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Defensive Overview

In Granblue Fantasy Versus, the best offense is an excellent defense.

Learning to block is a key factor to helping you win your battles and in this game, there are two featured input styles to block. Knowing how to block moves that the opposing character will throw out and react accordingly will help you immensely in taking games. Some moves will have you blocking longer before others, while others will leave you in a position to begin your assault.

Ground Block

Lancelot stand blocking Katalina's mid attack on the ground.
Lancelot incorrectly blocks low, resulting in being hit by Katalina's overhead attack.
Basic ground blocking is the most common defensive option.

To guard against high attacks, simply hold back. To guard against mid attacks, hold back or down+back. To guard against low attacks, hold down+back. If you guard incorrectly, a single "!" will appear over your character if you incorrectly block a low, and a "!!" for incorrectly block a high. Remember, you cannot block against throws, and some attacks are unblockable.

Air Blocking

Katalina is blocking in mid-air to successfully guard against Lancelot's incoming attacks.
When in the air, holding backwards depending on the side you're facing or the Block button will allow you defend in mid-air.

Keep in mind that there may be some grounded attacks in which you cannot defend against and that air blocking does not have high/low blocking.

Instant Blocking

Charlotta's blocking animation flashes white briefly while performing an instant block against an incoming special attack from Ferry.
Instant Blocking is a more powerful, yet advanced form of blocking, that comes with its own specific merits aside from simply holding back.

One must start blocking right before the opponent's attack touches them within ?? frames before the hit connects. Your character will flash white and the word "Just!" will appear on screen if you IB an attack. If you mistime an instant block you are unable to instant block again for ?? frames, this prevents mashing IB.

Instant Blocking has the benefit of:
  • Reduces pushback, leaving you closer to the opponent.
  • Reduces hitstun, allowing you to attack faster.
  • Builds more Skybound (SB) Gauge then usually blocking would do.

IB does not allow you to make "illegal" blocks: you still must block high/low correctly, and air unblockable attacks are still air unblockable even if you perform an IB.
Depending on the character you use, you may have to learn whether you want to use IB or regular blocking in order to safely space yourself and react faster.

Throw Breaks

Image #1: Ferry attempts to throw Charlotta and misses. Charlotta grabs back in response, resulting in a throw punish.
Image #2: Charlotta attempts to throw Ferry again, and Ferry inputs throw, resulting in a successful throw tech.
When you input the throw command the same time window you are getting thrown, you can tech the incoming throw to avoid damage. Throw breaks has 15 (estimated) frames of input window.

Important details for breaking throws:

  • If you broke the throw too late (after 10 frames), you will receive a bit of damage and will be put in a "stunned" state for ?? frames.
  • If you are too late into teching a throw, you cannot break the throw.
  • Command throws cannot be teched.

It is always important to keep in mind that the timing is always important and depending on what you're attempting to do, throw breaks are necessary!

Evasion/Avoiding Damage

Image #1: Gran using the Evade system mechanic.
Image #2: Gran using the Cross Over system mechanic.
Alongside any form of blocking, GBVS allows you to avoid incoming damage with the Evade and Cross-Over mechanics.


By pressing ← + Block, you trigger an Evade. By using Evade, you are able to avoid damage from all incoming attacks for its duration. It is important to note that evading still leaves you open to throws, and is not fully invincible through out the animation.


Akin to Evade, pressing → + Block will trigger a Cross-Over.

Cross-Overs will dodge incoming attacks while moving the character forward; however, the player becomes vulnerable to low attacks in addition to throws while performing this method of defense.

Both methods of this defense can be also done by holding down the Block button, and inputting either direction.

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