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General Tactics[edit]

Videl's role on the team is a Mixup Machine. Her 214X is a command grab that catches standing opponents, which is really good for Videl especially when you consider how similar it looks to 6M. 22M is another mixup option she has, because it always crosses up, even in the corner. Her combos are not the most damaging, but 6H and 236X~L~L~L gives her monstrous corner carry. She really likes having assists to make her pressure safe, so keep her at the front of the team where her mixup potential can really shine.

Team positioning[edit]




Picking Teammates[edit]


Videl's blockstrings are mostly based on chains, but she can stagger pretty efficiently with 5L and 2L. Most of her special moves are really strong for mixups, so throw those in to keep the opponent guessing. There's also a mixup between 236X~L (high) and 236X > 2L (low), which is really good with an assist. If you want to spend a bar for the same mixup, you can do 236X > H and it will be much faster. The M rekka follow up is really good for catching people too.


Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Using j.214[M] after an air normal is a really tricky way to open someone up in the corner.
  • Using 214X/22X in a blockstring is generally hard for the opponent to block, and 22X is especially good in the corner.

Fighting Videl[edit]

  • If her grounded combo doesn't go into 2M, she WILL reset you somewhere. Be wary.
  • If she jumps into the air mid-blockstring without sparking, block low, look for the crossup (it's a mid) and punish the whiff. If she's in sparking, pray.
  • Blockstring > 214X/22X is not real, and you can 2H it.
  • Her Dodge is much worse than Reflect. If you have a move that barely doesn't chain into Vanish, she can't do anything about it.


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