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A Fuzzy Jump is a defensive option select designed to avoid throws and overheads by taking advantage of the timing difference typically found between them and other faster attacks (typically mids and lows).

What is a Fuzzy Jump?

The command is fairly simple: GG1.pngGG7.pngGG1.png, however understanding when it is useful and what it's supposed to accomplish will take a bit of explanation.

When you attempt a fuzzy jump

If the opponent goes for a throw or an overhead
Then you will jump out since jump startup is throw invincible, and overheads are slow, giving you time to jump out
If the opponent attempts a mid or a low
Then you will get hit since


Frame TrapBlockstringOption Select
Using Frame DataHitboxesGame State


Jump-inEmpty JumpTick ThrowCrossupBufferingOkizeme


Hit ConfirmReversalMeatySafe JumpTiger KneeResetGuard SwitchKara Cancel


Fuzzy GuardFuzzy Overhead (F-Shiki)Fuzzy JumpProximity Block Option Select


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