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[[Category:Granblue Fantasy Versus]]
[[Category:Granblue Fantasy Versus]]

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A free spirit who was all about his part-time job, a good gab sesh with the boys, and a dash of adventure every now and then.

That all changed when Katalina visited the restaurant where he worked. It was infatuation at first sight. Determined to follow her, he quit his job and began a new life as the cook on Gran's crew.

He's a fair hand with a dagger, but with his buddies Elsam and Tomoi there to run interference and baffle opponents, he can really ruin an enemy's day... probably.

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Ambox notice.png To edit frame data, edit values in GBVS/Lowain/Data. Be sure to update both the move and the move Full sections. One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page.
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