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GBVS Lancelot Nameplate.png
GBVS Lancelot Portrait.png
Health 10000
Prejump 4f
Backdash 22f
Unique Movement OptionsDelta Leap, Wirbelwind


"I'll guide my country with these twin blades!"
Lore: A dual-wielding master swordsman who serves as the captain of the Order of White Dragons of Feendrache Kingdom. If danger would rear its ugly head in the kingdom he so loves, he would risk both life and limb to see it defeated. Despite this, he can never seem to keep his room clean.

He rushes across the battlefield at blinding speed, a flurry of shining, crystalline slashes. Those who set eyes on this fighting style immediately recognize why he was made captain of his order.

GBVS Lancelot Icon.png Lancelot is a rushdown/mixup-heavy character who relies on his speed and various mixup tools to overwhelm the opponent at close range.
Pros Cons
  • Between his 22X teleports, 5U/j.U command dashes, and his unique walljumps, Lancelot's mobility is near unparalleled.
  • 2U is a great sliding attack that can low profile various normals and projectiles for an easy punish. It also gives hard knockdown on hit, and can even be made safe on block if spaced properly.
  • 236H is a multi-hitting projectile with great utility; functioning as both a way to cover your approach from fullscreen, and as a way to set up mixups after a knockdown.
  • The 214X series and their followups are safe on block if not auto-piloted into the ender, and can be staggered to create frametraps in pressure.
  • Short ranged normals make it difficult to navigate neutral against many characters.
  • Low average damage outside of specific confirms.
  • 22H is not a "true Dragon Punch"-type move that rises while attacking, making anti-airing and escaping pressure difficult.
  • While he is emphasized as a "mixup" character, most of his left/right mixups can be negated by the Guard button.

Normal Moves[edit]

5L (c.L/f.L)
GBVS Lancelot cL.png
No range because he attacks the wrong way.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
350 Mid 5 - - +2 +6

Lancelot has a unique 5L in that there's no distinction between far and close, it's the same move either way. Pretty fast and pretty good on block.

  • You can autocombo from this regardless of range when it hits.
  • However having no far variation means it will have very poor range in any situation.
GBVS Lancelot cM.png
Dab on the haters
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
650 Mid 6 - - +2 +6

This is your go-to move in pressure alongside 2L and 5L. Point blank, 2L > c.M is both a frametrap and a confirm. It can sometimes be used as a last-minute anti-air, but it's far worse than 2H in terms of hurtboxes. Links into itself on hit and in juggles making c.M > c.M both a confirm and a frame trap, and it also f.M on crouchers. All of these properties make it a cornerstone in Lancelot's pressure strings and combos.

GBVS Lancelot cH.png
Dice and slice!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
600, 400 Mid 7 - - -2 +2

Two-hit attack, either used for punishing or combos. Being two hits gives you a lot of time to confirm stuff from it. The downside of it being two hits is that if the first hit is a counterhit, the property is not carried over to the second. As an example, CH c.H(1) > 236H works but CH c.H(2) > 236H does not.

Auto Combo[edit]
Auto Combo
GBVS Lancelot cXX.png
GBVS Lancelot cXXX.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
XX 350 Mid - - - -3 +1
XXX 350 Mid - - - -4 0
  • 2nd hit does not combo into 214M, however the third can.
  • 3rd hit does not reliably work in juggle combos outside the corner due to how it launches the opponent and it's small hitbox.
  • 5XXX > 214M can frametrap opponents, but is vulnerable to DPs.

GBVS Lancelot fM.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
600 Mid 7 - - -5 -1

Not a lot of range and will easily get outpoked by other characters' f.M, but the recovery isn't too bad and doesn't extend his hurtbox that much. Primarily used in conjunction with 214L to pressure from midrange. If spaced at max range can cancel into 214L for a plus rekka.

GBVS Lancelot fH.png
Double stab
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
900 Mid 10 - - -8 -4

Lancelot pokes out both his daggers as far as he can. His farthest reaching poke. Decent range considering his other normals. Combos into 66L at almost any range, making it a decent buffer when you're trying to snuff someone's poke.

GBVS Lancelot 2L.png
Cutting corners
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
350 Low 6 - - +2 +6

Lancelot's fastest low. Like most 2Ls, plus on block and extremely important for pressure and mixup. Links into itself, 5L and c.M.

GBVS Lancelot 2M.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
600 Mid 7 - - -2 +2

Lancelot slashes low but don't be fooled, it's a mid. Worse range than f.M and does not low profile many moves, but still catches rolls while reaching farther than 2L.

A notable exception is that it can hit Charlotta on her way down after her EX DP, allowing a decent punish combo.

GBVS Lancelot 2H.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
800 Mid 10 - - -12 -8

Lancelot's designated anti-air attack. It's pretty fast, and has a good hitbox that beats crossups easily. Very important move. If it hits anti-air, you'll want to cancel into 214L. On counter hit, you can confirm a c.M/c.H from there and get a beefy combo, and on non-counterhit you can confirm into the 2nd and 3rd hits of the rekka for a little more damage and a knockdown.

GBVS Lancelot 2U.png
I swear I'm not Vega
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
700 Low 8 - - -15 -

The Vega slide. Really really good move, hard knockdown sliding low that's safe if you space it correctly. Low profiles really well too, going under fireballs like Gran's and Katalina's. Gives you a safejump on hit.

GBVS Lancelot jL.png
Just hanging around
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
400 High/Air 5 - - - -

Pretty standard air light. Good horizontal hitbox, not so good vertical. Probably Lancelot's best air-to-air button as his other air normals are better at hitting grounded opponents. If it counterhits in the air you often have time to land and combo from it.

GBVS Lancelot jM.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
550 High/Air 7 - - - -

Lancelot slashes beneath him. His only air normal that can be used to cross up the opponent, but easily anti-aired. Very good button after a 22X/5~2/8U teleport or low walljump, but loses in the air against other aerial attacks.

GBVS Lancelot jH.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
400*2 High/Air 10 - - - -

A 2-hit falling overhead. This move is really good. Vary your timing to make them guess if both will hit or if you'll have time to land and do a 2L. Combos into 2L even if the second hit whiffs. The hitbox is kinda poor right beneath him so if he's even a pixel distance to cross up someone it will whiff.

The good horizontal hitbox however makes this move really good at stuffing people out of the air, however because it's two hits you won't get a combo if you counter them.

Unique Actions[edit]

Delta Leap[edit]
Delta Leap
9 or 6 while midair and touching the wall
GBVS Lancelot DeltaLeap.png
I'm really not Vega, I swear!

Lancelot's unique walldive. Can only be done from the actual corners, not midscreen edges. 9 will have him jump away from the wall in an upwards arc and 6 will have him dive diagonally towards the ground without any arc. You can act immediately out of this, which includes all air normals and even j.U, making this both a mixup and an escape tool.

5U or j.U
GBVS Lancelot Wirbelwind.png
GBVS Lancelot Wirbelwind 5U.png
Quick Stop
GBVS Lancelot Wirbelwind 6U.png
Cross Over
GBVS Lancelot Wirbelwind 4U.png
GBVS Lancelot Wirbelwind 2U.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
- - - - - - -
- - - - - - -
Quick Stop
5U > 5U
- - - - - - -
Cross Over
5U > 6U
- - - - - - -
5U > 4U
- - - - - - -
5U > 2/8U
- - - - - - -

Performs a dashing maneuver that can be canceled on the ground into various followups. The dash covers a pretty good distance but has a lot of recovery, even when you quick stop.

  • Air: Fastfalls diagonally towards the ground. One of Lancelot's greatest movement tools with many applications that increase after a hard knockdown or when 236H is forcing the opponent to block, including baiting anti-airs and reversals. Altering the fastfall timing during a jump makes which side he lands on extremely ambiguous, making it also a potent mixup tool that gains layers after the opponent begins using the Guard button to negate the "left/right" aspect.
  • Quick Stop: Used to bait whiffs in neutral when well-spaced, but the recovery can prevent you from getting a proper punish. Also used in some anti-air combo routes.
  • Cross Over: Can cross through opponents.
  • Feint: Also used to bait moves in neutral, with less risk than quick stop. Using this to bait forward-moving DPs can reward you with a huge punish.
  • Jump: Same as the teleport from 22L/M. The diagonal angle makes it possible to force many wakeup DPs to whiff on after a midscreen knockdown, at the risk of losing to regular anti-airs.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
GBVS Lancelot Throw.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1500 Throw 8 - - - -

Lancelot's forward throw leaves him point blank and at enough advantage to set up a 236X for pressure afterwards. The hard knockdown allows for all shades of setups, not just limited to 236X, but that's by far the easiest.

Lancelot's back throw sends the opponent half screen, which is too far for 236X to work as a meaty. The best you get is a dash up 2L.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
GBVS Lancelot AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1500 Throw 5 - - - -
  • Sets up a hard knockdown not too far in front of Lancelot

Lancelot's airthrow is similar to his forward throw in that you get a 236X setup for continued pressure.

If your reactions are on point, you can catch people jumping out of your rekka pressure with this. Just be warned you cannot do anything else until you land if they block it, so if you mess up your read, you're going to get punished.

Overhead Attack[edit]
Overhead Attack
GBVS Lancelot OverheadAttack.png
Leapfrog on the haters
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1000 High 26 6 17 -4 +1
  • Airborne on frame 4, making it a good anti-throw option.
  • Low crush on frame 9, tied with Gran for the fastest.

The can opener. Because Lancelot's Universal Overhead has 6 active frames, the right meaty setup will allow for a combo without a counterhit.

Special Moves[edit]

236X or 5S
GBVS Lancelot Wogenstrom.png
Neutral is mine
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 700 All 33 - - +4 +8
M 700 All 37 - - +4 +8
H 350*3 All 33 - - +29 +48

Fires a projectile that travels across the stage. Very advantageous on contact and very important for his okizeme game. This skill has slow startup but fast recovery, so Lancelot can move and go on the offensive while the projectile is still onscreen. Keep in mind that in a neutral fireball fight you're likely to get hit out of the startup. Comboing into this from CH c.H is possible and adds a good chunk of damage if you use 236H.

  • L Version: Fast startup but also fast travel time.
  • M Version: Slower startup but also much slower travel time, very good to cover your approach.
  • H Version: As fast startup as L version but as slow travel time as M version. Hits 3 times on both hit and block, which can create unblockable situations if the opponent is caught blocking the projectile in the air.

Blade Impulse[edit]
Blade Impulse
66X or 6S
GBVS Lancelot BladeImpulse.png
Gorilla Blade
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 800 Mid 16 - - -9 -
M 1400 Mid 25 - - -10 -
H 1000 Mid 16 - - -6 -

Performs a sliding lunging attack. Depending on distance you're very likely to cross through the opponent on both hit and block. If spaced correctly every version can be safe on block.

  • L Version: Travels about half screen. When used as a combo ender midscreen, the opponent recovers point blank so further pressure can be applied. Also used in high damage anti-air combos.
  • M Version: Travels about 3/4ths screen. On counterhit, launches the opponent (see H version below).
  • H Version: Travels the same distance as the M version with the startup of the L version. Launches the opponent straight up on hit, allowing further combos on both far spaced hits and in the corner where Lancelot remains close enough to combo into c.H afterwards. Midscreen, it still gives a hard knockdown and usually gives 236H oki afterwards. If it hits at the very tip of its range, it leaves Lancelot plus on block as opposed to just safe.

Southern Cross[edit]
Southern Cross
214X or 4S
GBVS Lancelot SouthernCross.png
Get rekd'a
GBVS Lancelot SouthernCrossFinish.png
Don't let them block this one
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 300, 400, 400 Mid 14 - - -3 +1
M 500, 500, 600 Mid 21 - - -4 0
H 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 Mid 11 - - -3 +1
Follow-up - Mid - - - -4 0
Ender - Mid - - - -16 KD
  • Listed damage is for each hit in the attack sequence.

Performs a multi-part advancing slash attack. This skill recovers quickly and can be followed up with additional attacks, so Lancelot can continue applying pressure even if it's blocked.
Once you can get the opponent blocking, this is what you use to keep them on their toes. The first and second attacks are safe on block, allowing for pressure resets if you can scare your opponent with the frametrap properties of delayed follow-ups. On top of this, the first part of the rekkas themselves can be spaced to be plus, after a sequence like c.M > c.M > f.H to further condition your opponent to block and open them up for a throw.
Note that for technical inputs you only need to input the first attack as 214X, every following hit can be done by just pressing 4X.

  • L Version: Can hit up to 3 times. Staple follow-up after hitting with farther-ranged normals such as f.M/f.H/2M. Can also combo into 5L on counterhit, giving your opponent a good reason not to press buttons against Lancelot's pressure.
  • M Version: Can hit up to 3 times. Slower startup and farther travel distance than L version. Staple combo ender after c.H or autocombo for damage and corner carry. Also decent as a frame trap out of a button.
  • H Version: Can hit up to 5 times. If 66H is on cooldown, this can be used to get a hard knockdown and a safejump anywhere on screen. Because using this prevents using rekkas for a while, you probably won't want to use it.

22X or 2S
GBVS Lancelot Turbulenz.png
Same as Jump from Unique
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 1600 High/Air - - - -17 -
M 1600 High/Air - - - -17 -
H 1600 High/Air - - - -17 -

Lancelot teleports into the air. The horizontal distance depends on the button used. All versions can be held which will make Lancelot followup with a overhead plunging attack which is invincible on the way down, but extremely unsafe on block. On counter hit the opponent will bounce, allowing a high damage combo followup.

H version is the only sort of reversal Lancelot has without meter, but in many regards it's very risky to go for the full plunge because of the very slow startup. You can get by with just doing the teleport portion and either do a falling attack or fastfall to the ground with j.U, but this is not a hard strategy to deal with for attentive opponents.

  • L Version: Teleports about the distance of Lancelot's backdash. Unlikely to cross-up unless performed point-blank.
  • M Version: Teleports about the distance of two of Lancelot's backdashes. More likely to crossup due to this.
  • H Version: Teleports farther than L/M version, but always attempts to put Lancelot in front of the opponent regardless of distance. Much faster and invincible during the startup, allowing Lancelot to escape hairy situations or attempt to restart pressure at the risk of being anti-aired.

Skybound Art[edit]

Weiss Flugel[edit]
Weiss Flugel
236236H or 236S
GBVS Lancelot WeissFlugel.png
"It's time to end this!"
GBVS Lancelot WeissFlugel2.png
White Wings
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
500, 100*15, 1000 Mid 9+4 - - -12 HKD

Lancelot dashes forward with a slash and unleashes a flurry of slashes when he connects. Invincible startup and can travel about half screen if the opponent is far enough, but stops at the opponent's location regardless so it's very punishable on block or whiff.

Super Skybound Art[edit]

Schöner Winterhügel[edit]
Schöner Winterhügel
236236U or 236S+U (Air OK)
GBVS Lancelot Schöner Winterhügel.png
"The ice will be your grave!"
GBVS Lancelot Schöner Winterhügel2.png
Beautiful Winter Hill
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
236236U 1000*2, 2000 Mid 10+9 - - - HKD
j.236236U 1000*2, 2000 All 8+9 - - -16 HKD

A powerful diving attack. Doing 236236U[H] is a great way to get yourself out from the corner if you can't get a hit and convert into 66X. It's unpunishable on standing block, but some characters can punish it on crouching block.

  • Ground Version: Automatically locks onto the opponent's position, but can be manually angled by holding L (sharp angle, short range), M (shallow angle, far range), or H (shallow angle, full screen range) during startup.
    • Lancelot is only invincible during the startup when he jumps up to the wall so on the way down he can run into DPs, armored moves, and projectiles, making this a situationally bad reversal compared to 236236H.
    • There is a blind spot where the move will whiff when Lancelot is cornered, but in this situation you can also use the H version to escape the corner in an emergency.
  • Air Version: Dives at a sharp angle like the grounded L version. It does not track and cannot be manually aimed like the ground version.
    • If Lancelot is much higher than the opponent you can combo into this from j.H for a lot of damage.
    • It can also be used as a hard callout to crush anti-air attempts, but is much less safe than the ground version.


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