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How to Read Frame Data[edit]

If this is your first time looking at Frame Data, or if you need a better understanding of anything you see within the charts, please refer to the reading guide on Frame Data.

Character Index[edit]

Ja-s.gif Ab-s.gif Ro-s.gif Br-s.gif Di-s.gif

So-s.gif Ky-s.gif Te-s.gif Za-s.gif Jo-s.gif

Ma-s.gif Fa-s.gif Ax-s.gif An-s.gif Os-s.gif

Ba-s.gif In-s.gif Ch-s.gif Mi-s.gif Ed-s.gif

Po-s.gif Sl-s.gif Ve-s.gif

System Data[edit]


Guilty Gear: Accent Core

HUDControlsFrame DataSystem Data

A.B.A[*]Anji Mito[*]Axl Low[*]Baiken[*]Bridget[*]Chipp Zanuff[*]Dizzy[*]Eddie[*]Faust[*]I-No[*]Jam Kuradoberi[*]Johnny[*]Ky Kiske[*]May[*]Millia Rage[*]Order-Sol[*]Potemkin[*]Robo-Ky[*]Slayer[*]Sol Badguy[*]Testament[*]Venom[*]Zappa[*]Kliff UndersnJustice

Click [*] for character's frame data
System Explanations

Movement/CancelingOffenseDefenseDamage/Combo SystemTension/Burst GaugeMisc