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DBFZ Yamcha Portrait.png

Health: 10,000

Jump Startup: 4F

Assist Cooldown:

Movement Options
Double Jump, Super Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Rushdown, Rekka


Yamcha was a desert bandit who once sought the Dragon Balls to wish away his fear of women, so that he could one day marry and settle down. Along the way, he would go from being Goku's first serious rival to one of his closest friends. For a time, he was romantically involved with Bulma before the two split up and she married Vegeta. While his peers have long surpassed him as a martial artist, Yamcha has found happiness in his career as a professional baseball player.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Yamcha is a rushdown fighter who can use his speed and aggression to pin down his opponents. His Wolf Fang Fist is his bread-and-butter, a powerful rushing attack that can build meter quickly while putting his opponents on the defensive.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very strong crossup game when he has the resources to burn. Flash is a fast, verstile move that can cause fast crossups during his rekka pressure.
  • Amazing assist; it comes out really fast and puts the opponent in a lot of hitstun. It can also be used in combos quite effectively.
  • Can convert every combo into a sliding knockdown with Gale Claw, M Wolf Fang Fist Finisher, or Spirit Ball, making him a very solid battery.
  • Can set up double supers because of his ability chain Spirit Ball into Ultimate Wolf Fang Fist, which can significantly boost his damage.
  • Easy self-sustaining blockstrings when supported by the proper assists.
  • Probably the best character at punishing assists, since they're not as affected by the heavy scaling on his moves. He can kill an assist from full health with WFF > A > WFF > A > WFF > Level 1.
  • Very reliant on meter. Flash is his best tool for many situations but it requires Ki to execute.
  • Unarguably the lowest damage in the game, as he needs to use resources to do damage that the rest of the cast can normally do during solo combos.
  • Has no way to play offensive at long range because his Kamehameha is slow.
  • His normals are awkward. 2M, 5M and 5H are slow and can be easily reflected.
  • Limited gatling paths, resulting in rather predictable pressure without assist usage.


DBFZ Yamcha 5L.png
DBFZ Yamcha 5LL.png
DBFZ Yamcha 5LLL.png
It's not practical, but dammit I'mma do it!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5L 400 All 7 - - -3
  • Has some forward momentum, making dash 5L a good option to quickly close in.
  • Good button to press after IAD j.H, since the forward momentum will keep your 2M from whiffing.
5LL 700 All - - - -4
  • Pulls opponent in on hit or block.
5LLL 80*4, 1000 All - - - -5
  • During this part of the autocombo, you can fast-tag a character in and Yamcha will still perform the autocombo. Doing this will not consume smash.
    • Even if Yamcha lands the last hit before the tag, the tagged-in teammate cannot summon Shenron.

DBFZ Yamcha 5M.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 All 18 - - 0
  • Slow startup but has decent forward hitbox.
  • Can be reflected.

DBFZ Yamcha 5H.png
They call me... the dandy man
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All 31 - - +4
  • Yamcha does a back flip before rushing in to deliver a palm. Good for catching opponents mashing.
  • Plus on block.

DBFZ Yamcha 5S.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600 All 14 - - +1
  • Good as a mixup tool to get into neutral. Also useful for resetting back to neutral in the case of a bad blockstring.
  • Shoots high enough that most characters can duck under the Ki blast.

DBFZ Yamcha 2L.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 All 6 - - -3
  • Yamcha's fastest normal, go to abare button.
  • Stubby, can be inconsistent at certain ranges.

DBFZ Yamcha 2M.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 Low 10 - - -5
  • Yamcha's only low normal.
  • Short range and no forward momentum. Not recommended in neutral.

DBFZ Yamcha 2H.png
Yun give me strength
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700*2 All 13 - - -13
  • Hits twice, moves forward and upwards a lot.
  • Will not smash if the first hit whiffs. In that case, can confirm with j.214M.

DBFZ Yamcha 5S.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600 All - - - -
  • Slower than 5S, but lifts Yamcha further up to shoot airborne targets instead.
  • Very short recovery. Once in the air, Yamcha can act immediately.

DBFZ Yamcha 6M.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 High 24 - - 0
  • Universal overhead.

DBFZ Yamcha jL.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
400 High 6 - - -
  • Fast enough to hit twice in succession after using j.M in a combo.

DBFZ Yamcha jM.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
700 High 9 - - -
  • Good air to air normal.
  • Long range makes it ideal for IAD crossup tactics - use 5LL when landing to get back in effective normal range.

DBFZ Yamcha jH.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 High 15 - - -
  • Huge hitbox in front of Yamcha to start combos with or challenge in the air.
  • Knocks aerial opponents sideways instead of the standard diagonal downward angle, akin to Piccolo's j.H.
  • Doesn't cause a sliding knockdown on characters launched by 2H (use 214M instead).
  • Meterless aerial followups to this will only work in the corner. On the ground this can be easily followed by 5L.

DBFZ Yamcha jS.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
600 All 13 - - -
  • Not useful for most combos, however, it's good for changing directions in air as it gives backwards momentum to avoid 2Hs and other setups.

DBFZ Yamcha j2H.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
850 All 12 - - -5
  • Fast drop kick to get down to ground, also a good attack that can combo into Wolf Fang Fist if it hits.
  • If it hits airborne opponent, it will make them get a soft knockdown.


Wolf Fang Fist[edit]
Wolf Fang Fist
DBFZ Yamcha WolfFangFist.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Wolf Fang Fist
220*5 All 11 - - -5
  • Regular rekka starter.
  • Covers 80% of the screen.
Reverse Wolf Fang Fist
400*2, 220*3 All 32 - - -5
  • Dashes forward for a bit before starts attacking, goes further than full screen.
  • Teleports behind enemy to attack if he reaches them during the dash, otherwise it's the same as the L version.
  • Can work even without corner space.
  • Extremely simple and efficient mixup.

  • Each of the rekka followups can only be used once.
  • Using Finisher or Flash will end the string.
  • Pack Attack and Finisher won't come out on whiff.
  • Attempting to do Pack Attack after it's been used in the rekka string will give you Finisher instead.
  • Flash can be canceled into at any point during the string.
  • Whiskers and Tails can chain into Pack Attack and Finisher on whiff. This means you can get around the whiffing restriction by adding S/4S, e.g. 236L/M > S > L/M or 236L/M > 4S > L/M > S > 6L/M.

Pack Attack[edit]
Pack Attack
Wolf Fang Fist > L/M
DBFZ Yamcha PackAttack.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
L 220*8 [220*7] All 4 - - -5
  • [] is when used immediately after 236L/M.
  • Fastest followup without the use of bars.
  • 236L > L is a true blockstring.
M 220*8 All 15 - - -5
  • Slower than L followup for more damage.
  • 236L > M has a gap which will catch mashing.
Wolf Fang Fist > 6L/M
or Pack Attack > L/M
DBFZ Yamcha Finisher.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
L 1200 All 12 - - -5
  • Short hitbox in front of Yamcha but has fast recovery frames.
M 1500 All 15 - - -12
  • Causes a sliding knockdown.
  • Surprisingly long range where you even can use Tail and still hit at that distance.
  • Pack Attack L > M has a gap that will catch mashing.
Wolf Fang Fist > H
DBFZ Yamcha Flash.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1200 All 8 - - -6
  • Costs 1 Ki gauge
  • Used in metered combos such as 2M5M (delay) 236L~H dash 2M5M > air combo
  • Can be used in neutral as a full screen poke thanks to its speed and easy confirms
  • Can be used after Whiskers for a quick cross-up
Wolf Fang Fist > S
DBFZ Yamcha Whiskers.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - -
  • Dashes a short distance forward, passing through the opponent if close.
  • For a short while after this move, only rekka follow-ups are available.
Wolf Fang Fist > 4S
DBFZ Yamcha Tail.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - -
  • A special backdash, can be used to disengage from a blocked rekka.
  • Can use Whiskers to dash back in.

Neo Wolf Fang Fist[edit]
Neo Wolf Fang Fist
DBFZ Yamcha NeoWolfFangFist.png
Either you use this "Shin Rouga Fuufuuken"...or the other one. Ain't Japanese homophones a stinker?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
80*10, 380*2 All - - - -
  • Consumes 1 Ki Gauge.
  • A faster version of 236L that covers a slightly shorter distance.
  • On hit or block, automatically performs Pack Attack > Finisher > Flash. Can use vanish to cancel these followups.
  • On whiff, does not have access to 236L/M rekka followups.
  • Wallbounces, allowing you to squeeze out a bit more damage in your strings.
  • Easily combos into 214M for a sliding knockdown.
  • Can combo into itself once for a "level 2".
  • Consumes smash on the final hit.

Wolf Fang Fist: Gale Claws[edit]
Wolf Fang Fist: Gale Claws
214L/M/H (Air OK)
DBFZ Yamcha WolfFangFistGaleClaws.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
L 50*7, 700 All 9 - - -4
  • Good for its soft knockdown to mixup and surprise the opponent.
  • All versions keep momentum, L keeps the least and H keeps almost all.
M 50*7, 800 All 13 - - -7
  • Classic air combo ender that gives a sliding knockdown.
H 50*7, 900 All 9 - - -22
  • Able to easily followup after j.H in midscreen due to its very fast startup and snappy movement.

DBFZ Yamcha Kamehameha.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
262*5 All 26 - - -4
  • Slower startup than other Kamehamehas, but faster recovery.


Wolf Fang Fist
DBFZ Yamcha AssistWolfFangFist.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
200*4, 300 All 20 - - -
  • Yamcha dashes forward with a series of claw swipes.
  • Opponent stays grounded on hit

A very fast assist, which is useful in blockstrings for pressure, and can extend combos somewhat slightly. Also useful to catch people at certain ranges for pushing buttons.


Spirit Ball[edit]
Spirit Ball
236L+M or 236H+S
DBFZ Yamcha SpiritBall.png
DBFZ Yamcha SpiritBall-2.png
"NOT the Spirit Bomb...Spirit BALL...the difference in the Japanese names of the two moves are enough."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
1300, 200*0~5 All - - - -
  • Up to 6 hits, where you can control the last 5 hits' directions.
  • Pressing an additional button and a direction after the first ball causes the Spirit Ball to fly in that direction.
  • The first hit that lands will always deal 1300, every next hit deals 200.
  • Minimum damage for all 6 hits is 390, 60*5.
  • Can force the opponent into different positions for follow-up supers or DHCs such as high up, knockdown, close or far away, behind you,...
  • Downward directions will cause a sliding knockdown, unless the opponent is too high up.
  • For example, you can combo Spirit Ball into Ultimate Wolf Fang Fist by pressing the attack button while holding the control stick in these directions: 8.gif8.gif8.gif9.gif1.gif

Ball control guide

  • Forcing the ball to move in the same direction as its last move will make it cycle to a different direction.
  • There are 2 cycles:
    • 2.gif4.gif ( 6.gif8.gif1.gif3.gif )
    • 7.gif9.gif ( 1.gif3.gif6.gif8.gif )
  • 6.gif8.gif1.gif3.gif is the main cycle that will repeat itself if no direction is inputted.
  • Holding the control in a single direction while mashing will make the ball alternate between 2 directions, e.g. holding 6.gif will give you 6.gif8.gif6.gif8.gif6.gif8.gif.

Ultimate Wolf Fang Fist[edit]
Ultimate Wolf Fang Fist
214L+M or 214H+S
DBFZ Yamcha UltimateWolfFangFist.png
DBFZ Yamcha UltimateWolfFangFist-2.png
The other "Shin Rouga Fuufuuken", if you will. Also, *various howling noises*.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
4015 All - - - -
  • Yamcha dashes forward, delivers a flurry of claw swipes, and slams the opponent with a meaty palm strike.
  • 1557 minimum damage.
  • Invincible throughout the entire dash, can invul through other beams and projectiles, including supers and level threes.
  • The final hit ignores Sparking's healing effect.
  • Once Yamcha hits the opponent, they will not take damage from anything else. If DHCing into this super, delay for a moment to let your other supers make impact.

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