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A Fuzzy Overhead is a unique type of overhead attack that only works in specific conditions. First let's look at an example, then look at why it works and its restrictions.



There is a property in fighting games that most overlook: When you are in blockstun, you can switch high/low blocking, but your blocking animation and hurtbox does not change until you leave blockstun or block another attack.

This means in the above example you are considered blocking low, but appear to be blocking high while having the latter's hurtbox. Fuzzy overheads take advantage of this and use overheads that would miss on crouching character, but not on standing characters. The most common version of this is doing a jumping normal immediately after jumping, like Ramlethal's j.K.

Thus fuzzy overheads require:

  1. Opponent blocks the first hit standing
  2. The second hit is an overhead that is fast enough to hit the opponent before first hit's blockstun ends

Avoiding Fuzzy Overheads[edit]

With this knowledge, we can infer a way to avoid the fuzzy overhead completely: block the first hit crouching! This will keep you in a crouching animation and the fuzzy overhead will miss. However, some setups involve blocking a regular overhead into a fuzzy overhead, so this isn't always a viable solution.

Depending on the setup, instant blocking can help you avoid the fuzzy overhead since it may reduce the amount of blockstun enough to let you move before the fuzzy overhead is active. Faultless defense/barrier block may also work to push you outside of the range of the fuzzy overhead.

Certain fuzzy overhead setups only work on tall characters since they are tall enough to be hit by the fuzzy overhead while other characters are too short and the fuzzy overhead will miss.


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