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Beta info[edit]

Controls from beta website:


Ambox notice.png This page is a work in progress and will be subjected to change upon release if needed.

Granblue Fantasy Versus uses the ordinary fighting game layout, with 8 Directions and 6 Buttons, which are:

L = Light attack
M = Medium attack
H = Heavy attack
U = Unique attack
S = Skill
G = Guard



Press GG4.pngG to perform an evade, which avoids all attacks except throws for a few frames.


Press GG6.pngG to perform an crossover, which moves you forward, and avoids all attacks except throws and lows for a few frames.



Press L, M or H to perform an attack. Note that the attacks will change depend on your current state, and the distance of you and your opponent.

Unique attacks[edit]

Press U to perform an Unique attack, which varies between different characters.

Overhead attacks[edit]

Input M+H to perform an overhead attack, which must be blocked high.


To perform a throw, input L+U. This can also be done in the air.


To perform a special, input an direction and press S. There is also Technical commands that also allows you to perform a special, and has the benefit of faster cooldown.

Skybound Art[edit]

Skybound Art Deals more damage than regular skills.

To perform a Skybound Art, you need to have 100% Skybound gauge. Then you can input GG236.pngS or GG236.pngGG236.pngH to perform a Skybound Art.
Note that some characters may have more than one Skybound Art.

Super Skybound Art[edit]

To perform a Super Skybound Art, you need to have 100% Skybound gauge, and your HP is 30% or lower. Your lifebar and Skybound gauge will turn blue if you fulfill the requirements, and your characters' icon will flash white. Then you can input GG63214.pngS or GG236.pngGG236.pngU to perform a Super Skybound Art.



To guard against high attacks, simply hold back. To guard against mid attacks, hold back or down+back. To guard against low attacks, hold down+back. If you guard incorrectly, a single "!" will appear over your character if you incorrectly block a low, and a "!!" if you incorrectly block a high.

Instant Blocking[edit]

If you block right before the opponent's attack touches you, you performed a Instant Block, which has the benefit of gaining more Skybound Gauge.

Throw break[edit]

To break a throw, input the throw command (L+U) as soon as you're being thrown. If you break a throw a bit too late, then you will receive a little damage.


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