214M can be used to end nearly any conversion to a sliding knockdown. He has the ability to bring opponents to the corner with a basic j. 2H combo. He also has conversions that keeps opponents in the corner (5S > 2S causes the opponent to cross-up, allowing his 214M sliding knockdown to bring the opponent back to the corner).
  • Extremely high damage/reward on average, even with his basic BnBs. During a 2M starter, he boasts the highest solo damage output among the entire cast.
  • Supers are highly versatile.
  • Flexible pressure and okizeme. His 2L allows him to Reverse Beat, making his pressure very solid. 236L can cause okizeme situations with assists.
  • YOSHA!
  • Confident enough in his masculinity to wear earrings.
  • Reliant on assists for approaching, as he has trouble with opponents with strong zoning tools.
  • Corner BnBs require the use of vanish in order to score a sliding knockdown without assists.
  • Mediocre assist; can be decent for neutral, but can be counter played easily. Additionally, it's not very good in pressure due to it having low hitstun.
  • Subpar high/low mixup game due to only having one low. Because of this, he is reliant on assists and conditioning to open up opponents.
  • Many of his moves possess slow start up and long recovery times. His close range normals are on the slower side.
  • His parry is a high risk/low reward option, since it is very risky to throw out if baited, and the reward isn't very good compared to the potential punish.


DBFZ Vegito 5L.png
I have a quick question...
DBFZ Vegito 5LL.png
What's that on your face?
DBFZ Vegito 5LLL.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5L 120*4 All - 7 2(3)2(3)2(8)2 19 -5
  • Hits multiple times, but it's considered to be one hit for scaling purposes
  • Huge range but also huge recovery on whiff
  • High probability of winning in clash scenarios. Reflect or reversals are the only 2 options if a clash occurs, as it will always wins against anything else.
  • Due to the multiple hits, the move is unquestionably the easiest normal to convert off of both in the corner and mid-screen
5LL 700 All - 10 3 18 -5
  • Ground bounces airborne opponents
5LLL 1000 Throw U3+ 9 1 30 -
  • Ground bounces
  • Cancelling into this from a blocked 5LL always leaves the opponent in too much blockstun for the throw to work

DBFZ Vegito 5M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 12 6 15 -5
  • Can reverse beat into 2L

DBFZ Vegito 5H.png
Sadly not as spammable as Guile's f.MK
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1 14 4 21 -9
  • Decently fast, but nothing else truly noteworthy. Solid range allows the move to connect from the default neutral position

DBFZ Vegito 5S.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 12 3 22 -4
  • A point-blank Ki explosion.

DBFZ Vegito 2L.png
Look how cool my reverse beat is, guys!
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500 All - 20 3 23 -5
  • Can gatling to and from 5M and 2M
  • Low invulnerable from frame 5
  • Scales like a Medium
  • Can cancel into SD in blockstring without being 2H'd, but can be reflected
  • Sort of looks like his 2M, so keep that in mind

DBFZ Vegito 2M.png
DMs inbound
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 Low - 15 6 20 -10
  • Can reverse beat into 2L
  • Easily Vegito's highest damage starter

Long range slide. Easy to catch people off guard with in the corner as the hop at the beginning looks like a fuzzy guard setup.

DBFZ Vegito 2H.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 16 3 35 -22
  • Can hit opponents behind Vegito

Vegito's 2H goes very high, making it one of the highest hitting 2H in the game. It's very risky to use because of this, as if it whiffs, it whiffs hard, however cancelling it on hit into 236S or 214L makes Vegito a little safer, so it's not a total loss if your opponent blocks it.

DBFZ Vegito 2S.png
"I can do this too you know!"
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500 / 500*2 All U1 20 5 21 -5
  • Switches sides on Smash hit, launches upward on non-Smash
  • Considered as projectile

Vegito 2S is somewhat slow, but is good for grounded side-switch combos, as well as beating Super Dash

DBFZ Vegito 6M.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 High - 24 6 10 0
  • Great hit-box, high probability of kicking away super dashes

DBFZ Vegito 5S.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All - 16 3 22 -4
  • Hits about 2 characters away
  • Deals more blockstun than 5S

5S and 6S count as different normals

DBFZ Vegito jL.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 High - 6 3 - -
  • Invulnerable waist down
  • Great for crossups
  • Great tool to jab super dashes
  • Vegito's button used for fuzzying

DBFZ Vegito jM.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 High - 10 3 - -
  • Good air-to-air
  • Combo filler

DBFZ Vegito jH.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5LLLLLLL 750 / 1000 High D2+ 13 4 - -
j.H 750 High - 13 4 - -
  • Does not knock down
  • Great hitbox

One of Vegito's best air-to-air buttons. Has a huge hitbox, and while it is a little slow, it still has a lot of use. It sends the opponent straight out similar to Piccolo's j.H, so the best way to convert off it mid-screen would be a vanish into 214M. In the corner, j.H connects into j.2H, which can be useful for combos as well as converting off it in the corner if you hit an airborne opponent with it. Can also be used to convert in the corner from jh to 5L

DBFZ Vegito jS.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
500 / 500*2 All U1 15 5 - -
  • Launches upwards
  • Considered as projectile

The cornerstone of Vegito strings, j.S is a very good button for him. It has a lot of use in Vegito's strings, allowing him to set up 236x or 214x very easily, due to it flinging the opponent upwards. Its hitbox being wider than it seems allows him to snag opponents a little higher than him during air combos. In Sparking, it becomes jump-cancellable, which gives Vegito lots of unique and tricky pressure options. It's also good for snagging opponents below you, and for catching those too eager to get in on you with an airdash, though it may be a bit predictable.

DBFZ Vegito j2H.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All U1+ 15 5 - -
  • Typical launcher/combo extender
  • Easily combos into j.214M for sliding knockdown.


Spiral Heel Shot[edit]
Spiral Heel Shot
236L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ Vegito SpiralHeelShot.png
"I only need to use my feet to beat you!"
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
  • The first hit will trigger a kicking sequence on hit and clash
  • Smash triggers on the last hit of this sequence
  • Non-smash last hit send the opponent flying with decent hitstun
  • Air versions slightly track opponents above Vegito
Ground L 130,600 / 130*3,600 All - 11 3(12)4 16 -5
Air L 130,600 / 130*3,600 All - 11 3(12)4 17 -
  • Whiff version can be used for advanced combos
Ground M 130,600 / 130*5,600 All U1+ 16 3(12)4 16 -5
Air M 130,600 / 130*5,600 All U1+ 16 3(12)4 18 -
  • Carries momentum on hit
  • Smash hit corner bounces

Staple of his corner BnBs.

Ground H 130,700 / 130*7,600 All U1+ 11 3(12)4 16 -5
Air H 130,700 / 130*7,600 All U1+ 11 3(12)4 17 -
  • Smash hit causes big wall bounce, able to followup from midscreen

Atomic Buster[edit]
Atomic Buster
214L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ Vegito AtomicBuster.png
DBFZ Vegito AtomicBuster2.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
  • Ground version has Anti-Air property
  • On whiff, Vegito can act as soon as he starts descending, can be used for mixups
Ground L 1100 Throw - 13 7 21 + 3 After L -
Air L 1100 Throw - 13 7 21 + 3 After L -
  • Travels almost vertically
  • Causes a soft knockdown
Ground M 1200 Throw D2 19 7 21 + 3 After L -
Air M 1200 Throw D2 19 7 21 + 3 After L -
  • Travels diagonally
  • Causes a sliding knockdown
  • Can act as soon as Vegito starts descending

Probably Vegito's best air ender for standard BnBs, as it is very easy to combo into either after j.2H or a vanish, and gives sliding knockdown. In the corner it gives Vegito a ton of time to get oki because of this, whereas mid-screen he'll have a harder time keeping pressure because of the distance the move puts on him and the opponent. Regardless, it's his best way to end air combos, so a good Vegito BnB will end in this move.

Ground H 1500 Throw D2 13 7 21 + 3 After L -
Air H 1500 Throw D2 10 7 21 + 3 After L -
  • Travels diagonally
  • Causes a ground bounce sliding knockdown, can link into 5L in the corner

Split Finger Shot[edit]
Split Finger Shot
236S (Air OK)
DBFZ Vegito SplitFingerShot.png
"Here's a present for ya!"
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 300*5 All - 23 - - -
Air 300*5 All - 18 - - -
  • Can be super-dashed through

When performed after a 5M, carries additional momentum and can be air dash canceled. This can be used to mix up opponents by providing a descending overhead mixup, similar to Bardock's Grounded M Rebellion Spear. Somewhat risky if not covered, but a useful tool nonetheless.

The air version of 236S carries all of his air momentum in the move, although he halts for a few seconds and then you move. This means Vegito can move quickly forward, back, or whatever he wants to do using 236S, which gives him some neat movement options. They're not perfect, as you can superdash the move, so be cautious when using it.

DBFZ Vegito Barrier.png
DBFZ Vegito 5LLL.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Catch - - - 4 34 Total 54 -
Attack 0, 1500 Throw U3+ - - - -
  • Can counter anything except grabs and supers
  • The counter attack is jump cancellable in Sparking
  • Can grab multiple times in a combo like 5LLL

Vegito's barrier is an alright move. It's somewhat risky to pull off and can be vanished on their hit if your opponent reacts in time or reads your barrier, which hurts the move a little. However, it still has some use for it's unpredictability, and if your opponent can't react in time Vegito can get a decent conversion off of it with a vanish. The fact that it is invincible to everything except supers and grabs helps as well, as it can be used to predict a beam at close range and eat the entire thing, and your opponent most likely won't predict you barrier-ing their beam. Not a great move, but it's got some uses. There are also some edge cases where the counter attack will get stuffed, particularly if it counters a 5LL and the opponent's 5LLL is a grab (looking at you, Cell).


Split Finger Shot
DBFZ Vegito SplitFingerShot.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
300*5 All - 32 - - -
  • Has low blockstun, can be super-dashed through and out of blockstun
  • Covers a great distance at an aggressive angle
  • Very useful in the corner, as it cover all the places the opponent can go


Spirit Excalibur[edit]
Spirit Excalibur
236L+M or 236H+S
DBFZ Vegito SpiritExcalibur.png
Check out how big mine can get
DBFZ Vegito SpiritExcalibur2.png
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
200*4, 2300 All UDV 10+4 - - -20
  • Costs 1 Ki Gauge
  • Hits full screen, dragging the opponent down with the sword
  • Deals less hits the further away the opponent is and will miss if the opponent is too high up. At max range, does 2 hits (200, 2300)
  • Minimum damage: 60*4, 598 (838)

As Vegito's DHC super, it is a very good tool for him due to how big the move is. It can be confirmed into from almost anywhere on the screen for damage, and can be helpful for some characters when trying to get another super in. It's also good on it's own for Vegito's damage, as while you can't easily confirm into it on the ground, you can easily combo into it after a j.214M sliding knockdown.

Omega Finishing Blow[edit]
Omega Finishing Blow
j.236L+M or j.236H+S
DBFZ Vegito OmegaFinishingBlow.png
"You can't keep up with me!"
DBFZ Vegito OmegaFinishingBlow2.png
"Just look at my speed!"
Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1000, 1100 All UDV 10+9 - - -
  • Costs 1 Ki Gauge
  • Minimum damage: 300, 440 (740)
  • Tracks the opponent
  • Can be easily anti-air'd on reaction

Best used as a combo ender to finish a character off or as a setup into another character's super, as the window to Z-Change for this move is huge. It combos from many of Vegito's moves, such as 236X, 214X, j.S, etc.

Final Kamehameha[edit]
Final Kamehameha
214L+M or 214H+S (Air OK)
DBFZ Vegito FinalKamehameha.png
"It's the biggie!!"
DBFZ Vegito FinalKamehameha2.png
Version Damage Guard Smash Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 220*19, 360 All UDV 9+3 - - -33
Air 220*19, 360 All UDV 9+3 - Till L -
  • Costs 3 Ki Gauges
  • Minimum damage: 1739
  • Causes a hard knockdown anywhere on screen

Vegito's level 3. Fast, easy to punish with and combo into.


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